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Excl: fitness, motives challenged after Watson questions in Shad Cab whether Labour govt in national interest

Colleagues say Watson unfit to be deputy leader
Tom Watson

In the run-up to a Labour Shadow Cabinet meeting this month, deputy leader Tom Watson told media that Labour should fully back a new referendum and campaign for remain, even though he admitted that such a move could cost Labour votes. Labour MPs in the party’s northern heartlands calculate that the party would lose forty to fifty seats if it followed his advice.

In the Shadow Cabinet meeting that followed, Shadow Cabinet sources have told the SKWAWKBOX that Watson’s ‘contribution’ to the meeting was to pontificate about the ‘national interest’ – and that when he was challenged he showed what one described as his ‘true colours’. One said:

Jon [Trickett] challenged his ‘national interest’ spiel by pointing out that losing seats would harm Labour’s chance of forming the next government and that this was clearly the real national interest.

Tom interrupted him, saying “Is that the best you can do? Jon, do you really believe that?”

Another Labour source commented:

How the hell is Tom fit to be deputy leader and how can we trust his motives in anything he says or does if he doesn’t even want a Labour government?

Jon Trickett declined to comment on the exchange. Tom Watson was contacted for comment but did not respond by the time of publication.


It will be no secret to regular readers that the SKWAWKBOX considers Tom Watson unfit to be a Labour MP, let alone deputy leader of the party – and that if the deeply divisive MP claims to speak on behalf of members he should immediately prove his mandate by calling a contest for his position. That he refuses in spite of a huge majority wanting such a contest has already demonstrated that he does not have the interests of the members at heart, nor believe they will back him.

But for a deputy leader of Labour to question whether Labour government is best for the country is proof positive that Watson has no place in any position. There are millions in this country who have already suffered far too long under the burden of Tory policies and cruelty – and no MP should be blocking a seat who does not believe that the urgent need of those people for relief from Tory government outranks any other priority.

Any journalist worthy of the name should be challenging Watson on his motives every time he opens his mouth from now on. It is a tragic indictment of the parlous state of so-called ‘mainstream’ journalism in this country that it will not happen.

He has to go.

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  1. Another article not attacking The Conservatives. You’ll have to answer if Labour don’t win this impending General Election you’ve been talking about for ages, SkwaWkbox.

    1. Your comment would be better directed at Tom Watson.

      You will have to try harder than that you silly troll!

  2. More tittle tattle from Skwawky in a desperate attempt to plug the Leave message. Skwawky, let the horse rest in peace.

      1. Tim, I’d almost started to like you but Brexit has rattled your cage again. It seems to awaken the nutcase in you. Calm down, you’ll get back to normal when we Remain in the EU – down boy.

      2. P.S. Tim, please could you do something to pacify I.A in the cage next to you, he’s been quiet recently but appears to be coming out of his sleep in a bit of a bad mood – thanks.

    1. You’re right Comrade Jack, we’re never going to be allowed to leave the ‘Hotel California’….the can is being always kicked further down the road. Globalist Big Business Organisations will ensure the referendum result will be ignored & nullified. The big lie continues as PLP continue to actively work against Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. I am not a fan of either Tom Watson or partial quotes that may have been taken out of context. I was under the impression that what went on in Shadow Cabinet meetings was supposed to remain confidential.

    1. Not unless you remove Watson’s phone!.He leaks like a sive and probably tapes as well.

    2. So you presumably approve of Julian Assange’s incarceration for revealing stuff that was meant to remain confidential.

      And the hat-trick! Cockwomble #3!

      1. timfrom 30/06/2019 at 10:56 pm

        Quite frankly I am baffled as to why you see any similarity between the 2 situations. Perhaps you could make a vain attempt to explain.

  4. Jack T, The Skwawkbox will leave the horse to rest in isolation once it stops going against Party policy and gets the balls to go. deselect Tum (Tit) Watson

  5. How do we challenge lies and smears when we have no professional rebutal system or system in place for positive propoganda in place We could spread the word and deal with Watson and his Traitors as well.We have to respond to all attacks and support victims of the witch hunt and supporters terrorised by AS accusations.Demo time at conference!

  6. You ostriches who have commented, not one of you has attacked the Conservatives; you’ll regret this after the next General Election. If there’s no General Election by Christmas, I suggest you all ask for spades.

