Vaz nonsense underlines importance of members organising for reselections

MP’s claim of incompetence through medication made number of decisions unsafe

Labour MP Keith Vaz drew ridicule when he challenged the decision to reinstate Derby North MP Chris Williamson to the Labour whip.

Vaz was one of three-person panel who made the decision.

Vaz blamed his u-turn on being doped up on medication.

Right-wing MPs are claiming their pressure caused Labour to pause Williamson’s reinstatement pending a review by the National Executive Committee. Only Keith Vaz can answer for his own motives, but in the case of the party it is Vaz’s behaviour and not pressure from hypocritical MPs that led to the decision.

A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

Legally, Keith’s actions left the party with no choice. But he made every decision the panel took that day unsafe, not just the Chris Williamson one.

If nothing else, Keith Vaz has at least underlined to Labour members the importance of the reselection process that the party initiated this week.

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  1. With reference to “safe decisions” At what point did the medication clear from his system I wonder?

    1. It may, procedurally , be that uber dodgy old opportunist, Keith Vaz’s ludicrous ” out of his tiny mind on medication” claim that forced the suspension of the lifting of Chris’s suspension – but it was indeed the massive pressure of his Right Wing PLP confederates and the entire capitalist mass media, that forced that ludicrous excuse out of the ever-shifty Vaz. So the mass media and Labour Right are correct to be happy little careerist corrupt ferrets today at “a dirty job well done”. Only retribution via de-selection by their CLPs can turn the tide.

      See the Front Page and TWO MORE INSIDE PAGES of gross slander of Jeremy and his team in the Times today (Saturday), fed by the Labour Right, and see how totally the PLP Right and the Tory press are now building up relentlessly for Coup 2. Their key problem is that even a media-capable Right stooge like Emily Thornberry is still unlikely to defeat Jeremy in a new Leadership contest – and as for the wooden Kier Starmer, or Hilary Benn , or Yvette Cooper … NO WAY !

      1. I’m rather glad the Times paywall prevented me from reading on, JP. I wish the Guardian (of the state) had blocked me from reading the first few lines of Merina Hyde on CW this AM – an article probably only equalled in its ignorance, complacency and viciousness, by those previously submitted on Assange.

      2. Timfrom, nasty, yes. Gutter journalist, yes. But please don’t sour your comments by using sexist epithets.
        …even if it was about someone who’s written an article that made me feel physically sock when reading it. I should have known better.
        Of course, it was another Guardian article where no btl comments were available.

      3. The epithet was on the generous side, believe me.

        I find I feel an overwhelming need for a shower after reading her toxic vomit these days…

    2. How long?does it take a Smakhead to lie through his teeth and grovel to Watson’s thugs?

    1. I’m trying and struggling to think of any other scenario where e.g. a member of a jury, or a job interview panel only has to come up with a Vaz like excuse the next day and the job is withdrawn, or a verdict overturned.

      1. I wonder if any member of the kangaroo courts that expelled Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth or Tony Greenstein from the Labour Party was on “medication” on the respective days each was frogmarched out of the Labour Party?

        Great excuse for a re-run. There might be a different verdict next time!

        Like so many of his cohorts. Vaz is utterly beneath contempt. Perhaps he may yet join the Lib Dems.

      2. I’m surprised one of our resident remainers hasn’t tried claiming that the whole country was doped up on MSM medication, thus making the result “unsafe”!

    2. There was no capitulation. As the article explains, Vaz’s actions have rendered all of the proceedings of the disciplinary panel null and void. Basically, there has been no valid decision on Williamson’s position.

      1. No valid decision UV and a protracted, perhaps indefinite delay before there is one. I’d like to think i’m wrong and i’m not well versed, but I suspect the implications of this being referred onwards are considerable.

      2. Good point. Vaz’s self-described ‘lack of judgment’ has to be applied across all cases in which he was present if the NEC has the basic gumption to avoid yet more ridicule at its incompetence.

    3. We.must hit back and hard,we cannot be seen to tolerate this injustice to Chris by mob mentality of the Labour Mps.We are at war and no mercy should be given to these treacherous cowards.Pay back time at the conference.Demo and a large one,following the constituency clearout!

