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MPs and peers say: “We condemn political interference in disciplinaries. Except when we want it”

Complete lack of self-awareness among MPs as dire as it is unsurprising

Around thirty Labour peers and sixty MPs have signed a letter, with no discernible trace of irony, demanding that Jeremy Corbyn show ‘leadership’ by overturning yesterday’s barrister-led decision to re-admit Derby North MP Chris Williamson into the party after his suspension since February.

Many of those same MPs are the same who screamed foul when the Murdoch press has misleadingly claimed Corbyn or his aides interfered in disciplinary issues.

Their message seems to be that political interference is fine, as long as they agree with the outcome.

The MPs are also referring to calls for an independent body to adjudicate Labour disciplinary issues – yet are outraged by a decision reached because of the advice of independent barristers.

Those same independent barristers presumably judged that Williamson had done nothing antisemitic, since that was the conclusion of the 3-person panel – a panel with an anti-Corbyn majority.

Are we to take it that, like political interference, independence is only acceptable if it reaches the desired result?

These MPs – very few surprises among them – shame and expose themselves.

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    1. Here’s a list of all 61 MPs (we can’t do anything about the peers). It will be interesting to see how many of them will declare that they are not standing at the next GE.

      Alex Sobel Kevin Barron
      Ali McGovern Lillian Greenwood
      Anna McMorrin Lisa Nandy
      Anna Turley Liz Kendall
      Barry Sheerman Louise Ellman
      Ben Bradshaw Lucy Powell
      Bridget Phillipson Madeleine Moon
      Cat McKinnell Margaret Hodge
      Chi Onwurah Martin Whitfield
      Chris Bryant Neil Coyle
      Chris Matheson Owen Smith
      Dan Jarvis Pat McFadden
      Daniel Zeichner Peter Kyle
      Darren Jones Rachel Reeves
      Debbie Abrahams Roberta Blackman-Woods
      Ellie Reeves Rosie Duffield
      Gareth Thomas Rushanara Ali
      Ged Killen Ruth Cadbury
      Gloria De Piero Ruth Smeeth
      Graham Jones Seema Malhotra
      Holly Lynch Sharon Hodgson
      Ian Lucas Stella Creasy
      Ian Murray Stephen Doughty
      James Frith Stephen Kinnock
      Jeff Smith Susan Elan Jones
      Jenny Chapman Toby Perkins
      Jess Phillips Tom Watson
      Julie Elliot Tonia Antoniazzi
      Karen Buck Wes Streeting
      Karin Smyth Yvette Cooper
      Kate Green

      1. sorry about the layout, it was in 2 neat columns before WordPress stripped out the spaces.

      2. We can’t do anything about the peers… yet 🙂

      3. Its a list of the usual suspects, namely all those who have been plotting to pervert the Leadership of Corbyn since September 2015 – its high time they either did the honourable thing, namely, join Chuka or the Tinge Party, or, instruct their CLP’s they have no intentions of ever desiring to represent Labour again.

        These cowards disgust me and are ensuring we won’t win a GE, nor be able to push transformative policies in or out of the EU.

      4. SteveH, at least you probably won’t forget that WP ignores user attempts to list in double columns.
        I think I forgot about three times 🙁

      5. Thanks, SteveH, for that list.

        I have always been wary of demands for an MP to be deselected simply because their face doesn’t fit aspects of the fashion preferences of whatever lobby group is banging the drum.

        That said, this is a bit of a litmus test : any MP signing this is (to paraphrase Aneurin Bevan on Eden) either too venal to be an MP – or too *stupid* to be an MP representing the Labour Party.

        As said, the sheer hypocrisy and blatant attempt to subvert due process calls motivations into immediate question. And if, beyond that, these pampered individuals are simply too dim to understand the facts of the case and the necessity of clear disciplinary procedures, they simply are unfit for the office they hold and the constituencies they serve. Neither fear nor the desire to curry electoral favour are sufficient excuses.

        Having listened to news reports with clear ‘taken for granted’ assumptions, there is a desperate need to move forward on clarity and openness in such disciplinary matters. Like normal legal proceedings, a clear statement of the facts of the case and the evidence should be part of the judgment. The identity of accusers should be public knowledge unless there are strong reasons for this not to be the case.

        Meanwhile, I suggest, once again, referring to the Jewish Voice for Labour website for clear and unbiased discussion of the underlying issues.

