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Labour bid to block no-deal Brexit defeated

Jeremy Corbyn’s cross-party motion to block a no-deal Brexit has been defeated in the Commons by just 11 votes, 309 to 298.


Labour’s vote to block a No Deal Brexit – defeated. Labour’s vote of No Confidence was defeated, as were its three motions to support a public vote in accordance with the party’s policy.

With 38% of MPs, Corbyn can’t work miracles – but Establishment media commentators and hard-remainers will continue to blame him anyway.

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      1. wlbcarepants at 5:16 pm

        Are you advocating that the membership should be ignored?

    1. The membership aren’t going to get Labour in to power. That’s why we need a general election. It is quite simple. How can we save the 158 Labour MP’s in these leave areas if we go down the route you obviously want us too? We would be wiped out as party if did so, perhaps that is what you want to happen?

      1. Yes 10 Tories supported Labour, DUP voted with Tories but 8 Labour rebels voted against so Labour could have won 306 -301 if perhaps some of Labour Leavers had a bit more political nous – leaving with a deal is more sensible.

      2. I’m afraid that the MPs who voted with the ‘government’ (you have to use quotation marks for the shambles) are terrified of losing their privileges and pay if they go with the majority of the Party and attempt to spell out the reality of Brexit.

        The sad(?) thing is that they are more likely to get shafted by being on the wrong side of history and backing the Tories.

  1. Jeremy Corbyn could be heard speaking across the chamber telling the Tories, following the announcement of the result of the vote on Labour’s Motion seeking to block No Deal Brexit – “you won’t be laughing in September”. I think he is referring to the fact that the Tories are so bent out of shape with fear and hatred of Jeremy and the Labour Party, that I think they have lost sight of the fact that by keeping No Deal on the table, the Tories have just committed political suicide. I think it became very clear at the European Parliament elections, with more than 60% of the eligible voters not participating in those elections, that this means either the public has changed their mind altogether on Brexit, and no longer want it to happen at all, or that they are definitely NOT in favour of a No Deal Brexit. Hence, I think the Tories have just committed political suicide by enabling No Deal to remain on the table. So, I think although the preferred outcome for Corbyn supporters today would have been to win this Motion, I think actually that Jeremy has still emerged the LONG TERM winner today, because of the circumstances I have referred to above.

    1. Since the EU have ruled out any re-negotiation, May’s deal is dead, Parliament won’t allow no deal to pass, the Tories are caught up in a double bind! They won’t be able to get no deal through but won’t be able re-negotiate another deal either so I think you are right. Corbyn is as sly as a fox!

  2. Sorry, I should also mention that there is NO WAY I can see the British public tolerating this state of affairs the Tories have put the country in anymore, and that is another reason why I think Corbyn has emerged from the vote on Labour’s Motion today, as the LONG term winner, because I think this will now galvanise the British public to take action to make sure the Tories do not get away with putting the country into this position.

  3. Brexit is now brain dead and article50, its life support system, should be withdrawn.

    1. And this vote proved that the leader of the opposition does not have the power to address that state of affairs.

      I am in despair that so many people still don’t seem to get that.

  4. A CLP I know mainly wants a PV but they are not in my view thinking politically and in fact are it could be argued thinking in that just Remain CLP in a CLP Centric way.
    They need to think NATIONALLY recognising that 66% of Labour constituencies voted leave.
    If Labour went for a 2nd PV/Referendum then in my view the dream of a Corbyn transformation (as an example to the World) is over.
    The possible majority clinging to a Neo-Liberal capitalist structure could mean we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and Labour ends up like Pasok?
    And millions continue to live in poverty including 4m kids, austerity continues, pay freezes continue, poverty pay continues, the housing crisis and homelessness continues possibly because a possible majority lack a socialist analysis on this issue and are wrong in my view.
    We don’t want a leader who follows a mob and a passer by says “What are you following them for?” and the Leader replies saying “I have to, I’m it’s leader.”
    We want and have a Leader who can analyse and work out a good position when a significant number (in my view) may be wrong?

    1. Bazza, I would suggest that a large proportion of those who voted to leave were hoodwinked by the emotional mantra of Brexiters…. “We want to bring back control of our laws, borders and money”.

      Most sensible people knew we had never lost control of these aspects of government and refused to be taken in by the dog whistle tactics of the far right and that it is Tory government not the EU which is responsible for the inequality here.

      Some on the left, who voted to leave, did so because they thought it was the only way to ensure we have a true Socialist government. They too are wrong, see Monkton Associates blog.

      The only way we will get a true Socialist government is to have a true Socialist PM such as Jeremy Corbyn and those on the far right and the far left of the Party who have their own agenda are doing immense damage to our prospects.

      Many of us on the firm left of the Party are not so far to the left that we are in the same Brexit camp as the far right and reject the notion that you can only be a left winger if you support Brexit. Any form of Brexit is crazy and will harm the country.