    1. The point is that Watson is acting like a Tory.
      He is saying that it would be in the national interest for Labour to lose fifty seats and therefore the next election.
      Just whose side are you on Joe?

      1. Just browsing.

        So many posts simply underline that Brexit is a raging fever of delusion rather than a rational idea, clearly argued.

        Thanks for the confirmatory evidence.

    2. You clearly don’t get it! Skwk is not about attacking the Conservatives. It’s about attacking the Conservatives hiding in the Labour |Party!

    3. I hate torys Libs and right wing trolls and all supporters of oppression of the people! I also hate the establishment the House of lords,the honours system ,free masonry, Orange order,and racists including AS and isamaphobia fascists, homophobes and also………….good enough JOE

  7. PLP, NEC and Shadow Cabinet meetings should be videoed and the recordings made available online in the interests of transparency and accountability to the membership. It might also have a restraining influence on some of the worst anti-Corbyn abusers and gobshites.

    Recordings of sessions discussing confidential matters, like party election strategy, tactics etc. could be edited out.

    1. Why not send emails to membership with the interesting bits (party election strategy, and similar) left in? That would really by ticking the point od transparency and accountability.

      On another point: The tone of ‘debate’ still very aggressive and abusive. Or is it wrong to expect a basic level of courtesy?

      1. Sabine, for some reason it always seems to be Leavers who can’t control themselves, it appears to be a trait in them. We see exactly the same behaviour in Tory Leavers – hmm, there’s a thought?

    2. I Think Watson’s been doing the recording filming and edditing for some time.Just look at the media leeking ,surely phones should be removed and a special body scan for Watson and his Traitors.possibly shoes as well. .The smell from Watson might be horrific?

  8. What Twatson has said is tantamount to endorsing the victory of a Tory or Tory-led government at the next GE – clear grounds for expulsion from Labour.

    When will the NEC act to bring this about? There seems to be one law for the right – Watson recommends a new referendum and admits that it will cause Labour to haemorrhage seats come the next election, and Margaret Hodge calls the party leader, “A fucking antisemite”, offering not a shred of evidence to back up her foul-mouthed diatribe. In contrast, Chris Williamson (to cheers!) affirms Labour’s commitment to anti-racism (including a determination to combat antisemitism), and just because he states the obvious, namely, that too many apologies have been given to implacably right-wing, Zionist forces within the Jewish communitiy for something Labour was never guilty of,i.e. endemic antisemitism, he is literally ‘put through the wringer’, being suspended, reinstated and suspended again, the latter largely as a result of pressure from pro-Zionist, anti-Corbyn elements within the PLP.

    Stop this witch-hunt of the Left! We have our chance. Let’s get trigger happy!

    1. “Watson recommends a new referendum and admits that it will cause Labour to haemorrhage seats come the next election”

      You seem to have been suckered by this article.

      I don’t know what Watson actually said, because I wasn’t there – but that’s not reported even in this piece.

      Sticking to what we know of the electoral consequences, the evidence is that the fuded ‘Brexit’ position has correlated with a remarkable loss of support; that at least supporting another referendum will stem and reverse that decline, with votes gained being in the ratio of about 4:1 to possible votes lost.

      In short – the net gains will include some lost votes. Which is not the same as simply ‘losing votes’.

  9. Good article. Just like the Bliar King, who famously ‘wouldn’t want to win a GE on a Labour left ticket’, and similar to the Prince of Darkness who ‘does something every day’ to hurt OUR Labour.

    We’re fighting the vile Tories.

    We’re fighting the yellow Tory enablers.

    We’re fighting the biased MSM.

    And we’re being attacked daily by those like TWatson, Hodge, Mann, J Phillips, Smeeth, Streeting etc etc etc.

    These people are like a cancer- they’re trying to harm their host. They need to be tackled. Labour is a DEMOCRATIC and SOCIALIST movement. Their selfish politics would be better suited in other Parties.

    1. Brexit is not a left/right issue. That’s a self-serving myth propagated Toytown lefties. It cuts right across simplistic political divisions.

      “We’re fighting the vile Tories.”