      6. RH 27/06/2019 at 5:54 pm

        The BBC is now reporting that 116 have signed

      7. RH, I agree that a dispute on policies should not be a deselection issue in itself. But this is qualitatively different. This is over 100 of our MPS branding a fellow MP a racist for base political reasons and on the basis of the flimsiest of twisted evidence.
        I don’t see how a betrayal this morally repugnant can ever be forgotten or forgiven.

      8. I would also very much like to see this (unnamed) barrister’s advice and the basis on which it was formulated. We have no idea at all what the basis was for CW’s warning.

      9. and here’s the list of those that didn’t have the bottle to sign the original letter but decided to jump on the bandwagon once they saw the press coverage.

        Conor McGinn
        David Hanson
        Diana Johnson
        Emma Reynolds
        Mary Creagh
        Phil Wilson
        Rosena Allin-Khan
        Siobhan McDonagh
        Stephen Morgan
        Steve Reed
        Tracy Brabin
        Tulip Siddiq
        Vernon Coaker

      10. Madeleine Moon is a member of the Defence Select Committee and a staunch supporter of nuclear weapons and NATO.

        She recently helped Trump/Bolton to destroy the INF missile treaty that has helped to keep us safe for more than 30 years.

        Others who helped Trump make the world a more dangerous place:

        Ruth Smeeth
        Graham Jones
        John Spellar
        Phil Wilson

    2. I hope the majority here recognise this is not about anti-Semitism, it’s not even about Chris Williamson. It’s about Israel trying to take control of our democracy and dictate who we can have as our next PM.

      Via their surrogates in the Party and the media, particularly the BBC, Israel is trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn because of his support for the Palestinians and his criticism of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine. In the eyes of the Zionist’s this is unforgivable and warrants his defeat by any means possible.

      If we do not start fighting back, strongly with conviction, we will never have a Corbyn Socialist government.

      1. Jack T, it’s much bigger than Israel subverting our democracy, serious and consequential as that is.

        RH, please don’t trivialise this as fashion, or faces not fitting or the stupidity of individual MPs, many though they be – it’s far more significant than that.

        Our enemies across the world – the 1% – have never been so desperate to suppress socialism because this time science, technology, economic theory and global warming have combined to make real socialism not only possible and economically defensible, but essential.
        Essential that is if we’re to avoid our masters using global warming as an excuse for more wealth-grabbing austerity – the austerity which is their way of concealing from us their part in the inevitable death of the planet under their growth-worshipping religion of neoliberalism.
        They even blamed the last crash (and they’ll blame the next) on “the over-borrowing poor” – like they once tried to blame MMGW on smoke from third world cooking fires.

        Their current desperate attacks and their silence on the subject tells me that they too understand there’s a real possibility of this alternative socialist future that has no room for them.
        When you think about it – how could they not be aware, having access to all the expertise on the planet as they do?
        They’re reduced to flat denial of scientific and economic certainties now instead of offering alternative theories – because there are none left.

      2. The illuminutti will NEVER relinquish their power and control, and it’s precisely THAT that will lead to the death of our planet and the extinction of the vast majority of species – if not ALL – including Homo Sapiens. And we are Accelerating towards our demise, which I believe will happen relatively soon (25 to 35 years), and happen relatively quickly when it does, when the whole ecosystem finally completely breaks down as a consequence of being poisoned and polluted and plundered and exploited and damaged to the Nth degree.

        The irony IS that it is the Elites all consuming instinct of survival that will be the very thing that brings about their end, along with the rest of us.

  1. Pathetic bunch of Blair’s bimbos.
    And before anyone accuses me of misogyny I’m referring to the “men.”

    1. Looks like there are also employees of the Party who are clearly working to subvert due process. Augean Stables job to be done? Part of the problem of inexplicably biased disciplinary procedures?

      1. RH 27/06/2019 at 6:03 pm

        70+ Labour Staff have petitioned the GenSec on this.

      2. They’ve been laying in wait, McNicol’s sleeper agents.

  2. looks like abandoning deb abrahams sent her full tilt to the dark side, clps take note!

  3. So members may not voice the slightest of comments about (crap) NEC policy and its enforcement but the Deputy Leader, MPs and has-beens can condemn and denounce disciplinary decisions unfettered and at will. This is a sick joke.

  4. Looks like 90 more deselections coming. CLP’s need to organise and put forward candidates against them. This is Watson’s last throw of the dice to get rid of Jeremy, let’s make it an unsuccessful one.

