Video: Umunna’s party confusion has history – admits he wasn’t sure he joined LibDems as a youth

Serial defector was LibDem ‘for a brief moment’ – but had to check with mum

It’s another of those “couldn’t make it up” moments – one of a seemingly endless run involving quitter MPs this year.

In an excrutiating video released by LibDem leadership wannabe Jo Swinson, former Labour, former TIG, former CUK MP Chukka Umunna has admitted that he used to be a LibDem member as a teenager ‘for a brief moment’.

However, such are Umunna’s problems with transient party loyalties that he wasn’t sure he’d done so until he checked with his mum – and subsequently with the local LibDems:

The LibDems welcomed Umunna with open arms in spite of his track record – and over the objections of their grassroots members – so it seems they’re desperate to validate their decision, however tenuously.

But desperate is the operative word in a video that induces actual psychological pain to watch, as well as being hilarious in a ‘David Brent making you hide behind your sofa’ kind of way.

If vicarious embarrassment is an art form, Ricky Gervais has some competition.

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  1. Such people as this have held the working class back for over forty years now 🙁

    1. “Such people as this have held the working class back for over forty years ”

      Expertly aided by the Toytown ‘Left’ brigade who caricature serious politics. A malificent conjunction that, in the end, works for the Tories.

      1. Who in your opinion is in the “Toytown ‘Left’ brigade” RH?
        Anyone to the left of Thatcher? Blair? Watson? You? Starmer?

        As someone who’d take away all the privileges and power the rich presently reserve to themselves I consider myself quite far to the left – and anyone to the right of me as a fucking centrist.

        Does that place me in the Toytown brigade or is there some additional qualifying factor – and if so, what would that be?

        Which privileges and how much power does your kind of socialism allow the rich – as much as they can buy, same as the Tories?
        How does it propose to exercise any control over them, given that to those who live better than any King in history and still want more there is no such thing as ‘enough’ money or power?
        What policies has the ‘centre’ proposed to stop or even slow the wealth gap from growing until the 1% owns 100% of the planet?

        If we don’t move away from capitalism completely it’s certain that the rich will within a lifespan own us, rule us and remotely decide our fates on cost-benefit analyses – and at some point the cost of our gruel and the untidiness of our slum ghettos will become unacceptable to them.
        That future is unacceptable to me – I’d feed them to their own fucking dogs first.

      1. Jack T 01/07/2019 at 7:23 pm

        The vultures are circling. The only thing that shocks me is her political naivety.

      2. Skwawky, any idea if there is any truth in this? I am reluctant to trust the JChron. Has RLB denied it?

      3. The Jewish Cronical !!!! Ok so it must be true honest guv @×#$!

      4. Jack T , it shocks me profoundly, but I recall that when Barking Hodge made her comment about JC, back in the day, how disturbed I was by J. McDonnell’s equivocal response to her behaviour and indeed to the accusation itself. At the time, I put it down to a need to seek personal redemption with the MSM, but I wasn’t very pleased, or impressed. The responses of Keir Starmer and others were, of course, slightly more predictable. I note that there is a paucity of direct quotation in the JC article; thank you for the alert.

      5. Difficult to judge the credence of anything coming from the Jewish Chronicle, given its record of venality.

        But I’ve always been puzzled by the lauding of Long-Bailey in other quarters – a clear lightweight.

      6. Jack T……..My reaction would have been astounded not long ago.But now not so much astounded but very depressing .Do we know anything anymore with the standard of reporting and basically fake news?.We in the Labour party are caught up in a party of intrigue and suspicion.Who do we trust,and who should we not trust?Long bailey I know nothing about really? The double barrel name ,mtgs with anti corbyn group?.Some politicians are l scum,and its not surprising that politicians are considered by much of the public as untrustworthy..Long bailey well if true I would not be surprised anymore and I do not want to be a cynic ,.?….very sad if true another traitor amongst us?

  2. Simply because he fancies Jo Swinson over Anna Soubry or Lucretia Berger. Nothing to do with politics – his life is beginning at 40.

  3. Fookinell…what next? A rousing good old cocker-knee knees-up song?

    ‘When I was just a little boy
    I arsked (sic) my muvva, what will I beeeee?

    Will I be Labaaahhh
    tinge, or lib dem?

    Here’s what she said to meeee

    Who gives a shite?
    You’re quite useless anyway
    There’s nowhere where you will stay
    You boring fart.

    1. Especially Like the first three verses TT. might you invite some Tin Pan Alley collaboration from fellow Squawkers?

      Myself, I’d like to see you show some respect – put some authentic Italian flavour into your song:

      Che sera sera, whatever will be will be,
      The future’s not yours you see,
      Che sera sera.

      etc. etc.

      Best regards from paulo.

      1. (Apologies TT, “Whatever will be will be” should be on a new line.)

  4. only thing that comes out of this fake prat is a bad case of dirrahea

  5. Silly Chucka. All those years in the wrong ‘home’ and you never even realised. I guess it will explain all those people looking at you sideways and wondering wtf you were doing there.

