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600+ Labour councillrs sign letter of support for Corbyn

More than six hundred Labour councillors have responded to continuing right-wing attacks on the party’s leader this week by signing an open letter of emphatic support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The letter, started only a couple of days ago, reads:

Councillors in support of Jeremy Corbyn

We are elected councillors who are proud to publicly represent the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

We feel compelled to write this letter to express our support for Jeremy Corbyn whilst he is personally subjected to accusations of racism and antisemitism. He is a decent man who has fought hate and fascism throughout his life. It is unjust to witness such a personal attack on a man, who was twice democratically elected because of such principles.

We owe it to ourselves to fight the scourge of antisemitism, and all other forms of hate and racism both within our party and society. We believe that a vast majority of Labour members are good, honest people who wish to create a society free from bigotry and discrimination. If there are incidents of racism, antisemitism or any forms of hate we all demand action is taken.

We strongly believe there is now a rigorous effort to reform and improve the inadequate disciplinary processes that our current General Secretary, Jennie Formby, inherited when she took over the role last year. There is still more work to be done, but we have every confidence that Jennie Formby can do this whilst protecting members’ rights to natural justice and due process.

The targeting of Jeremy Corbyn – who has a lifelong record of opposition to all forms of antisemitism, racism and hate, even when this has meant him speaking as a minority – undermines all of our efforts to achieve a fair and just society free from all forms of hate. We have no doubt in his integrity and sincerity in fighting discrimination, and we are proud to give Jeremy Corbyn the full support he deserves.

Signatures are still open for any Labour councillors wishing to add their name.

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  1. I’m getting tired of hearing about this letter this morning,every BBC news bulletin,Sky,the BBC website just don’t stop mentioning it and quoting long passages and the signatories are constantly on saying why they felt the need to write it. Oh sorry that’s the one from Lord Snooty and his pals in the House of Lords.

  2. You can find out your councillor’s e-mail address in the Elections and Democracy section of your local council website.

    If Labour, why not ask him/her to sign it?

  3. Tony Norbury has been a Wirral Councillor for 7 years, during which time he loyally and diligently stood firm alongdide his hard right Labour colleagues.

    This can be appreciated when you bear witness to his conduct both pre- and post-Corbyn as Labour leader.

    TN’s record shows he voted to endorse:

    ◾Closure / demolition of 2 disabled kids’ schools
    ◾A posh Hoylake golf course + 160 luxury houses
    ◾Outsourcing of services
    ◾Appointing Kingdom bullies to fine and come down hard on people allegedly littering, but often proven not to be
    ◾(not exhaustive)

    Plus involvement in countless scandals and cover-ups, all done to protect the corrupt, right-wing power base.

    Beware, there are a few dozen hard right Labour councillors on Wirral who are scared of being booted off the Gravy Train. Norbury is one of them.

    He wants to replace Frank Field as Birkenhead MP.

    To back him would be choosing like-for-like. You have been warned.

    1. Yes, if I remember correctly Jack Straw voted for Benn in the deputy leadership election and that was due to fear of being de-selected.

    1. Indeed so, IIRC the only Wirral labour councllor to vote for Corbyn in the leadership elections (Louise Reece-Jones) was the subject of drunken death threat phone calls on the very same day Jo Cox was murdered from a ‘fellow’ labour councillor (jim crabtree) who was given a suspended sentence.

      Crabtree was replaced by brian kenny who, (and get this!) – despite being Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority’s committee chairman for Community Safety and Protection, no less!! – voted to close Wallasey fire station overnight and leave the entire population of Wirral (circa 320k and an area of around 60 sq miles) served by a mere TWO appliances).

      1. Also noted with interest that my local councillor (Leader of Wirral Labour group, Pat Hackett) isn’t a signatory.

        I’ll be having words…

  4. Well said Labour Councillors – the bulk of the membership feel the same as do our supporters and voters – this will be seen when the Tories get up the courage to call a General Election.

  5. don’t want to pour cold water on this but how many councillors,including county do we have…when I was first elected,thinking of myself fairly middle of the road and as the card says Socialist…….I was very soon shown that being a councillor we were expected to push through the Bliar agenda….well it didnt work for me and most in Surrey didn’t notice any difference,appart from me,and I was quickly sent to the naughty room and at full council my group leader told my fellow councillors to not sit next to me..All very childish and pathetic,but this was 20years ago and most Labour councillors were right wing…..We now need to know just how many councillors of the right wing we have then we can know what to do about them…. just as a matter of record the nearest Labour ever came in my area was 90votes and there had never been a Labour councillor in the history of the party.I took the seat with a couple of thousand on a Labour party socialist promise.We were told Labour can’t win here its lib dems but mainly Tory….Well that’s a lie we can and could have won the last election but for sabotage at HQ and amongst mps and councillors. We really do need a list of scum mps councillors and party members to clear out!.I expect opposition on here,From my veiws on lists and witch hunt s .But gues what ?we are already on watsons list and quite a few others of the state ,so I really couldn’t give a flying fig what the moderate fanatics or right wing trolls think!

  6. Glad that 19 of my Haringey councillors have signed this letter. Though I must say many ‘faux’ left councillors who got selected and elected in 2018 on the back of Corbyn, haven’t. Well done to those that have.

    1. Hope the failure of the “faux Left” councillors is remembered and taken into account next time round.

  7. Inherited inadequate complaints process
    Theres an understatement,
    Breaches of data protection have to be reported and parties involved can be fined and imprisoned,
    Hope so

  8. I could not write to my branch CLP as they are the right wings and not pro-Corbyn. I am so glad and happy to hear this news. Thank you very much.

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