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New-referendum Ultra Kyle’s Hove CLP passes ANTI-referendum motion

Hove MP Peter Kyle is at the heart of the new-referendum-stop-Brexit movement, co-sponsoring a parliamentary referendum motion earlier this year and writing strongly pro-“people’s vote” articles in the media.

But Hove Labour members have shown that they take a radically different view.

On Friday, Hove CLP (constituency Labour party) passed a motion on Brexit that describes any move to a new referendum or attempt to prevent Brexit as a threat to democracy and a gift to the hard right – and calls on the Labour Party to honour the 2016 referendum result, but to fight to ensure that the UK leaves on a better basis than the Tories offer:

Hove CLP

·       Believes Labour is the only Party able to unite both ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’.
·       Recognises the need to protect democracy and believes that, if the 2016 referendum result is ignored, the burgeoning right wing will capitalise on our failure to deliver Brexit.
·       Recognises the majority of seats Labour need to win to form a government voted Leave in 2016.

This branch/CLP asks that the Labour Party honour the result of the 2016 referendum. In addition, Labour must continue to oppose a ‘no deal Brexit’ and strive for a deal negotiated by the Labour Party, a deal which will protect jobs, security, the environment and the economy. Therefore, the first priority must be a general election with a manifesto which includes the promise to deliver Brexit.


Hard-remain MPs and commentators are fond of pushing the idea that a large majority of Labour members want a new referendum.

Yet in remain heartland Hove, Labour members sent a clear message diametrically opposed to that of their pro-referendum MP.

So-called ‘mainstream’ media would do well to take note – but of course will not. To do so would distract from their use of the issue as an anti-Corbyn weapon.

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      1. The fact that 287+ branches have signed up to the following motion demanding Labour backs a second referendum and campaigns to stay in the EU puts the 1 solitary result from Hove in perspective.

        The Conservative Party is determined to rip the UK out of the EU on October 31, deal or no deal
        Labour must oppose the damaging agenda of an unelected Conservative Prime Minister
        Labour must reflect the overwhelming view of its members and voters, who want to stay in the EU

        There’s no ‘good’ form of Brexit, it’s a right wing project and Labour must oppose it
        The prospect of Brexit is already causing huge damage to our communities, with devastating job losses at Honda, Nissan and many more
        After nine years of austerity imposed by Tories and Lib Dems, our public services are under terrible strain – Brexit in any form will deepen the crisis
        EU membership better enables us to tackle the climate crisis, as members we can lead the campaign for a Green New Deal across 28 countries and a population of 500 million
        EU membership guarantees the free movement of people which has brought huge economic and cultural benefits to our country
        The EU is the most successful peace project in the history of Europe
        The only way to resolve Brexit is through a confirmatory referendum with an option to stay in the EU

        Labour must unequivocally commit to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot
        Labour must campaign to stay in the EU in that referendum
        If a General Election is held, our manifesto must include a commitment to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot”

      2. I do support Labour policy – I don’t support trying to pretend that the thousands of party members and millions of Labour voters who still support Remain don’t exist. I don’t support insulting people who still want dialogue on this.

    1. IMO the leave or remain arguments are irrelevant at this point in time ,
      What this shows is once again just how out of touch and at complete odds the PLP MPs are with the grass roots of the party. Just look at the insanity of what the PLP RW are doing to Chris Williamson. We all know that what he said was NOT AS , yet we are witnessing yet again the hounding out via totally corrupt means of a innocent man , just like Ken Livingstone , Marc Wadsworth , Jackie Walker , and thousands of ordinary members who dared to voice the truth.

      Forget the difference for now , what is happening here is the 3rd Coup make no doubt over it and Twatson is almost the de-facto leader of the Labour Party NOW . Corbyn is on the verge of becoming LINO , and if Williamson is expelled then that seals our fate as a socialist party. He is a big target and if he goes then there is no way of stopping the same from eventually happening to Corbyn , the door is open , the precedent set ,,,, job done !

      Lets be brutality honest here about reselection , if we manage to get rid of just 2 or 3 bastards we’d be lucky , and that’s it , so kid ourselves not over the effectiveness of that route .
      Whilst we on the left fight amongst ourselves over bloody Brexit , the effing socialist dream dies .

      What to do ?
      Some ideas but add any more that helps

      All that you can to support Williamson via your CLPs and motions of support
      Write to the party Chair expressing concern that the PLP is subverting and corrupting the rule of the party

      Write to the Gen Sec expressing the same concerns and finally write to Momentum and Lansman remember Jackie Walker , Pete Wilsman , Marc and now Chris , the pattern has been established and I now believe that he is a Zionist .I didn’t before when a member, but now and on the evidence of his actions , I do .There are many good socialist in Momentum , its the dictator that leads it that has to change .So Lansman should put himself up for honest open election and see how that goes before dictating who should or should not go .