    1. It won’t work like that. As I’ve pointed out before, the problem in the Labour Party isn’t ‘anti-semitism’ – in my experience, it’s lack of knowledge about the history and present condition of Palestine. Thus the frantic efforts of the Israel lobby to suppress information found in ‘The Lobby’ or ‘Witch Hunt’. Ignorance is bliss – for some.

      ‘Holier than Thou’ poses from serial fakers and liars such as Hodge or Watson depend upon ignorance. Their use of implied associations based on the horrors of the Holocaust for personal promotion are beyond despicable.

  5. Thanks for the list steve.We can see a number of traitors I didn’t know about.The usual suspects plus the rest of this motley crew realise that the anti Semitic scam pinned on chris Williamson could not stick and was just never going to fly even with our NEC shambles.We need for the CLPs to move on the whole bunch of them.Even if they cannot be eased out,they need to know that we don’t support kangaroo. Courts Looking at the list shows how smug some of us have been in assuming that socialism ruled our party. lynch mob mentality and therfore they been shown unfit to represent the Labour democratic socialist party.

    1. Most of these are carriers rather than infectors. Remove the infectors and the rest will settle down like the chickens in a coup they are.

  6. As I said in another thread earlier, it would be more than a little interesting if Skwawkbox could ascertain just exactly how many LP members and politicians HAVE been charged and convicted of racism (as in anti-semitism) since JC was elected leader, and also contact Margaret Hodge and Tom Watson and Ruth Smeeth et al to ask them if they have ever reported any of the people they have so readily accused of A/S to the police – ie Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, and Chris Williamson of course, to name but four. And IF not, WHY not.

    Needless to say they HAVEN’T of course, because their claims are fraudulent.

    PS At least the majority of Labour MPs and peers would appear to have integrity and have not, as such, put their names to this piece of black propaganda by the Blairites.

    1. To the signatories of the letter:

      If you feel that the NEC has not come to the right conclusion and, as such, feel that Chris Williamson said something you regard as anti-semitic, then why don’t you report him to the police, and why didn’t you report him to the police at the time, as anti-semitism is a form of racism, and racism is a criminal offence.

      And why didn’t you – or HAVEN’T you – at the time or since, reported Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth and Pete Willsman and a number of other Labour Party members – or former Labour Party members – to the police, given that this is the case, if you feel and believe that they are guilty of racism?

      Some of your number have criticised Jeremy Corbyn in the past for not doing enough to stamp out the anti-semitism that you perceive to be rampant in the Labour Party, and yet it would appear that you yourselves have not done anything to that end by making formal complaints to the police in respect of those you perceive to have said something anti-semitic. Could you explain why you haven’t?

      1. You can be absolutely certain that ALL of the signatories of the letter are fully aware that Ken Livingstone – when he said in passing in his radio interview with Vanessa Feltz that Hitler supported Zionism – that he was alluding to an historical fact – ie the Haavara Agreement of 1933, which led to the lifting of the Zionist boycott of Nazi Germany:

        And they are also fully aware that the vast majority of OTHER allegations of A/S made against LP politicians and members are ALSO trumped up and bogus – ie falsehoods – and they don’t give a damn about the worry and concern that their smear campaign is causing amongst many in the Jewish community.

        The Nazis undoubtedly had the same effect on the Jewish population in Germany with their abhorrent anti-Jewish propaganda in the early days before they took it a step further, and THAT is precisely what these false accusers are doing to a significant proportion of the Jewish population in the UK in their quest to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and demonise HIM and the left. And THAT tells you ALL you need to know about THEM!

  7. At the risk of repeating a comment on the previous thread, i wonder if this is some kind of prelude to a TW led coup attempt. It certainly feels as if it’s more focused on JC than CW, particularly since TW is the lead signatory.

    1. I think that is very true Paulo , esp as TWatson was the main cheer leader for suspending CHris . He knows that should CW stand and challenge him for the DL , CW would win with a landslide from the membership IMO.
      So attack is the best form of defence and getting rid of CW removes a main threat and simultaneously weakens JC , note the most recent attacks again on JC’s staff by those MPs who have signed this letter , it all part of the plan .
      Reselections can’t come fast enough , now is the time to do the dirty washing .
      Guess what Twatson writes a letter signed by 90 people and its all over the Graun , CHelley gets a letter signed by 2000 plus membership criticising Twatson , and ………. nothing
      Not that I’d expect anything other than that from the MSM .

      1. Ironic that the MSM were full of (correct) criticism of Erdogan’s control and manipulation of the media in Turkey yet promptly display the same trait themselves.