      Objectively, the problem is that it’s patently not being done very well at the moment, with self-inflicted wounds assisting the media campaign. Blaming the Watsons of the world isn’t really getting to grips with some key fundamentals of strategy and leadership.

      I have consistently voted for Corbyn as leader – but I don’t equate that with joining an uncritical teenage fan-club of groupies.

  10. A lot of you need to learn to be tolerant; Jeremy Corbyn’s views were alien to Tony Blair’s, but Blair never stooped to throwing Jeremy out of the Party. You’re wasting your time and breath, as Tom Watson is a bone fide member of the Labour Party, as you all are. I’ll order spades for you.

    1. as far as i am aware ..blair had a hit list of MP’s he did throw out of the party and corbyn was on it.
      blair was brutal to the left wing of the party and those he could not control ..he replaced.

      he was a monster ..the dictator that all the liars are accusing corbyn of being.

    2. Joe KaliszczakI try not to be personal and I sometimes find your views thought provoking.You are seriously off kilter,and I would recommend you post at a more appropriate the early hours does seem to effect your lodgic.You could of course be on a different time zone as some of us often are.If you are on the same time zone l would suggest that you get back on this planet,or change your medication?

      1. “Joe KaliszczakI try not to be personal ….. l would suggest that you get back on this planet,or change your medication?”

        Mmmm …. ’nuff said.

    3. Joe,

      Your ignorance is telling, as is the propaganda you espouse, however, efforts were made to have Corbyn thrown out of the Labour Party under Blair, they succeeded with George Galloway, but failed with Corbyn, however, other Leftwing MPs were also ejected by the Blairites, all anti-democrats to a man.

  11. Joe said: ‘A lot of you need to learn to be tolerant’

    Oh, right, tolerant of someone doing everything they can – along with their buddies – to sabotage JC’s leadership. Tolerant of someone who is complicit in the lies and falsehoods and smears concocted and contrived and designed to demonise and undermine Jeremy. Tolerant of someone who has no qualms whatsoever about framing completely innocent people as anti-semites AND working hand in glove with a totally corrupt MSM to do so. Yes, of course Joe, we really need to learn to be more tolerant of such people!

  12. Moans about Tom Watson as Dep. Leader are just so much hot air unless and until someone stands against him.

    1. Danny I have asked an mp,but my constituency is an international membership,so could many on here approach their Mps and ask why they have not challenged the traitors? At least we could get a feedback,because otherwise we are just..pis….in the wind .Have a good day comrade!

      1. International member here also,and I agree.I suspect that there are not enough signatures among our esteemed PLP to begin the process of removing Watson,and what does that,if true, say about the PLP?

  13. As someone who finds Watson suspect and deceptive, I find the article is just ordinary political propaganda chatter – a confection when taken apart and looked at.

    The leaking ought immediately to arouse suspicion – as it rightly would in the other direction.

    It’s worth remembering that some shadow cabinet members supported the infamous letter last week. The point is that there are two opposed views on Brexit and the electoral consequences of supporting it. Goodies and Baddies it isn’t.

  14. Congrats to all of you for venting your anger our way. I mean we don’t need to attack the Tories NHS policies, not their educational, nor their policing etc etc. Let’s just have a go ateach other: Marvellous, and when we’ve lost the next General Election, Blame nobody else but ourselves! To win a GE, we need to be united, not divisive.

    1. Joe,

      A divided Army does not make a formidable force, and, less you forget, the membership is pretty united and takes the battle to the Tories, the Red Tories just undermine all these efforts and most of these Red Tories are within the PLP, which is why they detest Open Selection – the Chris Williamson saga is part of this battle, namely trying to tar the democratic Left with false Antisemitism charges – its all they’ve got and a typical Labour First rouse.

    2. Who is the “we” Joe,you told us some time ago you were no longer in the Labour party,make your mind up.

  15. “The national interest” is only a line stuck to by the Tories when what they really mean is capitalist interests or the interests of the rich and powerful – even perhaps GCSE political students may understand this.
    It is funny the GS sent a letter to CLPs saying Labour members shouldn’t discuss CW when he was initially suspended because we don’t discuss individual cases but in the week commencing 22/6/19, 118 Labour members (who happen to be MPs and Peers) signed a public letter openly commenting on the individual case of CW and thus a letter should be sent to this dreadful 118 reprimanding them and warning them – 3 strikes and you are out!
    Oh and we never got to the bottom of who secretly recorded part of an NEC meeting (Labour’s top table) and leaked it to the media when there apparently only 2 in the room with their mobiles on them, surely grounds for expulsion if not a criminal offence?
    Start trigger ballot options now in Labour CLPs to be completed by 31/10/19 (Brexit date) the Tories have a majority of 3 (with the DUP) and 2 of their MPs say they will vote against a No Deal, so could be a GE soon!