    2. Well done Hove CLP members. One CLP at least not dominated by middle class Left Liberals who mistakenly think they are “socialists” , but who just love the neoliberal EU and its Single Market neoliberalism-enforcing rules more than the ability of a Left Corbyn government pursuing a radical Left economic programme to save the UK.

      1. jpenney 30/06/2019 at 10:34 am

        One CLP

        Against the c300 that have voted to put forward the following to conference.

        Conference – Resolves
        Labour must unequivocally commit to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot

        Labour must campaign to stay in the EU in that referendum

        If a General Election is held, our manifesto must include a commitment to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot”

  1. More important is the substance of the issue.

    If a Labour government led by Corbyn confined within EU parameters tried to increase corporation tax and income tax to finance public spending as part of an anti-austerity programme, this would almost certainly prompt capital flight on the part of corporations and wealthy individuals. Labour would be powerless to prevent this since the Free Movement of Capital is a fundamental right under EU law. The Corbyn government would have no alternative but to buckle and abandon anti-austerity.

    Same with public ownership. Any corporation can go to court to challenge the nationalisation of ANY economic sector citing its EU Freedom of Establishment (freedom to set up branches and subsidiaries in any Member State). It would then be for the Corbyn government to convince that court that it had objective justification to nationalise, and that nationalisation was a proportionate response. Given the class nature of the judiciary there is fat chance of that.

    In the case of rail, mail, telecommunications, gas and electricity the government would not even get the opportunity to present its objective justification and evidence of proportionality, since marketization is guaranteed by EU Liberalisation Directives. So if Labour backs PV+Remain and wishes to practise “honest politics”, it needs to remove all extensions of public ownership from its manifesto aside from “competitive public ownership” where publicly owned companies compete in a market on level pegging with privately owned ones, with the State not favouring State-owned enterprises in any of its actions.

    In all instances the private corporations could go to court to obtain an interim injunction, stopping the Corbyn government in its tracks until the full case was heard.

    1. Give it a bloody rest with your “the EU is neoliberal” mantra.It may have escaped your notice,but most if not all the world follows the diktats of the neoliberal orthodoxy.We need to support and implement LP policy,all of us!

      1. But the EU is indeed a neoliberalism enforcing organisation, as Danny states , matey ! Why don’t you just join the Lib Dems, john thatcher ? The whole point of the Labour Party , under Jeremy Corbyn, since our Left shift in 2015, trying to forge a different economic path , based on what is best for the majority of UK citizens, rather than the superrich minority, is that our required Left economic programme (massive wealth redistribution, re-nationalisation, being able to support strategic industries with government grants, ignoring “balanced budget” constraints to rebuild our welfare services and build new productive infrastructure , etc) cannot be carried out within the EU’s Single Market Rules. If you just want to cravenly kowtow to the dominance of the neoliberal status quo – just join a neoliberal party, john thatcher. Blairism is dead . Current Labour policy is NOT to accept the unfettered play of the global neoliberal markets. You obviously haven’t been paying attention.

      2. John unfortunately for you we are a socialist Labour party.NeoLiberlism does not fit into are:broad church:… You are in the wrong party my comrade!

      3. John Thatcher is clearly in the wrong party! Go join your libdem or tory friends. I’m sure you’ll feel safe there!

  2. I understand that they have the largest party members of a constituency in the country. They are showing respect fr democracy and again respect for conference decisions. All of us need to show party discipline and stop Kyle and Watson’s treacherous supporters destroying the Labour party .Kyle will stop at nothing to destroy socialism,and is backed up by a loyal wrecking crew on Brighton and hove council.

    1. We have a Party line on Brexit agreed at Conference last September, this was the express democratic will of the membership done under the Labour Party Rules. As a Leave voter, if I’m able to abide by the democratic process it would be nice if others likewise undertook to uphold existing Party policy. Of course, the wreckers like TWatson hate democracy and hate procedures that fail to to back their camp, which is why they must be removed from the Party either by the NEC or via Trigger Ballots – enough is really enough.

  3. Excellent resolution and I fully support its sentiments.
    Hope it has been sent as a Conference resolution because otherwise the Right Wing in Labour and middle class liberals if they get their way (with a 2nd PV) could be voting for electoral suicide and Labour thus “snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!” And then the Corbyn Dream is over.
    JC4PM! & CW4DepPM!

    1. “middle class liberals”

      aka the majority of the Labour party!