      1. The Guardian is reporting that several branches in Derby North are moving towards deselecting CW. Does anyone have any information about this, or is it the usual propaganda?

  2. It is now beyond doubt that Zionists control the Labour Party. Their influence on behalf of Israel, constrains almost everything the Labour Party does or says. When was the last time we heard anyone from the executive even mention Zionism as having anything to do with the attacks on Corbyn and Williamson when it is as clear as day?

    ZIONISM, the hate which dare not mention its name.

    1. Cut out the objectionable “dog whistle” references to “Zionist conspiracy”, Troll JackT. it is the Labour Right as a whole , not “Zionists” that are trying to defeat Jeremy and the Left. But you probably know that , and are constantly peddling this ” Zionism” conspiracy filth , either because you personally are an anti-Semite, or , as a Troll you are simply trying to divide and confuse that Left as to the POLITICAL basis of the attacks from the Labour Right- which is far broader than the issue of uncritical support for the state actions of Israel.

      Those on the Left on here , who should know very well from his constant postings, that the troll JackT is no Left Winger, no ally of Jeremy Corbyn, but a Right Wing shit stirrer, should not make the mistake of believing that his regular “Zionist conspiracy” peddling is connected in any way to support for the Palestinian People. Fall into the trap of believing “The Jews” (because that is what the crude, historically toxic dog whistle term “Zionist” means in RH’s undefined usage) are behind our battle in the Labour Party ( the “socialism of fools” distraction on the Left for well over a century), and you are lost to genuine socialist politics.

      1. Why are you so keen to defend a racially supremacist neo-colonial deology, Penny? It is indisputably the political foundation upon which the depredations of the Israeli state are built – the mythical ‘right of return’ made a concrete rationale for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

        Yes – some will deceptively claim that it’s just religious symbolism. But try telling that to persecuted Palestinians.

        So you indulge in the same sort of puppet-like smearing as the letter signatories practise. You are a total fraud in pretending the old lie that the actually *modern* term ‘zionism’ (and historically originating in forms of Christian mythology and *opposed* by the majority of Jews) equates to ‘judaism’, or that you are a radical. It’s just *your* despicable dog whistle.

        At this rate, Margaret Hodge might have a job for you in her right-wing campaign of subversion in alliance with Israeli interests.

      2. jpenny, you have served the useful function of demonstrating with remarkable accuracy how a person “of the left” can fail to understand Zionism which has always been the enemy of socialism.You also demonstrate how it is possible to not understand the central organising role Zionist Israel has with its lackeys in the corporate media and the Labour party.

    2. Jpenney. You are correct, I do go on about ZIONISM and I do it intentionally because very few people in the Labour Party have been willing to discuss it when it is probably the must corrosive belief affecting our Party at the moment. Scratch a right winger and you will find a Zionist.

      Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, it’s a politocal belief by some who have absolutely no connection with Palestine either by ancestry or nationality that they have an absolute right to colonise Palestine, whether the Palestinians agree or not. They were not wanted by the original Palestinian Jews, and we’re warned by such eminent Jews as Einstein against their colonial enterprise. They have created havoc and murder in Palestine ever since they began their terrorist colonisation in the late eighteen hundreds.

      This what Jews say about ZIONISM:

      By the way, Blair was a Zionist, which is why we have so many Zionists in the PLP at the moment.

      So jpenney don’t lecture me about Zionism or you might further expose it to more home truths.

      1. Jack T. What’s in a word? I sometimes wonder whether when you refer to Zionists, what you really mean is agents of the State of Israel.

        Zionism means different things to different people. I’ve said it before; this time I’ll try and be more succinct.

        The problem (if there is a problem?) with the continually pejorative use of the word Zionist is the potential offence caused, or at least lack of sensitivity shown, to many within the Jewish diaspora. I am referring to those who, to a greater or lesser extent, culturally identify with elements of Zionism, whilst supporting a two state solution for Israel. (By the way, isn’t the official LP two state solution inherently Zionist?); those who also acknowledge and abhorr the hundred or so years of theft and atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians.

        I am not apologising for atrocity.