  16. Tom Watson doesn’t care what damage he does to the Labour Party he knows he crossed the Rubicon in the party a long time ago.

    His smug exterior is that carried by Tories who know that the establishment will always cover for them. The relentless attacks on the Labour Party are all part of the strategy and as the establishment always blamed working people for the crises they themselves created, Tom Watson feeds anti-Semitism to a baying mass media that has no actual bearing on the reality.

    TOM the fixer worked to oust Blair in favour of Brown, this article written by DAN Hodges of all people does reveal Watson’s Machiavellian tendencies:

    “But Miliband’s inexperienced team was simply not up to the task. In those first crucial months they were preoccupied with mapping out their vision of the “Good Society”. Precious little attention was paid to managing selections in obscure Scottish constituencies. A vacuum developed.

    Into the void stepped Tom Watson. An experienced political fixer, he saw an opportunity to build an independent power base. Ed Miliband was persuaded to grant him the title of “campaign coordinator” while, crucially, he was also persuaded to leave the specifics of the role vague. And as time developed, Watson used his skill, and muscle, to expand his role into candidate selection and broader campaign strategy.”

    the full article here:

    The Watson agenda is as transparent as he is, he is a fifth columnist and infiltrates the areas where he can influence events not normally open to ordinary MPs. His position as deputy leader gives him power that he can usurp to serve those interests he really serves.

    1. From your article I now realise that we are up against a very dangerous forward planner.Rotzelchen.The ambition coupled with the traitors Ruthlessness signifys to me That Tom Watson is a very sick individual.We can only hope that Watson gets the treatment he deserves.I do not know if their is any treatment for phycopathic behaviour but maybe Keith vaz could advise him on self medication.The rapid weight loss and lack of control clearly shows he’s taking the wrong medication.PS……..always willing to advise tom,but he blocked me!

  17. Unless you have qualifications in Mental Health, if you do, I would suggest you refrain from labelling of anyone with a so called Mental Illness. I find your comments appalling and a total lack of insight in Psychiatric conditions. This whole rant is just, same old same old. Why challenge the Tories when you can call your own and demonise them. Don’t call me a Troll or Blairite as I got a damn.

    1. Edward first Tom Watson is not one of us (democratic socialist)).2nd answer worked at netherne hospital coulsden Surrey in the 1960s.drug dependency ward and phycopathic disorders.I would suggest to you that some disorders i are common and are often a plus in a driven capitalist society.Not all mental illness disables.,but all mental illness can cause problems for those around them.Tom Watson is a very dangerous man who has done a lot of damage to the party,to individuals and to the members.If left in positions of authority he will eventually burn out,but by then the damage to the Labour party will be irreversible.I apologise if you feel I have made light of anyone suffering from mental illness.Most people Will welcome the chance to reinvestment in the NHS,and removing Tom Watson must be a priority to be electable and to succeed as a democratic socialist Labour party.

  18. “It will be no secret to regular readers that the SKWAWKBOX considers Tom Watson unfit to be a Labour MP, let alone deputy leader of the party …”

    Absolutely! The sooner he is de-selected the better.

  19. Meanwhile millions are being hurt by austerity, the Tories are making a mess of the NHS, billions have been cut from schools, 4m kids live in poverty and millions are in poverty pay plus 1 in 10 are in the Gig economy whilst millions struggle to rent plus millions need decent homes, the climate is in crisis and thousands die from poor air quality.
    1. Reprimand the 118 MPs and Peers & warn 3 strikes and you are out!
    2. Start asap the process for trigger ballot options in Labour CLPs to be completed before Brexit Date (31/10/19) could be a GE soon.
    3. Get back to fighting for working people on all of the above mentioned and more to set the agenda!

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