  8. As time passes and more antisemitism claims are proven false … and more TV bimbos are bankrupted by successful counterclaims of abuse of process … there are going to be growing numbers of honest Jewish people embarrassed at having been so misled by trusted leaders claiming to speak for them.

  9. I Hope Labour members select 620 left wing democratic socialists as Labour PPCs who will back JC and CW to the hilt!

  10. watson on bbc news just now: ‘Ordinarily, I wouldn’t do this…’

    No, honestly – that’s his exact words!

    Anyway, I note the MP for my area, (ill)eagle (a) hasn’t signed. Wonder why?

    I mean, I heard her on the radio only yesterday about lgbt rights…Surely it’s antisemitic of her not to have signed watson & hodges’ protest letter to prevent any criticism or scrutiny of israel’s so-called rights to subjugate palestinians?

    One rule for one sector, eh, ange?

  11. Wonder how many MPs would sign a letter calling for the whip to be withdrawn from Tom Watson.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’d be as many as signed this charade.

      There’s too many frauds in the shadow cabinet and shadow ministerial positions for starters.

      Then there’s the cajolement/coercion from certain members; all of which will go unhindered and unpunished, as per. (Makes you wonder who the brownshirts and their supporters are, doesn’t it?)

    2. If there were significantly more than 20% there would have been a challenge long ago.

  12. And I note mcgovern’s calling herself ‘ali’ now…Best not say me piece on what I think about that, just in case she starts crying (again).

  13. There’s a good number of usual suspects on this list but I was saddened by some of them who I thought knew better (e.g. Lisa Nandy, Chi Onwurah, Stephen Kinnock). However, I’m not going to argue against others here: the buck has to stop somewhere and this list (plus the likes of Tulip Siddiq & some others like Siobhain McDonagh who would have signed if Twatson had asked them) should now be targeted for deselection. I think we’ve reached the Rubicon and if we don’t cross it, the Corbyn project’s days may be numbered. To continue the Roman allegory, to win an election with this lot in the baggage train would turn out to be the ultimate Pyrrhic victory.

    1. labrebisgalloise 27/06/2019 at 6:38 pm

      It is disappointing (to say the least) that 11 of Labours front bench have signed this.

    2. again I need to point out that most of these are carriers not infectors. Remove the few infectors and the chickens will settle down on their perches,

  14. Yes and when CW was suspended a letter was sent from the GS saying that members should not discuss individual cases.
    But here we have 100+ Labour MPs and Peers signing a public letter openly discussing an individual case!
    Is it one rule for one but another rule for others?

    1. It should then beg the question, who’s side is she really on? This is without doubt the start of another chicken coup.

  15. JackT, I doubt it’s as knowing or organised as that. I’m sure the Israeli government and it’s allies would be very disturbed by a Corbyn government and we know from The Lobby how it tries to influence our politics. However, I doubt that most of the MPs are directly influenced in that way. For most of them I suspect it’s more likely that anti Corbyn opportunism and dislike of CW’s campaign for mandatory reselection are bigger factors.
    …but that doesn’t make it any less appalling. I see Ruth Smeeth says that she doesn’t know if she could be in the same room as CW. I’m certain I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as someone prepared to make and carry through false allegations of racism against a principled and lifelong anti racism campaigner.

    1. ” I doubt it’s as knowing or organised as that”

      That’s a perceptive comment, Simon. There will be the key serial liars and fakers such as Hodge, Smeeth and Watson.

      But many will be the dross that have drifted into parliament without much sense of direction beyond their own little egos. In some ways, knowledge of the ‘antisemitism’ issue, and position taken on it,can be seen as a dual intelligence-integrity test. Those who fail can be judged on either criterion – but the mere fact of failing rules them out for holding their office with any credibility.

      1. Yes, RH, whatever the reason, they’re actively engaging in undermining anti racism and just procedures and supporting (directly or indirectly) the hounding of an upstanding MP who objectively has not brought the party into disrepute. If they were employees and made false allegations against a fellow employee it would be grounds for instant dismissal as gross misconduct.

  16. At end of the day a decision was made to do nothing about vexatious claims of AS
    Which to me has to constitute a hate crime and should be prosecuted or at very least individual suspended then thrown out
    Now as for Pantomime Dame on what planet does she get to remain in her job, on newsnight she accused us of being Jew haters
    We have brought this on ourselves by not throwing the book at these low lifes, who is standing up for 550,000 decent members and 14 million loyal supporters,
    For the love of God do something and if you cant get someone in who can

    1. As I’ve said on more than a few occasions during the past year or so, it’s difficult to choose which is the most despicable and abhorrent aspect of this smear campaign:

      1. Accusing completely innocent people of anti-semitism, practically ALL of whom have been life-long campaigners against racism.