        Judaism is not Zionism, but for many within the diaspora, elements of Zionism, particularly the idea of a homeland, are a part of Jewish identity and they identify as Zionists. Obviously, I applaud and am glad for those in the diaspora who have the intelligence and courage to argue that the diaspora itself is their homeland.

        Of course, It’s all too easy for a non Jew like myself with the benefit of some modest, historical study, to see the position of such two state, occasionally one state, pro Palestinian, ‘Zionists’ as ignorant of history, complacent, uncritical, or at best under informed, but I am not in the thick of it.

        Would that I had the same, fully formed, critical insight into my own cultural underpinnings and British imperialist antecedents; (so that I could shed some of my own flawed ideologies and some of what made me who I am), before I start wishing for others, within the State of Israel or the diaspora, to do likewise.

        With apologies for reiterating my point from an earlier thread and for failing to be succinct.

      2. Paulo –

        “for many within the diaspora, elements of Zionism, particularly the idea of a homeland, are a part of Jewish identity and they identify as Zionists”

        I’m sure that your comments are sincerely meant.

        They are also profoundly wrong.

        Belief is no excuse. Many of the most repulsive ideologies that have existed have been sincerely believed in by their adherents. The slaughter in the Balkans was, for instance, based on sincere beliefs about much more recent historical ‘facts’.

        If I said “I believe that black people were put on earth to serve the needs of the superior white race”, would you cut me slack simply because I genuinely believed it?

        From your posts, I guess that would be a totally redundant question.

      3. Approximately 60% of British Jews self identify as Zionist, only slightly less than the 63% that identify themselves as Conservative voters.

      4. Paulo, thank you for your comment. The last thing I want is to insult anyone however, some people can choose to be insulted if it suits their purposes.

        You say you have undertaken historical study, if so you should know that the original purpose and motives of those who promoted Zionism weren’t innocent. Also remember that Zionism took hold long before the two world wars and the dreadful holocaust.

        As you say it can mean different things to different people and over the years Zionists have deliberately obscured their true intentions by referring to Zionism as religious Zionism or social Zionism etc. Do not be fooled by those descriptions, those who try to portray Zionism as some sort of benign belief, are attempting a deception, Zionism is nothing less than a land grab.

        As shown in my previous link – did you read it? Many Jews realise the iniquity of Zionism and its role in the displacement and slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians. If revealing this fact upsets some people because they feel it attacks their beliefs then maybe they should think again about how they view Zionism.

        Finally, those who know that Zionism is actually shorthand for settler colonialism will try their best to conflate it with Judaism just so they can scream ‘anti-Semite’ at anyone such as Jeremy Corbyn who dares to criticise it. By the way, for those who don’t know, settler colonialism is moving into someone else’s land, not with the intention of living along side them but displacing them, forcing them out of their own country.

        If you want to do a little more research, you could do worse than check out Miko Peled and Karl Sabbagh on the web. An Israeli Jew and a writer of Palestinian descent both of whom have similar views.

      5. RH really struggling to make any sense of your comment. My comment, in summary, was that the term Zionist is a problematic one, with a couple of examples as to why. Glad to know that you have been able to extrapolate some “sincerely held beliefs” from this. I wasn’t aware that I had any, other than cautioning against a certain ethnocentricity of view point – something I believe you do yourself from time to time.

      6. Jack T. Thanks for the detailed response. But, it’s a shame you felt the need to tell me so much of what I already know! I get the feeling you can’t have read my earlier post, and certainly not those from a year or so ago, where I made it plain and explicit that I share your repugnance for the Zionist project and those agencies who have aided and abetted it along its genocidal, colonialist, fraudulent, culturally eviscerating, racist course. In that earlier post I also expressed my deep scepticism about those in the diaspora who call themselves pro Palestinian Zionists and I alluded to that again here.

        I’m sure I’ve used the word Zionist pejoratively on plenty of occasions, so I’m not wanting to preach. I just think for the reasons given in the post, about issues relating to Jewish identity, it is a term that is at best problematic and perhaps demands a little contextualisation and caution, if one’s intentions are not to be misinterpreted.

