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Chris Williamson reinstated to Labour whip

Derby North MP was suspended in February

Derby North MP Chris Williamson has been reinstated as a Labour MP after his suspension in February. A three-person antisemitism panel panel drawn from the party’s National Executive Committee issued a formal warning, following advice from independent barristers.

Williamson has enjoyed strong support among Labour members. His reinstatement means that questions about his status in the ‘trigger’ process just begun by the party is now moot.

The Jewish Labour Movement attacked the decision, saying the party had taken “no action”, but a formal warning is action. A Labour source confirmed that there was nothing in the panel’s conclusion to indicate that Williamson had acted in any way antisemitically.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the panel did not have a majority of pro-Corbyn NEC members.

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  1. I would imagine that was one of the factors in the giving of a warning? Perhaps some in the party think he is vulnerable to re-selection? Noticed on Twitter that Ian Watson is reporting that Keith Vaz spoke up for him to be given a warning, don’t know if that was true or not?

  2. I should bleedin’ well coco.

    ….Now wait for the backlash from the media, accompanied by the screaming mi-mi’s from you know who…

    1. Already happened, BBC News tonight … of course!

  3. So the JLM think a formal warning is ‘no action’ do they?

    If I was Chris Williamson I’d be telling the media: ‘I took margret hodge’s advice and had me bags packed, ready to go’

  4. “.. the party’s National Executive Committee issued a formal warning..”
    About what? Telling the truth or shaming the devil?

  5. Great news but CW in future bounce your ideas off a comrade before as to our opponents you are a marked man though I think you would make a great Deputy Leader or Joint Deputy with a female socialist.
    Yes the Right etc. are already at it and
    according to the usual suspects you are not a “decent” Labour MP or member if you do not agree with their narrative?
    But perhaps they should read MacPherson because whilst he said BME citizens have a right to call out people for what they perceive to be racism (including AS) he was clear that we should only act after examining the evidence.
    This is what Labour did – it is worrying when you believe in equality and justice that some seem to want to be judge and jury?

    1. ‘nothing in the panel’s conclusion to indicate that Williamson had acted in any way antisemitically.’

      Then wtf was the warning for!?

  6. Very, very pleased for Chris Williamson and for Derby North too. I guess the formal warning must have been to watch out for Margaret Hodge, who is already condemning the NEC decision, thereby bringing the NEC and the LP into disrepute … again.

  7. Good news. Up to a point.

    ” A three-person antisemitism panel panel drawn from the party’s National Executive Committee issued a formal warning, following advice from independent barristers.”

    But members of the NEC are still shaming themselves in refusing to actively combat lies about antisemitism (and thus trivialising actual examples). What is the point of being terrified (or over-influenced) by an organisation that is largely a PR front for the interests of a foreign power – the JLM?

    … and who the f. are the ‘independent barristers’? They obviously can’t find their legal arse with both hands. It reminds me of the uselessness of many in the legal profession when faced with difficult questions that I experienced in local government – their first concern was not to expose themselves to criticism, not give a rational judgment.

    Finally … does the whole affair not prove beyond doubt the incredible lack of bottle and judgment by the NEC in endorsing the sloppy and discreditied IHRC gobbledy-gook? It is difficult to take the body seriously on anything after this pants-wetting debacle from the original suspension to the latest nonsense. Anyone who thinks that this stuff is going to placate th Israel lobby – as evidenced in the cowering servility of the MSM – is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  8. “The Jewish Labour Movement attacked the decision,…”

    I think it’s time we should affiliate Jewish Voice for Labour to counter-balance JLM’s views. After all, the Labour Party is a broad tent, isn’t it?

  9. Is I meant suspension being removed,but unfortunately a sanction against our best mp? …….For What…..Stating the bloody obvious (we have been too apologetic on Anti semitism).

  10. We haven’t forgot…and hodge was only ever ‘investigated’


  11. So anyone who in any way challenges the party’s current orthodoxy on anti-semitism (Chris, Pete Willsman et al) can expect at minimum an automatic six month suspension and either a formal warning or worse. This is political madness and has to be changed.

  12. Mazel tov Chris Williamson! I hope he will celebrate by standing for Deputy Party Leader.

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