      Nothing like alenating a major part of your support, whilst vainly beseeching working class conservatives long gone to do a U-turn! Great strategy for winning votes!

  4. Brmmm! Brmmm! So – it’s over the cliff in our clapped out policy (generating 25% electoral BHP) jalopy whilst the Tories push from behind?

    BTW … what was the vote and proportion of membership … and was it all-member?

    1. I don’t have the detailed results for this CLP’s motion but I do recall Bazza telling us that 69% of his CLP had voted for the CV and Remain Conference Motion that is currently doing the rounds.
      It was kind of Bazza to give us some actual results that confirm the accuracy of the consistent polling results and academic studies

  5. Watson; Blair; Hodge; Starmer; Phillips; Creasy et al. will be most annoyed.

    1. Then we must apologise to them for shitting in their breakfast kedgeree and wait to be suspended

  6. Will this vote be followed up by reselection process,
    Remainiacs, you do not have the numbers to win another referendum, the vast majority want us out but do not want to take us off a cliff
    Stick to the first rule of referendum that you dont hold one unless
    60% + have been calling for it for at least 6 months,
    You have nowhere near that level of support and the numbers are worse in parliament
    So like No Dealers you are simply a pain in the arse
    A GE sorts this out and takes this country forward to a better place, which some of us have been waiting a lifetime for, clear red water,
    Safest country in Europe for the Jewish community thanks to JC and Labour movement

  7. Seen the latest polls? Looks like you need to support remain or die. Sorry, just the messenger speaking.

  8. All this excitement from the small minority of Leavers in the party over this 1 solitary result in Hove looks more than a little desperate when compared to the 287+ branches that have signed up to a the motion demanding Labour backs a second referendum and campaigns to stay in the EU

    1. So Steve H you would like a party were you pick the bits of the rules you wish to honour and ignore the rest!You also wish to ignore the will of the people.and have another vote like Ireland did.You wish to destroy socialism in the Labour party,because thats inevitable if we cannot come together on brexit for the sake of the party.All very sad,Watson’s reluctant trojon horse to destroy socialism.!

      1. Joseph OKEEFE at 1:27 pm

        “You wish to destroy socialism in the Labour party,because thats inevitable if we cannot come together on brexit for the sake of the party”

        On the contrary I support Democratic Socialism

        Which begs the question
        Why are the small minority of Leavers in the party (you) trying to split the party?

  9. Snowflake, Red Tory neverenders on what planet does a 2nd referendum bring country together
    On planet you lose again,
    So be patient, wait for GE victory followed by Labour brino negotiations, followed by free vote, party would do a Harold and not take a position
    Happy to take bets on less than 45 % remain

    1. I have no wish to take advantage of you. A fool and his money are easily parted.

      1. Steve H You got it wrong,I voted remain but party loyalty and the type of treachery shown by some remainers and attempts to go hijack remaining for a demolition of the party I love and destroy individuals I respect made me get behind the Labour democratic socialist party…. So steve assume nothing and beware your judgment

      2. Aw come on that’s nonsense and you know it. The only schism in the party’s membership with regards to Brexit is being caused by the minority that currently support Leave. We are a members led party, I encourage you to get behind that majority and stop this misguided disruption.

  10. Steve H without rules and discipline we are nothing.If the party decides democratically to go with remain,and the party leadership of corbyn support this,.Then I will get behind party po!icy and support it.Unlike you Steve I would never challenge the party for narrow personal opinions.Brexit will make life extremely difficult,for me and my family,but the people decided and more importantly the conference and the party fought an election and did very well.on our brexit approach…….You will need to understand that their are more important issues than brexit and you need to come on board!

    1. oseph OKEEFE 30/06/2019 at 7:53 pm

      Don’t be ridiculous I am a member of a political party not a religious cult.

      1. What party steve H,You need to attend a political education course to understand that democracy works by consensus and sensible debate.The majority win the debate and you get behind it!thats what I have always believed in .The only other choice is tyreny and oppression of democracy…….simple!

      2. Joseph OKEEFE at 11:07 am

        You really should stop digging. As I said in my previous comment I am a member of a political party not a religious cult.

        Did Jeremy Corbyn spend decades on the back benches faithfully towing the party line or did he continue to fight for what he believed in.

    1. Doug do you think Steve H is feeling off today ,he’s normally clear and concise but he now rambles on about religious cults..Do you think that all of this brexit talk has finally rattled is cage?.I hope he recovers soon and doesn’t feel desperate to join one of those cults…deary …deary me. Things can only get better so we used to sing?

      1. Joseph OKEEFE 01/07/2019 at 7:57 pm

        Aww didums.

        I’ve obviously rattled your cage.

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