      7. One of the problems in ithe World today is Right Wing political morons treating groups as homogenous (all the same when you have diversity) and for example Right Wing Barbarian Trump wanted a travel ban on Muslims when 99.9999% are peaceful.
        And within those who are Pro-Zionism are those who were for capitalist pro- Zionism (Weizmann who appealed to the British colonialists to support their colonianalism) and ‘socialist’ pro-Zionism (Poale Zion etc.) jobs for Jewish workers and picketing Jewish employers who had Arab workers “A Pro-Zionism of Fools”
        In 1947 (G.D.Smith) a UN working party of 11 reps from 13 countries looked into Israel/Palestine – the majority (8) came up with what we now know as the two state solution and the minority (3) were for one secular democratic state which respected the religious rights of all citizens.
        Perhaps these should still be on the table but I will not tell people what to do from thousands of miles away.
        Justice 4 Palestians & Peace 2 All Citizens in the region!

      8. Paulo – I fear that you have misunderstood me.

        The ‘belief’ that I was writing about was not *yours*. The point is that identifying with a belief – adopting it as part of an identity – is no moral excuse for holding it.

        Essentially – any barmy, damaging or dangerous idea can be excused if you go down that road – from paedophilia to the Holocaust itself.

        Nothing ‘ethnocentric’ about that. Quite the opposite. It’s about common values, and the simple fact that to understand isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card that excuses monstrosities.

        And the situation in Gaza and the West Bank is a monstrosity that arises from Zionism – not Judaism.

        We may *understand* the origins of the various myth-based nationalisms rooted in the 19th C. – of which Zionism is one – but we don’t *excuse* their fallacies, or the horrors perpetrated in their name.

      9. Paulo, my response wasn’t just to you it was also for those who read this blog and think there is an innocent aspect to Zionism and who may not have followed previous posts.

        You said you could have used the term Zionism perjorativly. I have never done that, I always use the term descriptively and deliberately if it offends Zionists so be it but they shouldn’t hide behind a defense of it being anti-Semitic.

  3. What is happening right now is an existential threat to Socialism. A major coup against Jeremy Corbyn is underway & we say prayers & wring our hands.

    1. Hullo Steve. Great and important post. I’ve just heard about Chris. Maybe it’s time for Socialists to have a real discussion about how we can defend good mps against the oncoming onslaught from within and without. I still believe that we can win but we are always unprepared when we are under attack. We know the enemy and we have ONE WEEK to get our party back. Get on your phone’s to your chair, get your comrades on the blower and put up socialist candidates for selection. Treat the next week as if it were a GE. God speed because the devil thinks he has a grip on the movement. Regards.

    2. …and, ‘completely coincidentally’, there are suggestions from unnamed civil servants that JC’s health is suspect and that it may mean he has to stand down. Fortunately, the Party has come out fighting on this one, with multiple rebuttals.
      If only they’d taken the same attitude from the start about the AS smears.

  4. In no particular order:
    Caved in on the IHRA definition.
    Caved in on Jackie Walker.
    Caved in on Marc Wadsworth.
    Caved in on Margaret Hodge.
    Caved in on Ken Livingstone.
    Caved in on Chris Williamson.
    Caved in on other things that I’ve forgotten about.

    All of these victories encourage the New Labour troublemakers and discourage supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. When is the party going to grow a pair?

    1. And what have all those things got in common? – the Israeli Lobby i.e. ZIONISM.

      1. Give it a rest obsessive nutter, Jack T. “Antisemitism ” is just one “attack line” and “policy wedge” being used by the Right. Others are “Putin/Russia/weak on defence” and “Brexit/PV/Remain”, and “Jeremy’s supposed old age and frailty” , and “Labour’s Venezuelan-style inflationary economics” , and other lines of attack.

      2. The apologist speaks – trying to confuse by creating a narrative that forces disparate, weakly linked issues together into a Noddy book ideology.

        The objective? To water down the over-arching ‘anitisemitism’ scam and its political and philosophical roots.

      3. jpenney, a measure of your fanaticism is your inability to recognise the incongruities in your comment.

