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So much for ‘bunker mentality’ – Corbyn in Liverpool to announce tidal power plan

Establishment attacks Corbyn for hiding in bunker. Meanwhile, he goes to Liverpool to announce £3.5bn ‘green industrial revolution’ plan – and then on to Manchester
Jeremy Corbyn on a previous visit to Liverpool

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will visit Liverpool today to announce the party’s plans for a £3.5 billion investment in the Mersey Tidal Power Project as part of Labour’s ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ to address the climate emergency and boost investment in the North of England.

On a visit with Liverpool City Region mayor Steve Rotheram, Corbyn will pledge that the next Labour government will “ramp up” investment in green industries to “power up the north”.

Corbyn is also expected to accuse new PM Boris Johnson of looking to the past with his failed policies of tax cuts for big businesses and the rich while neglecting Britain’s communities. Labour is looking to the future.

The announcement forms part of Labour’s plans to tackle the North-South economic divide with a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, creating 400,000 new jobs through schemes including the world’s biggest offshore wind-farm in the North Sea.

Labour’s fully-costed £250 billion National Transformation Fund will be based in the north, to ensure that investment is focused in areas that have lost out under the Tories – including a ‘Crossrail for the North’ plan to upgrade the region’s rail infrastructure.

The Mersey Tidal Power Project will harness the power of the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay to produce clean, renewable energy to power up to a million homes, create thousands of jobs and contribute toward the UK’s zero-carbon economy.

The Party has also committed to net zero UK carbon emissions before 2050.

The Labour Party’s own announcement of the plan

From Liverpool, Corbyn will travel to Manchester to speak to an anti-Johnson rally and demand a general election for the countrys sake.


Boris Johnson pines for the days of empire and has set up a team to strip the UK of what makes it great – while the media attack Jeremy Corbyn with false claims of an inward-looking ‘bunker mentality’.

Meanwhile, Corbyn gets on with Labour’s preparations to make this country more equal, prosperous – and a world-leader in solving the climate emergency.

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    1. No, billion sounds more like it. It’s easy perhaps for those who haven’t felt it to underestimate just how much damage austerity has done to the country.

  1. Reaching for the Moon but in this case it is absolutely achievable. We can use its influence to provide multi MW of ‘free’ energy courtesy of its influence on the Majestic River Mersey. Long term policies which will benefit the country for many generations to come.

  2. Since childhood I’ve contemplated a tidal barrage across t’Mersey. Possibly one incorporated into a bridge between New Brighton & Bootle or Seaforth.

    Would love to see that happen but I doubt it will.

    1. Toffee if a Labour government gets in the promise of investment will happen,especially if we dump the right wing smug Labour mps who have for donkeys years sold out the NWest of england.The collapse in traditional manual work across the whole North has never been tackled by any government in memory.The manufacturing,mines Steel,the cotton Industry all collapsed and the people basically ignored by the Westminster elite.Corbyn will honour the pledge ,but the cost will be multi billions and will not happen overnight.We need to make sure that the Leader of our party is protected from the lash back of the Establishment.The same people that murdered Catholic republican familys in their beds still own the country and I genuinely believe that the dark forces are out to get corbyn and his supporters…….US!

    1. I would have thought, without doubt, that this is an indictable offence. That’s the way it should be handled.

      1. RH … Incitement to kill,not only corbyn but us his supporters.Unless this is dealt with the establishment will get away with murder.I have seen the establishments hit squads murder innocent civilians in NIreland and SAfrika and it is absolutely gut wrenching to know that they will get away with it and some would feel they should be given a medal for clearing out vermin like me and us!

      2. Yes You are absolutely right RH. The police should be immediately involved and this individual charged.
        This is very concerning given that previously a hard right fanatic plotted to kill Jeremy and killed a Muslim man coming from prayers at his Mosque in Islington instead.
        Additionally Swawkbox’s article last week reported on the former President of the Board of Deputies, Lionel Kopelwitz’s, call for Jeremy to be sacrificed.
        Koplewitz said this in the presence of the current BOD president Maria Van Der Zyl who did object to his remarks and merely warned him they were being recorded. He should also be arrested and charged along with those who gave him a platform to call for Jeremy to be “sacrificed”.
        People like this councillor and the former BOD president and others who hide their violent hatred beneath a cloak of respectability are very dangerous and should be treated accordingly.

      3. Given that some of the charges of ‘supporting terrorism’ (like the parents who gave money to support their deluded child who had joined IS) have been fairly tenuous, this one – against someone holding public office and encouraging actual violence – should be open and shut.