      2. Deceiving a significant number of the British population by doing so, via a complicit and totally corrupt media.

      3. Subverting democracy by doing the above.

      4. Using the very thing that led to the Holocaust as a weapon to demonise their political opponents, or enemies, as THEY no doubt view them.

      5. Causing concern and consternation amongst a large proportion of the Jewish community in their quest to sabotage JC’s leadership.

      They are all as bad as each-other of course and, as such, totally evil (there really is no other word to describe it, just as the anti-Jewish propaganda was in Nazi Germany that paved the way for the Holocaust, not forgetting the other victims of course), perpetrated by totally evil and demonic people/minds, and THAT is no exaggeration.

      Some of the first victims of the Nazis were Socialists (see section entitled Other Persecuted Groups), and it’s the same mentality at work NOW smearing and demonising the left:

      1. That’s a good summary, Allan of the reasons why the scam is so despicable – although the phrase ‘banality of evil’ comes to mind : a lot of these are seriously banal people who have little heed or knowledge of what you have outlined. It’s the compliant and fearful who are the main tools of the fewer, knowing individuals.

        If we want a real parallel with the Holocaust, it was the fearful, the self-seeking and the ignorant who helped fill the transports.

        I would add two more item to your list :

        1. The fact of trivialising *real* antisemitism by using accusations as a political ploy. The simple fact is that many of those of us who find this scam reprehensible do so because we are fully aware of the actual horrors that occurred. To us, the use of victims as pawns in a political game arouses only disgust.

        2. A key reason behind it – the diversion of attention from the modern degradations inflicted on an oppressed people whose land has been stolen by an apartheid colonial settler regime. That regime is truly ‘antisemitic’ in two senses – it claims that jews in general support its inhumanity (which is far from the truth0 and it targets another ‘semitic’ people – the Palestinians.

        This is the dominant face of *real* antisemitism today.

    2. As the song goes: “It’s The Same Old Song.”
      The tripartite attack continues:
      (a) Right Wing Jewish forces trying to impose one dominant narrative on the diverse Jewish community; total and uncritical support for Israel (Silverstein, 2018).
      (b) The Neo-Liberal Right Wing capitalist media worried about the threat to their power from a Corbyn Labour Govt (and the threat to their global scrounger tax dodging owners).
      (c) Right Wing Opportunist Labour MPs jumping on the bandwagon because they are devoid of ideas and they want to get their cosy Parliamentary Club back where they toss a few crumbs to diverse working class people but stuff their own mouths with gold!
      ‘Last throes great men and women.
      Diverse working people are a rumbling.
      The genuine socialist stars are arising too.
      And the Old Neo-Liberal World is a tumbling!’

  17. I wonder if Len is having regrets about sabotaging the memberships wishes at conference for Mandatory Re-Selection using OMOV.

  18. Boris & Jeremy ​great the faithful In an unholy war of attrition. Both hoping no more of the membership leave and go the great Tory in the Sky before polling day!

    BJ & JH both tarred by their extreme viewpoints and their love of austerity, hurl insults at each other to see which one is the biggest plonker? Perhaps, the swivelled eyed ones in the ERG have suddenly started to lick their lips as they prepare to wolf down the defeated one and his acolytes!

    ​Feasting on the young, old and infirm. They sit back and relax as drain the lifeblood of the nation to those who don’t want to pay taxes but list for power and influence. Aided and abetted by faux socialists in the a Labour Party who welcome austerity and aren’t bothered in being in power so long as they have power over the membership. They pretend to have concerns for those most in need but show utter contempt to their electorate as Chuka Umunna has proven all too ready to sell his soul for power, influence and of course money by joining the Lib’ Dem’s!

    ​No matter who you vote for it’s time they had some austerity of their own!!

  19. Has Jeremy blown it

    “Corbyn plummets to record low in latest Ipsos-MORI leader satisfaction ratings
    One thing this pollster has been doing for decades is always asking leader rating questions in its regular political poll. Today’s numbers show just 18% of the sample saying they’re satisfied with the LAB leader and 75% saying they’re not sets something of a record.”