    2. This is not a cave in. The proceedings were rendered null and void, therefore there has been no valid decision yet on Chris Williamson’s case or on any others heard on the same day with Vaz involved.

      All of the talk of reversing the decision to reinstate Williamson is just so much media bullsh1t designed to discourage you. Don’t let it work.

      1. So are all the other cases that Vaz adjudicated on that day also being reversed so that they can be reheard? Or is it just the Williamson one which is being reversed?

      2. UV so was Skwawkbox’s statement on the 26th “CHRIS WILLIAMSON REINSTATED TO LABOUR WHIP” incorrect?

      3. all decisions are barrister rubber stamped,
        my worry is has CW got his notice in to stand in next GE
        Vaz should now be off list, legally party could not risk challenge in courts,
        same goes for Jon Lansmann not fit to sit on any of these panels and only matter of time before we vote him off NEC
        still begs question where are our big guns and what to do next
        how about fast tracking Campbell expulsion and suspending Hodge for calling us Jew Haters

    3. When it discovers who in Corbyn’s inner circle is counselling him so badly.

      Is there a yet-to-be-uncovered mole in his midst?

      Or is Corbyn doped up on medication, too? Could explain a lot…

    4. A timely reminder … and more, like Asa Winstanley, could be added.

      It is a mortifying parade of disgraceful capitulation.

      1. Asa Winstanley and Electronic Intifada on the side of the angels,
        do not let CockWombles get you down,
        that’s an order

  5. Why was Keith Vaz not expelled from the party when he got caught with rent boys, offering them cocaine as well? was he high on er,,,er,, “medication” then as well? I would say that is a lot more serious than what Chris said or done.Or is it Ok as long as he’s not a Corbyn supporter.

    1. Jackie chris did nothing wrong :we have been too apologetic for Anti semitism levelled at the party :….If you repeat a lie enough you will believe it?We accepted a lie on the economy and believed it.Soon Labour owned it.We must not appear to aceppt criticism of the anti Semitic scam as fact or our enemys within will bury most of us on this site in the current witchunt and coup.We must fight back if only to protect ourselves from the new fascist jackboot gang of Watson’s treacherous supporters.

    2. Weren’t him, apprently.

      ‘Twas some bloke called ‘jim’ that ‘sells white goods’

    3. What happened to “bringing the party into disrepute?” or, does that not apply to illegal entertainments? Hypocrisy and dark deeds indeed. Regards

  6. And why was Jess Phillips not expelled for saying that “she would stab Corbyn in the front”
    And Barking mad Hodge for publicly calling out that Corbyn was “a fucking anti-semite”? And as for Twatson…. “Et tu, Brute?”

  7. I’ve been pondering what I would do if one of the MPs in the list of shame was standing in my constituency at a general election.

    I have never voted other than for Labour, even with its crap EU policy that has cost so much support. But in this situation, there would be little hesitation – the pencil would burn my hand if I tried to place a cross against the name of such a candidate. The phrase ‘final straw’ comes to mind.

    In our constituency, the situation doesn’t arise, since the candidate will be new. But a response to some (unloaded) basic questions will determine the placing of that cross.

      1. ‘We come from the working class poor BUT we have worked it out!
        As Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians in Labour stuff their mouths with gold.
        And capitalist media tax dodgers scream and shout!
        But we love diverse working people.
        Which is the reason why we will win; we are able.
        So goodbye to the crumbs for working people from the legal capitalist thieves and their sycophants!
        And rise like lions for the table!’
        Solidarity & X.

    1. RH, yes, I’m glad not to have to make that decision in my constituency as well. It’s qualitatively different from a Brexit disagreement. I might actively disagree with lexiters on here but their arguments are not ignoble, and the reasons why they are making them are a genuine belief in socialism. It’s a world away from this horrible McCarthyite assault.

      1. Absolutely, Simon. I’m in the Islands at the moment, and have just had a conversation with an acquaintance in a situation where, normally, politics aren’t an issue – the talk is about the wildlife and what’s happened over the year. I don’t think that we have had any real idea of each others’ political views.

        This conversation this time pretty quickly got into the politics of the Williamson affair – and outrage at the sheer corruption of what is happening in the public sphere.

