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Fitzpatrick declines to stand for reselection

Anti-Corbyn London MP becomes first to decline to stand, at least publicly
Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick, the Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse constituency in London, has become the first Labour MP – at least publicly – to say he does not wish to stand in the next general election.

Labour sent a request yesterday – as the SKWAWKBOX flagged last month – to its MPs to confirm their intention for the next election as the first step in the “trigger” selection process.

Fitzpatrick seemed to find this offensive, tweeting a copy of his letter and commenting:

Fitzpatrick told the Evening Standard that he was “not a fan” of the party leadership and he thought Corbyn would be glad to see the back of him.


Labour saw a number of right-wing councillors self-purge recently – and of course the “Tinge” quitters helped Labour move closer to its genuine identity. It is vital that the majority left membership does not waste the opportunity to select MPs who truly represent them. Organise now.

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  1. The “document” appears legally flimsy.
    What’s to stop all the ToryLites responding in that way and then “reluctantly agreeing to stand in the interests of the Party” when it’s too late for re-selection?

  2. Many socialist Labour party members were conned by Watson in is leadership election.Make sure you check the candidate out even though they might appear to be singing from the same hymsheet and are well connected with the party and unions.A socialist candidate will be a must.You may end up with a watson supporter if you listen to the lies these treacherous supporters of watson.He conned me and many others Sorry for the worst mistake I ever made and my mistake may have cost us a socialist government.Don’t follow my example of falling for the one of us chat!

      1. Talking of the past, last year the government admitted torture of people-of-colour had gone on under the Blair regime and started compensating victims – something that was expanded on by the Parliamentary Securities committee. Surely any former minster with ‘Collective Cabinet Responsibility’ for this should be deselected. One of the victims of Margaret Hodge et al – Fatimah Bouchar – was pregnant when she was kidnapped for rendition. This goes way beyond any of the unsubstantiated A-S accusations but sadly victims of colour are treated less seriously.

      2. Bernie 27/06/2019 at 12:18 pm

        You may find this very recently released report very interesting. It is a long document (400 pages) but a good starting point is “British Complicity”. If you follow the document’s printed page numbering it starts at page 41 or if you use the Adobe page numbering it starts at page 60

        CIA Torture Unredacted: Four-Year Investigation Reveals What Was Hidden in US Senate Torture Report

      3. Sometimes there are not the words needed. Regards

    1. I would not be so gung ho. There are hundreds claiming to be Corbyn supporters – some I suspect will have skin deep commitment. So may members cannot tell the difference.

      1. Well spotted – there’s a few in the sectarian Toytown brigade just hitching a ride – claiming ‘left’ credentials, but actually opposed to the real, heterogeneous Labour Party.

      2. Some will have skin deep commitment ,and they will caution against the removal or resignation of MPs on the Blairite right of the party !

  3. If CLP members want to change their MP they now can. Get organised, attend the meetings and put your vote in, Make sure there are no dodgy dealings going on either.

  4. It occurred to me when I first heard of the Cleveland (and Preston, where I live) model of co-operative that it could drive a wedge deep into neoliberalism if Labour were to offer far more attractive rates of taxation – maybe even something akin to charitable status – to investors in such co-operatives, while raising corporate taxes firmly on less redistributive and less socially responsible investments.
    A nice piece of cake to make the greedy feel less greedy, less alienated from the wider community, less terrified of the Left and having a nice tax break cherry on top. The rich love tax breaks.

    If we’re to avoid taking their privilege away by force of arms we should at least try showing them a better way to spend their money – one that doesn’t make deadly enemies of the rest of us.

    Can’t remember the last time I saw anything approaching a ‘gem’ in the Guardian but this might just qualify:

      1. I don’t envy future chancellors having to convince capitalists and electorates of the arguments that population control, lower growth, lower profits and higher taxes are essential to continued human occupation of the Earth – but the logic is inescapable.
        That argument can’t even be broached until MMGW is accepted as fact by capitalists and that won’t happen until the last deniers fall silent.
        As financial bubbles always become obvious to everyone just in the nick of too fucking late so with climate change – those still winning money betting on the status quo will oppose change to the bitter end.
        Gradual change is all that’s possible short of some unmistakable catclysmic climate shock – but only a step change has a chance of working in the thirty years allotted.

  5. would it not be correct to say that even blairism only had a few die hard supporters when it established itself. Most of the crowd just had vague ideas and wanted to be in politics. They were willing to toe the line if it was looking successful. I wouldn’t want the party to be 100% corbyn but the disruptors and actively hostile need to go. sooner the better let Watson and Hodge lead them out the door.

  6. I make it 14 altogether now!
    John Woodcock

    Chuka Ummuna

    Chris Leslie

    Angela Smith

    Gavin Shuker

    Luciana Berger

    Joan Ryan

    Anne Coffey

    Mike Gapes

    Michael Dugher

    Frank Field

    Ian Austin

    JIm Fitzpatrick

    Simon Dunzuk

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