        I’m not particularly vindictive – even towards Tory moral deficients – but I think that the ‘holding of public office’ dimension should lead to an exemplary sentence if the superficial evidence holds up.

      4. Yes a person who holds a public office should not get away with inciting murder. The police need to take action now

    2. Needless to say, if someone on the left had tweeted the same about a Tory MP, it would have been ALL over the MSM along with mountain-loads of condemnation.

      And just in case anyone didn’t check out the article on The Canary, it also says the following:

      Tory Councillor, Roger Patterson, who has called for Jeremy Corbyn to be executed, also tweeted that the Labour leader’s supporters need to be ‘cleansed’ and branded them a ‘terrorist-sympathising anti-Semitic cult’ and a ‘dirty stain on Britain’.

      These are the hate-mongering fascists who are running our country, and think they own it. And Patterson of course is just a despicable neo-Nazi pile of feces!

      1. Many thanks for that link.

        But did you read his bollocks ‘apology’?

        The councillor’s apology read: “I tweeted something stupid about Jeremy Corbyn. It has been misinterpreted.

        “I would never suggest or condone using violence against anyone and it certainly was not my intention to incite anything.

        “I sincerely apologise to Jeremy Corbyn and anyone else offended.”

        It has now been confirmed that Cllr Patterson has been suspended from the party.

        A spokesperson for the Conservatives told Lincolnshire Live: “Roger Patterson has been suspended as a member of the Conservative Party pending an investigation into allegations of inappropriate comments posted on social media.”

  3. First thoughts – a Mersey barrage would clearly have to accommodate shipping and as ships get bigger the dredging needed to maintain the channel increases anyway.
    To generate power the flow of water is necessarily constricted and slowed, which allows particles to settle out of the water column, leading to accelerated silting inside and possibly outside the barrier.
    Not against barrages in principle but need more convincing of their practicality at the approaches to a busy commercial port. A wreck in the wrong place could put the whole port out of business for a long time.
    When traffic has to move to an alternate port some of it will stay there.

    The £250 Bn was for the overall grand infrastructure plan I think, not just the one project.

    1. David ,absolutely LorieS Brittany has been up and running for many years.Its all about investing in the future ,and thats always a problem in U.K. Government.Like the city of London they look for the quick buck and an immediate profit .Thats why so many British inventions are developed in the USA and exported back to us

      1. Lorient in Brittany. Spelcheck again for tidal barrage

    2. Yes – the effects, both predictable and unintended, of tidal barrages are difficult to model. The comparable Severn barrage – across the Bristol Channel – has been mooted for a long time, but has been stymied by – apart from cost – the potential ecological knock-on effects.

      The last I heard (I think) was for the construction of a sort of tidal reservoir in part of the estuary rather than a barrier across the whole width.

      Certainly, I’d be nervous of a barrier across the entire width of a major estuary such as the Severn or Mersey.

  4. Just over a week ago, as I’m sure everyone will recall, the MSM was full of the story about Dianne Hayter being sacked for her comments re the last days of Hitler and a “bunker mentality”. The following is how a BBC News article began, for example:

    A senior Labour peer has been sacked as shadow Brexit minister for saying Jeremy Corbyn was leading the party with a “bunker mentality”.

    Baroness Hayter said Mr Corbyn’s team’s refusal to acknowledge criticism – such as of the party’s handling of allegations of anti-Semitism – was similar to the “last days of Hitler”.


    And my point is of course that what the plotters/smearers have done is worked out another way to keep the ‘bunker mentality’ line/platitude going, or are we supposed to believe that just a week or so after the term was used by Dianne Hayter, ‘they’ just happen to be using the same term again by coincidence.

    THEY are the ones sitting around in their ‘bunker’ all the time working on ways to discredit Jeremy – and smear and demonise him – their wages and expenses paid for by the general public who they work so hard to deceive.

    1. PS Goebbels would have been FULL of praise for their devious and underhand ingenuity!

      1. Of course. The whole operation is out of his propaganda playbook : big lies constantly repeated.

        But .. oh dear – crocodile tears – Labour Party members are not supposed to tell it as it is. The actuality is, of course, that the *actual* victims of the Nazi horrors are often deeply offended by the dishonest and perverted techniques adopted in their name by the pretenders of the BoD nexus and its fellow-travellers.