        As you say, this corruption, and revulsion to it, goes way beyond the normal span of political disagreement.

  8. “Vaz blamed his u-turn on being doped up on medication.”

    I hope he didn,t leave bits of his meds in HoC toilets. Ffs… Vaz mocking LP and members, his arrogant crassness actually blows my mind. What an f’ing ‘beep’.

    Do panel members need to be assessed or sign a declaration that they aren’t “doped up” before they sit?

  9. Now we apparently know the reason for overturning Williamson’s suspension lifting… I wonder if anyone can clarify what this means for me and is the assertion correct?
    A Lansman tweet I first saw on Momentum twitter in response to Paul Waugh.

    “It’s Jennie who’s put Chris Williamson on the next NEC agenda & he’s suspended from the Whip til then. So it’s the leadership that’s enabling this decision to be overturned, not MPs who used it against Jeremy & called on him to interfere, having previously argued he shouldn’t”

    1. No idea where ‘for me’ in the middle of this sentence came from. Ignore, I am not that self obsessed!
      “I wonder if anyone can clarify what this means ‘for me’ and is the assertion correct?”

      1. “me” would like to know too! Does Lansman mean Jenny Formby when he refers to the “leadership” … or is he perhaps referring to himself? Always was good at being equivocal in these matters.

      2. Lansman’s reference to the decision having been “overturned” (as opposed to invalid) is perhaps a tiny bit of a give away as to his intention, if not his meaning.

      3. Lol Paulo. When I read after posting the for me read as for me personally. I forget to proof read and tend to type as I think which has caused me a lot of problems in the past so am sensitive to possible double meanings.

        You are right to question what Lansman means by ‘the leadership’… that tweet can be interpreted a few ways.

  10. The damage done by having people inside like Vaz in positions of authority,shows the shambles of the Labour party and the NEC.We are now being crucified and ridiculed by many ordinary people who have little interest in politics but are able to read or watch the t.v.We all new VAZ was vulnerable to blackmail by Watson’s treacherous gang and as effectively been forced to retract is verdict within hours of making a decision!.How much longer do we take this sh55t from the treacherous attack dogs of the right wing.yes organize a massive demo for conference and see how the Scum traitors like a taste of their own medicine.The only other questions are? Will we last till then?

    1. One wonders where some people get the brass neck to denigrate anyone when they should be hiding, shamefacedly in the toilet. Personal toilet and not public. Bring on the skinheads. That was nasty. Sorry to whom it concerns. Regards.

  11. One of the aspects of this affair that has been neglected is the involvement of NEC employees.

    This ideological invovement casts doubt on the basic nature of advice to the determining panels. Anyone who has worked in government will recognize the essential requirement of impartial quasi-legal advice in decision-making. The situation of the NEC disciplinary process is parallel.

    It raises important issues about the lengthy trail of blatantly flawed decisions that have occurred.

    1. RH very true, the Labour Party has been taken over by Zionists both in front of and behind the scenes.

      I have had many disagreements with Skwawky but I do thank him for allowing these discussions to continue. I know from experience, because of Zionist influence they would never be allowed in The Guardian or in Labour List, both supposedly left wing publications.

    2. You have a very good point RH and that as always been a danger of the British system of keeping the same cival servants or employees in positions having worked with the opposition or enemy’s inLabours case.I have seen an example of this in Surrey were a Labour party took control for the first time in history but struggled with officer’s who have worked under a different culture and party for many years.Maybe you could make a suggestion has to what you would do with these employees of the Labour party.,obviously a very delicate balance between employees and the new way of doing things? ?

      1. Actually, Joseph, my experience has been to underline the necessity of keeping a ‘neutral’ core of officers/civil servants.

        Of course, there is no such thing as *absolute* neutrality – but I’m referring to a principled degree of neutral detachment and adherence to visible procedural standards.

        I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and such roles should be kept at arm’s length from political determination. The healthy organisation keeps a balance beween the two roles. It is third rate politicians who can’t deal with this and moan about civil servants etc.

        My point is that the NEC isn’t healthy – it smells of corruption, and some of the ‘officers’ seem to be part of it in not being able to manage a balanced and transparent process uncontaminated by pre-judgement.

