Video: Corbyn sees off second Tory PM with litany of May’s damage to country

Two Tory Prime Minsters have told Labour leader ‘Go’. He has outlasted them both and showed why in Theresa May’s final PMQs

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saw off his second Tory PM in style this afternoon as Theresa May conducted her final ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’ session with yet another demonstration of why it isn’t called ‘Prime Minister’s Answers’.

After a more generous farewell than May remotely merits, Corbyn laid out a grim list of the damage she and her party have done to this country and especially to its most vulnerable citizens.

Even this list, unavoidably, had to leave out more than it included – so great and severe is the harm. But it made clear why the UK so desperately needs Labour in government and how little May will be missed as yet another Tory face takes over where she left off with no respite for the millions suffering misery:

True to form, May took no responsibility for the suffering she has caused, claiming to be ‘proud of every policy’ she had introduced.

The victims of Universal Credit and the Windrush racism scandal among others must have been delighted to hear it.

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  1. In his usual touching, happy-clappy fashion, our incurable optimist Skwarkbox entirely ignores that Corbynism came to an end when Jeremy caved into Watson and the Blairites on the “Second Referendum plus Remain”.

    Since EU membership entirely scuppers any transitional programme from capitalism to democratic socialism – that’s what the EEC/EC/EU was designed to do, after all – the difference between Labour Left and Labour Right in terms of substantive policy is now fundamentally illusory, so sadly the millions would go on suffering misery (to use Skwarkie’s formulation) even under Labour.

    New analysis on the subject by Dr Lee Jones:

      1. Another supremely detail-rich destruction by Troll, RH, of Danny’s comment (which Danny had the sheer temerity to back by a link to an excellent detail-rich, article by Dr Lee Jones – well worth reading by the way – though VERY depressing for all socialists). That all RH can post is the meaningless ” delusional” , just sums up the intellectual bankruptcy of the Troll Right .

        Sadly, Remaining, or Labour’s pathetic “BRINO” proposal, simply does rule out all the re-nationalisation proposals in our hugely popular 2017 Manifesto. That ain’t “delusion” , but fact.

    1. Silly article. Brexit has never been an essential feature of ‘Corbynism’ at all, and the EU’s laws do not make it illegal or impossible for a move to democratic socialism, albeit they do make it more difficult.

      But the most damning failure of Jones’ words is that he assumes that supporting a second referendum is the same as wanting a Remain vote. Absolutely barmy assumption.

      1. Your claim that membership of the EU doesn’t rule out “democratic socialism” is an attractive claim, Martin Odoni, but unfortunately utter and complete bollocks. Do some basic reading on the EU’s actual competition policy, state aids rules (and perhaps specifically the 2013 4th Rail Directive, vis a vis, renationalising the railways as a single integrated entity) , and you would spare us from your baseless claims.

        And there is no doubt whatsoever that in any Second Referendum, Labour’s significant Remainer membership majority would force the Leadership to adopt Remain as policy. You ae either ignorant of the balance of opinion amongst Labour’s pro EU middle class member activists, or simply repeating the slippery PV camp’s step-by-step, tactics of getting Labour committed to a Second Vote first – before, inevitable Remain is adopted as Labour Policy.

        Have a read of if you really want to move beyond your empty claims to actual detail facts.

      2. Thank you for being so patronising. But I woud bet a mortgage you haven’t read the law yourself, because it doesn’t prevent nationalisation. It prevents MONOPOLIES.

        I have had this conversation so many times with so many Lexiteers who confidently proclaim knowledge of something that isn’t even there, while somehow assuming they know more about it than I do. Stupid arrogance.

      3. I have great respect for Danny’s persistence and he always keeps it civil too. However, I do sometimes get tired of polarised opposition, as opposed to debate. It’s refreshing to have some measured disagreement , e.g.from Martin Bodoni:

        “… they do make it more difficult.”

        ” It doesn’t prevent nationalisation. It prevents monopolies.”

      4. A nationwide, integrated, nationalised industry, IS a monopoly,
        under EU rules , you nitwit ! That is the precise issue. The creation of a nationwide rail system under public ownership , without regular tendering opportunities for the private sector for parts of the service is therefore prohibited. You don’t even appear to understand the point you seem to think is some sort of clinching riposte !

        You really need to actually understand the Single Market rules, rather than just repeating the PV campaign baseless claims. Let’s be clear, even Labour’s BRINO Brexit rules out much of our 2017 Manifesto. Odoni is simply an ignoramus on the reality of the Single Market limitations on a Left economic programme. We socialists simply DO know a lot more than you do about the EU reality, laddie.

      5. Oh, so a nationalised industry cannot exist alongside a privatised one in the same sector then? Is that why private hospitals exists alongside NHS ones then? Is that why private schools exist alonside state schools?

        Blinkered idiot.