    1. If the polls are so negative against JC ( and Labour Party, I assume) , why are the Tories afraid to call an GE?

      And it appears someone has not shown Jeremy Hunt the polling numbers, because he thinks otherwise.. I’m with him on this one.

      1. Stewart960130 28/06/2019 at 2:37 pm

        Perhaps Jeremy Hunt is just trying to get elected and maybe the Tories don’t want to admit they shit scared of Farage and his Brexit ‘party’

  20. Political moron SH trying to stir it more & feebly tries to stick knife in Len then Jeremy.
    A rubber dagger from a savaging dead sheep who exposes his true game and mediocrity.
    Labour with JC can still win unless it commits political suicide by supporting a 2nd PV and slapping working class people in the face.
    JC4PM & CW4DPM!

    1. I have repeatedly made my opinion of what Len did at last years conference clear. Perhaps you should consider that some Labour MPs may have been reluctant to sign up for this nonsense if they knew that they were directly accountable to their constituency members.

      As for the polling figures they are quite scary and ignoring them is unlikely to make them go away. You can knock the results all you want but whichever way you look at it they are not favourable. It is noteworthy that the betting sites analysis is that the refusal to shift on Brexit is having a significant impact so your plan of not supporting a CV in all circumstances isn’t working out too well is it.

      1. SteveH
        Do not bet on it, you are misreading bookies,
        They had Labour in Peterborough at 7/1 in two horse race,
        for the simple mistake of transferring EU results to parliamentary elections,
        Polls are shit at best of times and these ain’t the best of times
        Best advice I can give is Labour largest party, as they are the strongest party in a 4 way contest

    2. Bazza 27/06/2019 at 9:04 pm

      I notice that Len has this week consolidated his position by increasing the threshold for challengers from 50 nominations to 150.

    3. Oh dear, Bazza. Shooting the messenger again. It just wastes ammunition.

      Some of us here reckon that simply moaning about the venality of the media and the campaign gainst Corbyn (all true) isn’t enough. Nor is X-factor cheering. There also has to be a will to stop self-inflicted wounds.

      1. RH, Richard Hayward, SH, Steve H, Steve Richards = same person?

      2. No, although my usual initial moniker is a shortening of the full name. It’s just auto-complete. Any more questions?

  21. Money 💰 Talks ? And so it is said that Jesus Christ was sold out for 30pieces of silver.Labour friends of Israel 1 million pounds from the Israeli embassy via Ryan(funny tinge party)

  22. The voice of reason

    Jewish Voice for Labour official statement on Chris Williamson

    Posted 28 June at 11.38; updated at 13.19
    Jewish Voice for Labour welcomes the lifting of Chris Williamson’s suspension by the Labour Party and looks forward to the NEC’s ratification of the disciplinary panel’s decision.

    Investigations into allegations against party members are made according to procedures which operate independent of the leadership and of the Parliamentary Labour Party. The fairness of the process is undermined by hostile, personal campaigns such as that being waged against Chris, who is a hard-working and diligent MP with great standing in his constituency and a strong record of anti-racist campaigning.

    There is huge support for Chris within and outside the party and this has not been reflected by the media coverage of the story.

    At a time of Tory crisis and when the population of this country stands in desperate need of a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, aiming to unite people around protection and promotion of hard won rights and services, the party needs the dedication and principled commitment of Chris Williamson and others like him.

    1. The JVL is the go-to site for anyone interested in a sane, truthful and intelligent take on the scam.

      One thing that struck me yesterday in listening to the coverage is that it’s not all about the venality of the media. The Aunt Sally who spoke in defence of Chris Williamson (PM programme) was totally out of his well-intentioned depth – and ended up flying the same apologetic kite as all the other wilting willies.

      There really is a need to show some bottle instead of a white flag every time the BoD and it’s brown-nosers says “Boo!”

  23. The thing that stands out most about every one of these useless MPs is that the NHS is being dismantled as we speak and they remain silent, yet when a fellow MP is falsely accused of Antisemitism they leap forward and sign a letter in the safe knowledge that it will harm Labour.

    This is a list of shame only like the Tories they pretend to oppose, they don’t know the meaning of shame.

    Despicable and dangerous charlatans the lot of them.

  24. Looks like the BBC HAVE replaced the NEC and have decided on the advice of the majority of the PLP to suspend chris Williamson again for being Chris Williamson.?I am finally at a loss for words and all I can say is good night 🌙

    1. He is going to be vindicated again, for as long as we have independent barristers to advise. Don’t loose any sleep.

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