  12. The campaign to get rid of Corbyn and return Labour to a centrist position is reaching its zenith with ‘senior civil servants’ saying he is not medically fit at 70, mentally or physically and should be sent out to pasture and ‘somebody sensible’ to be the New Leader – like Watson for example. 100 MP’s and Peers announce they MUST have their way. Yes, Peers are still counted! The intention is to destroy Corbyn and the next Labour bid for power. They reckon after a GE loss he’ll be sacked and they’ll have a better chance in 2026. If they can split the Party all the better, it guarantees the election loss they crave. If Johnson calls a snap election as seems quite likely how far will the local parties have got with deselections? They are URGENTLY needed in many places if the Party isn’t going to be caught on the wrong foot as in 2017, running out of time. There is precious little feed back from local parties. That’s the case in Southall where the incumbent is facing much displeasure over his support for Heathrow and support for a 2nd Referundum rather than a GE, let alone email rants against mouthy Millenials and sabotaging Muslims and Hindus in the Constituency; it didn’t go down well, except possibly some Sikhs? Will he slip through again if a GE is announced LATER THIS MONTH?

  13. Take a few minutes out and read the whole article.

    Craig Murray
    Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist
    “Corbyn supporters are at that moment of historic decision right now – and mostly do not realise it.
    Jeremy Corbyn represents the only realistic chance the people of England and Wales have been given in decades, to escape from the neo-liberal economics that have impoverished vast swathes of the population. But he leads a parliamentary party which is almost entirely comprised of hardline neo-liberal adherents.
    The majority of the parliamentary Labour party are the people who brought in academy schools, high student tuition fees, PFI, who introduced more privatisation into the health service than the Tories have, and who brought you the Iraq and Afghan Wars. They abstained on the Tory austerity benefit cuts and on May’s “hostile environment” immigration legislation. They support Trident nuclear missiles. Many hanker after bombing Syria, and most are members of Labour Friends of Israel.
    Even before the current disintegration of UK political structures, there was no way that these Labour MPs were ever going to support Corbyn in power in seeking to return the UK towards the mainstream of European social democracy. They have spent the last four years in undermining Corbyn at every turn and attempting to return Labour to the right wing political Establishment agenda. In the current fluid state of UK politics, with sections of Labour MPs already having split off and others threatening to, it is even more important that the very large majority of Labour MPs are replaced by people who genuinely support the views and principles for which Jeremy Corbyn stands.

    1. How about LLoyd Russell moyle mp for Brighton and a young active corbyn supporter ,not as well known as Williamson but would command support for a deputy leadership election.Not perfect but he has the guts and the nerve to do it and not be intimidated by Watson fanatics.I travelled from the mekong delta to help in Brighton kemptown and have been Impressed,but not always in agreement with all of his veiws?,but we managed to gain a seat for Labour and his enthusiasm for campaigning is only beaten by Chris and Corbyn himself.

      1. Lloyd Russell had a hysterical rant at the leadership at the recent PLP for not allowing criticism of Advisers. Given that one of the Right’s strategy to get at Corbyn has now moved to his supposed dependence on Advisers, now that they cannot get at Corbyn himself so easily, this fellow is not ready for such a role yet. He clearer does not get exactly what is going on.

    2. Excellent from Murray… this quote talking about the two week window to challenge sitting MPs should be taken very seriously in my opinion.

      “That process has now been triggered and it is ESSENTIAL that every Labour Party member reading this blog acts NOW to try to get rid of those dreadful Blairite MPs. If you do not act, the historic moment will be missed and the chance to move England and Wales away from neo-liberalism may be permanently surrendered.”

      Murray also counsels against taking instruction from anyone, including Momentum, about which MPs should not be challenged.

  14. This CLP calls for trigger ballot options to be put to CLPs with Labour MPs from September 2019 or asap with the process for selection contests (if democratically agreed by members) to be completed by December 2019 or sooner. (?)
    Could be an election at any time.
    Now there’s a thought.
    Oh by the way could thousands of socialists
    who due to a severe lack of choice for Deputy, voted for Watson, write to the NEC claiming that they were on medication when they voted and ask for their votes to be voided, and for the election to be re-run?