    2. Oh, Woe! Woe is Corbyn! Woe is me and we! The End of Corbynism!
      It must be true if it was in The Full Brex-up…
      Ooh, and he’s a Doctor of something!

      Remember how May knew she was going to demolish Corbyn and increase her majority?
      Who skinned who, Kipper?
      Are you more or less certain of your analysis than she was of hers?
      Are your analysts drawn from further than the four corners of academia May could access – more qualified, highly-paid, numerous and multi-disciplined than hers?
      Or did poor ickle Kippums just lose his rattle?

    3. You know this still bemuses me, go back read the motion that was agreed at our Labour party conference, the one that has been ignored or ‘re-written’ by various commentators we are STILL adhering to that motion the only slight difference now is where we are at in the time frame! It will go to a confirmatory vote under Labour, remain will be one option on the vote the other will be the deal hopefully achieved, after all the crap that’s been flung about by so many on both sides, the illegality of the original campaigning misinformation by both sides the impasse in the HoC a vote on the final deal is the least the people of this country deserve, I’m happy to leave with a deal not without, we need protections from scurrilous individuals such as the Buffon and Farage they’ve already proven they don’t give a damn about the poorer members of our society. As a disabled person my rights will be severely eroded even more than they are at present. It is not unfair in a country so divided to put the facts to the country and let it decide.

      1. Yes, I agree, ‘Fibro confused’ I understood as well, that a confirmatory vote under Labout, remain will be one option on the vote, the other will be the deal hopefully achieved. I’m in despair that so many of us are failing to grasp just what Corbyn is attempting. Perhaps we have all been so brainwashed by propaganda and smears we can no longer dissect, digest and understand anything for ourselves.

    4. Danny ,what do you suggest…Throw the towel in the ring and let the Torys run riot over the population with our blessing.No and No again we fight and keep fighting the enemy.Make no mistake we are at war with a nasty evil ideology that will swallow us all if we allow it.Nothing is cast in stone and everything can be changed…we need people like you,and we really have no alternative but to fight back despite the setbacks! The main representative s of our party the mps are basically gutless ,The
      NEC are also cowardly and do not help the activists and supporters to spread the word.But Danny change comes slowly and be sure that those of the Labour party who oppose any form of socialism will be swept away as sure as the tide comes in every day.

    5. Hes the only person thats going to cater for the many. Whatever you think of Brexit the EU is another establishment that alienates the poorest as they embrace the cruel capitalist idolatry

  2. Wouldn’t it have been a memorable closing act, if for the last time she had given an honest answer at the dispatch box, holding her hands up and simply genuinely admitting and apologising for her catalogue of failures……….
    Oh, yea daydreaming again!

    1. Wouldn’t it have been a memorable closing act if Corbyn had torn her a new arsehole?

      Oh, yea daydreaming again!

  3. To be frank, PMQs has negligible impact.

    What does have an impact is the drip-drip of propagandised ‘news’ – and I’ve just had the emetic experience of listening to the back end of WATO working on the rehabilitation of the serially unreliable and lying Mr Toad with a couple of right-wing luvvies as commentators.

    Just a connected thought. Has anyone noticed how BBC News and Current Affairs has become more egregious in its bias in correlation with an obsession with gender quotas?

    NO – I’m NOT – before anyone jumps – relating political bias to gender! Just considering whether quotas are a marvelous asset if you want to manipulate the agenda – ?

  4. Ok, the high jump it is then – has anyone noticed – how women in relationship arguments go straight for the jugular?
    Saying the most hurtful thing they can think of (that we’d never say, would we Lads?) to win an argument about whose turn it is for the hoovering – because it’s not really about the hoovering but something somebody didn’t say a year ago.
    All those times they say “Nothing” to “What’s wrong, Love?” they’re just conserving ammo for the battle instead of wasting it on a skirmish.

    Not saying the AS smears are about somebody not having been effusive enough in praise of the dress somebody bought back in the first one of the twenty shops they literally sieved with a tooth-comb that fucking Saturday, obviously…
    just saying they could be 🙂

  5. Know what you mean David.just spent 7hours limping round a town called Flers in Normandie,and didn’t even stop for the menu de jour for lunch(dinner in Bolton)..My wife has managed to find some shops who ignore the curfew of the 2hr lunch and enjoy s wandering around NoZ Action,Gifi,and Lidl.,The temperature is around 42centigrade and the locals can only marvel at the English who ignore the reality of a heatwave and carry on regardless.My arthritic hip Will soon need to be replaced to match the other one the NHS replaced 6yrs ago,but we still carry on an I am looking forward to knocking on doors,and campaigning for a Labour government,If Watson will allow us?

  6. Distinguished as ever JC, the establishment and their billionaires show just how desperate and corrupt they are

  7. from Camerons weird referendum the whole enterprise was based on a plan to turn the UK into an offshore tax haven ;Boris will do it

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