    2. “66% of Labour constituencies voted leave”

      A couple pf points, Bazza. First of all ‘constituencies’ don’t vote. Individuals within them do, and even in the constituencies you refer to, the majority of Labour support came from ‘Remain’. The Leavers were Tory.

      “they are not in my view thinking politically”

      I was just musing on that – and reflecting that if ‘they’ was taken to refer to yesterday’s Labour rebels with heads up their own fundaments, they were giving today’s Boris Johnson a boost instead of a bloody nose.

      Great thinking that!

  5. Labour rebels

    Sir Kevin Barron, Ronnie Campbell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Caroline Flint, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, John Mann, Graham Stringer

    Clive Efford, Julie Elliott, Paul Farrelly, Hugh Gaffney, Imran Hussain, Barbara Keeley, Ian Lucas, Gordon Marsden, Melanie Onn, Ruth Smeeth, Gareth Snell, Jo Stevens, Derek Twigg

    Ex-Labour MPs Ian Austin and Ivan Lewis also voted against,

    Frank Field, Kelvin Hopkins, Jared O’Mara, Angela Smith had no vote recorded.

    1. Steve, that’s interesting. It suggests that there are several die hard Labour brexiters who are prepared to take the risk of (or maybe even want ) a no deal Brexit.
      Some of the non voters are strong remainers and I presume that they were paired – I don’t know but presume that that still happens despite proxy voting being introduced.
      Does anyone know if Jared O’Mara is still voting regularly?

      1. People in Sheffield Hallam indicate he is not active, anecdotally I mean. What a worm, to think I went and got the vote out for him in 2017

      2. Hopefully he’s not so alienated that he can be persuaded to come back to the HoC in the Autumn to vote on issues where it really counts. Would be heartbreaking if a rushed selection procedure in a seat we didn’t expect to win in 2017 was the difference between a no confidence motion winning and a tie 2 years later – and that must be a real possibility.

  6. No Deal Brexit is the ONLY way to secure the extension of public ownership. Otherwise it is neoliberal capitalism for ever.

    We should set to work on a public ownership centred economic programme, very dynamic, interventionist and audacious.

    I am glad some MPs were taking some notice of the Euro Elections.

    As for letting the House of Commons take control, doesn’t the Labour Left have the wit to realise that this is a dry run for the next Labour Government? The Blairites and the Tories will be at it all the time, in cahoots with each other. Destablisation of the next Labour governments by right wing backbenchers is NOT to be encouraged.

      1. Of course. A ‘left’ Brexit is narcissistic nonsense on stilts – impoverishment for the many; self regard or self enrichment for the few.

  7. CLPs take note if you have an MP who has just supported the Tories in one way or another.

    1. C’mon, Jack – you know that these Tory dupes are ”real socialists”. Such is the world of the Humpty Dumpties.

      I look forward to a mountain of postings condemning their ‘traitorous’ behaviour.

      … or perhaps not.

    1. Yes – the demands for deselection of MPs who back Tory policies or who defy the Labour whip seem to have suddenly been rendered mute. John Mann, Kate Hoey and Co. seem to have support by default.

      1. ”Yes – the demands for deselection of MPs who back Tory policies or who defy the Labour whip seem to have suddenly been rendered mute. John Mann, Kate Hoey and Co. seem to have support by default.”

        SEEM to….

        But once again, ZERO evidence to back it up. Yet another thoroughly decomposed dead horse (This time the ‘guilt by association’) brought back to be pointlessly flogged again.

        Fail. Try again chuka. 🙂 (S.W.I.D.T?)

      2. Glad I’m wrong, Toffee. I take it from your post that you totally condemn the actions of those PLP members who gifted the Tories victory yesterday? I think you’ll agree that solid Labour members like Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry put them to shame in their endorsement of the immiseration of working people threatened by Tory p[olicy..

      3. ”I think you’ll agree that solid Labour members like Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry ”

        They’re about as ‘solid’ as diarrhoea, they’re certainly no more ‘solid’ than the likes of mann or hoey etc. They just pretend they’re of the left, but they fool NOBODY. Thornberry in particular would sell her soul to be top dog, but knows she doesn’t have the support.

        She hasn’t even challenged watson; that tells me she’s not got the support because if someone else was to put their name in the hat she wouldn’t be as clear cut a winner – if a winner at all

        I’m also thinking there’s another reason she hasn’t challenged the gobshite….yes, that’s right.

        And just about anyone can tell she thinks she’s well above her remit when in fact it’s the other way about.

        No, rh, they’re both your typical careerist politician from a middle-class, law school background.

        But then again, that’s why you highlighted them, innit?

  8. Breaking News

    Home Sec officially approves extradition of Julian Assange prior to tomorrows extraditions hearing.

    1. Indeed. Assange may be somewhat less than a hero – but the willingness to bow the knee to the US’s vindictiveness bodes ill for the Brexit scanario and the related increase of US dominance.

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