  15. and doubled the prison population,
    where I come from Blair and Brown were seen as the bastard offspring of Thatcher, she considered Blair her finest creation
    as for Trident
    neither a detterent or independent ‘Michael Portillo’ cheap and nasty tory party defence minister
    good news is these people only survive in Westminster bubble, as soon as anything goes out to members and supporters then they are finished
    old irish insult
    ‘I would have them shoved up a dogs arse and the dog cremated’

      1. Appalling. Not being reported in the MSM of course.
        Also, ElectronicIntifada is reporting that the Canadian government is adopting the IHRA definition of AS.

    1. Having met the lowlife I doubt that he’s too worried were he sticks it.Thats part of the problem,thats what as made him vulnerable to blackmail by Watson’s treacherous supporters!.He must have realised that the Labour mps position will have gone down the toilet with is reputation and everything else..hopefully he will be removed from both positions NEC and parliament.and says goodbye to public life.Wonder what he was promised by Watson’s gang? Maybe somthing in the farcical Lords,always a good earner for the unelected and a bit of a good wheeze for the scoundrels.

  16. Paulo, excellent summary. There are varieties of zionism, just as with other political movements.

    1. There are ‘varieties’ of Zionism – but there is also a core of political belief that leads ineluctably to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

      I suggest a reading of the article by Moshe Machover about the history of Zionism which led to his expulsion – later rescinded. It is a clear-eyed rebuttal of the ‘Don’t mention the war’ mentality. Zionism is at the heart of the disposession and persecution of Palestinians; it is not a piece of harmless religious symbolism existing at the level of poetic imagery :

      1. RH I’m dismayed that you felt the need to write the second para above, though I realise it’s in response to a different post.

        For my own part, I am hardly suggesting that criticism should be muted; i am commenting on some of the context that criticism needs to take account of. My focus was on the notion that whilst Judaism is not Zionism, whether we like it or not, for some Jews.there are overlaps of identity between the two. Potentially – arguably – the continually pejorative use of the word Zionist (most -ists are pejoratives aren’t they?) can be problematic and misleading as to our intentions. The symbolic star of David is another example of what I mean, Judaic in origin but adopted by Zionism and the state of Israel.

        You didn’t comment on my point about the the official LP position.

        Always good to get links to relevant, reading material.

      2. RH Just to clarify: “dismayed” because I harbour no such illusions about the nature and history of Zionism.

      3. ” I’m dismayed that you felt the need to write the second para above”

        paulo – we seem to be at cross-purposes. My citing of that link was *not* about you being ignorant of the history of Zionism – I was just putting the article in context with the description, that’s all.

        The purpose of citing it was that the reason behind it was to counter the argument that Zionism is an essential part of Jewish identity, and therefore that anti-Zionism can be misunderstood as antisemitism …leading to the concession of never speaking the name of a belief that needs to be countered, given its dire consequences.

        The article makes a forceful case for speaking out in identifying the actuality behind the term ‘Zionism’, and not temporising because some individuals might take offence. The additional relevance was because of the suspension visited on Machover as a result of his views – a rather worse situation than being ‘offended’ by someone.

        In essence – the argument about not limiting rational free speech because of threatening behaviour and ‘sensitivities’.

        For my part, I cannot see how a discussion can take place without criticizing the tenets of Zionism (and using direct language),that underpin the politics.

        I’m sorry, I missed your comment about Party policy, and the thread is now extended so far, I’ve lost it …???

      4. RH, When did I ever say that Zionism is an “essential” part of Jewish identity? That’s so ridiculously far from what I said I don’t think this is worth pursuing. That’s it from me, for now

  17. Would have though they must have been .medicating themselves not to notice smackhead Vaz was as high as a kite……?Sombodys telling porkys,unless they were all in the toilets snorting….You couldn’t make it up !NEC and life of Brian merge to form the judean popular front,We need to set up another body to judge the other body who make the rules for everybody?Get it!

  18. I thought that Sniffer would keep stumm whenever medication s are discussed.

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