  6. Give the guy a break, he was a teenager – huffing glue behind the bins, alcopopping in the park, walking around town to get straight before Mum sees the state of him – who hasn’t fallen victim to the roving political press-gangs looking for new young blood?
    Fuck knows how many parties I’ve joined, off my tits and brainwiped by the next day.
    Hasn’t everybody?

  7. Perhaps the clown self medicates,and so the confused party should give is ambition just what he deserves and see this treacherous snob were he belongs,in the dustbin and hopfully having to experience some of the welfare cuts he and the traitors support.Just a shame this clown can’t experience first hand the bombing in Iraq and Syria he so gleefully supported.and then understand why his kind are not wanted in the Labour socialist party!

  8. Mock the Week:

    10 minutes?

    Is it how long Umunna will be in the Liberal Democrats?

    Actual answer: How close Trump came to attacking Iran.

  9. moving in priviliged circles that blinds the reality of how difficult life is for most people

  10. Bloody Hell, SkwawkB, Here I am, in full back and neck brace, and now my toes won’t uncurl and you want me to keep it civil?

    (Very sad to see the news about Simon Baker btw – I don’t use Twitter or FB, so my condolences here to all who knew him).

  11. Momentum are launching a new ‘Unseat Boris’ campaign with the aim of making Johnson the first Prime Minister to lose his seat in a general election

    1. Shame about owen jones collaberating with Lansman and perpetuate a lie regarding AS in the Labour party….I feel for the Momentum members who have seen the organisation turned into a minor fiefdom run to project the ambition of one sad old man to destroy any chance of a socialist Labour government. We owe our thanks to the activists in Momentum,but Lansman will destroy the organisation if they do not get rid.

      1. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT Joeseph, Ive already left, because ofLansman and his dictatorilly actions.I joined right at the start of its inception. It was and could still be a brilliant organisation BUT LANSMAN HAS TO GO.
        There are many good comrades and socialists in it but they are being lead by a Fraud …Momentum comrades wake up and shift him out before its too late.

  12. If he’s confused about his own past it doesn’t bode well for his ability to help manage a country when politicians are meant to learn from past mistakes.

  13. This overwhelming obsession with Umunna and Watson as a substitute for real politics doesn’t bode well for ditching the Tories.

  14. RH…..You know that to tolerate this enemy within does not work.Chucky has left us now so,we celebrate his passing.Twatson is still out there causing havock ,We need to deal with the traitors.Sorry if this offends you but,getting rid of the enemy within is paramount. We need urgently to weed out the traitors and then concentrate on real campaigning not pontificating because we have an obsession with brexit!

    1. Joseph OKEEFE 01/07/2019 at 9:01 pm

      “Sorry if this offends you but,getting rid of the enemy within is paramount. “

      It doesn’t offend me in the least but trying to bully Tom Watson out of office is not a good look for the party. Don’t you remember how offended we all were 3 years ago when some in PLP tried to bypass the party’s democratic procedures by bullying Jeremy out of office. For better or worse TW was democratically elected to his post and there is an established democratic procedure for removing him from office.

      1. David McNiven 01/07/2019 at 10:32 pm

        I agree. Posted with a heavy heart but I felt it needed saying.

      2. I agree. Witch-hunts are always counter productive. Either challenge Watson’s ideas (this rarely happens here) or challenge him democratically. Or ignore him.
        But don’t secure his position by making him a victim of a martyr.
        For a start, it’s so*boring*.

    2. Doesn’t ‘offend’ me, either. Just impresses me as a mark of ineffectual diversion in the face of the disastrous descent of support when we should be having the ludicrous Tories for breakfast.

      As to Brexit … compounding the lack of convincing policy over a key issue that impacts on every other policy, by pretending it doesn’t exist, would reinforce the problem that ‘real campaigning’ needs to face up to.

      1. P.S. We’ve actually got shot of the err … ‘traitor’ (sorry – I don’t do royalty-speak) Umunna. He’s consigned himself to irrelevance. And still there’s this impotent banging-on about him, giving the self-regarding git free publicity.

  15. Paulo, I had a conversation with John McDonnell shortly after Jeremy was elected Leader and I asked him how they were going to cope with the wreckers and having taken note of their activities over the years, I specifically referred to the Zionists who were out to get Corbyn. He said he didn’t think it was a problem because there was only a handful.

    He was being optimistic and I got the impression he genuinely didn’t realise the enormous scale of the problem and the attacks which were on the way. I’m sure he realises now!

    1. We all know what happens if you ignore a serious infection.Some on here are like babes in the wood in their smug Nievity .Ignore the traitors at ypur peril,but maybe that’s what some on here want?

  16. Only “a handful”… ! I suppose I can’t blame him for wanting to be optimistic and for presumably not wanting to give a life to the monster.

    1. Exactly but it is equally embarrassing that this man was selected as a Labour PPC in the first place.

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