        The irony is that Israeli policy is making the pretend solution of ‘two states’ patently absurd as they continue to undermine any possibility of a viable Palestinian homeland.

        In the end, this may be for the best, since a ‘one state’ solution is the logical route to reconciliation – once the entirely daft, discriminatory idea of an ethno-religious definition of a state is abandoned.

        The obstacles are obvious. But if anyone can come up with a viable alternative, it’d be interesting to hear.

    2. ‘The actuality is, of course, that the *actual* victims of the Nazi horrors are often deeply offended by the dishonest and perverted techniques adopted in their name by the pretenders of the BoD nexus and its fellow-travellers.’

      That may very well be, but the MSM omit to mention the fact of course.

    3. My apologies (for so many posts) BUT:

      I just now – by chance – came across the following JC article….. So the plotters actually re-orchestrated – ie ‘revitalised’ – the ‘bunker mentality’ platitude within DAYS of Dianne Hayter using the term:

      Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow cabinet have been warned that the “bunker mentality around the leader is causing immense damage to the Labour Party,” in a new letter sent to Mr Corbyn and his shadow cabinet ahead of Monday’s emergency debate on antisemitism.

      The letter, written by All Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism co-chair, John Mann and Wes Streeting, co-chair of the APPG Against Antisemitism and Jewish Labour Movement Parliamentary chair Ruth Smeeth, also states that since the broadcast of the BBC Panorama show on antisemitism “too many members of the Shadow Cabinet have been silent bystanders to, or – worse still – actively complicit in, an officially sanctioned spin campaign against victims of racism and whistleblowers.”


      And get the ‘axe to grind’ bit in the letter, quoted at the end of the article (you will no doubt recall that THAT is what the LP said about the ex-staffers in the Panorama hatchet job):

      1. The bunker punched above it’s weight in Peterborough etc. What did the experts love child do, he pegged it. Regards.

  5. Afterthought: And as for Dianne Hayter’s assertion that ‘Mr Corbyn’s team’ have refused to acknowledge criticism of the handling of allegations of anti-semitism, she said THAT knowing full well that Jennie Formby doubled the amount of people dealing with complaints of A/S shortly after she became General Secretary. So what it actually amounts to is that Jeremy’s ‘team’ have refused to acknowledge the trumped up and disingenuous criticism of the handling of allegations of anti-semitism made by the likes of Tom Watson and Margaret Hodge.

    It’s just one falsehood on top of ANOTHER falsehood, as THEY – the plotters/smearers/saboteurs – do all the time.

  6. I think I might have posted this here before – if so I apologise – but I’m old and half-senile, so fuck off and fix the search function so I can check.
    The first comment struck me as a big part of the problem.

    Given that the MSM has kidnapped and murdered democracy it would be wrong of us to let their crimes go unpunished once we’re in government.
    We should accept no defence of “We didn’t break any laws.” These people know perfectly well they’re subverting democracy and that by keeping the Tories in power with their confected “Labour scandals” they’re as responsible as the Tories for the premature deaths and ruined lives of austerity.

    I believe this is more than serious enough to warrant ex post facto criminal legislation.

    Retrospective legislation is generally frowned upon but I believe we should announce this right away and that it should be in this year’s manifesto – New Labour and the Tories have both enacted retrospective legislation in the past so we can laugh at their peals of righteous indignation.
    As soon as we announce it the smears will probably stop.
    The danger to the MSM of doubling down with accusations of “Stalinism!” and then failing to prevent Labour winning would be just too great.

    The point of my argument is that the MSM feels perfectly safe as it protects the Tories from discovery.
    Its self-delusion is such that even as it engages in some of the most far-reaching corrupt practices known to humanity in its desperation to prevent a socialist government – it actually believes itself justified by the ‘necessity’ of maintaining the status quo.
    The liars as yet have no idea that their current lies, sanctioned by government though they be, could have serious consequences in criminal law to them as individuals.

    Their cosy feeling of personal safety and a comfortable future – that so many of us lack – is what I believe we have to take away from them.
    If we’re to squeeze the truth out of them the threat must be real and personal.
    Once they understand they risk jail for the lies they’ve already told we can hope for a renaissance in quality journalism.

    In a stable, unchallenged and fully developed Socialist society with appropriate technology and sanctions, lies and corruption would be unheard of in government and media anyway – and if we start with that I believe it’ll make the rest easier.

    And the comment.

    You’re proposing the punishment of the mainstream media because you don’t like what they publish?

    Does the free press, freedom of speech mean nothing to you?

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