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Hove members organising to ‘trigger’ Kyle

‘Centrist’ MP likely to face selection contest under Labour’s new rules
Hove MP Peter Kyle

As the SKWAWKBOX flagged two weeks ago, the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will soon give a green light to local constituency parties (CLPs) with a Labour MP to initiate the ‘trigger’ process to select their parliamentary candidate, if they wish to.

Under rules introduced at last year’s annual conference in Liverpool, only one in three member branches within a CLP needs to vote to hold a contest for one to take place.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that left members of Hove CLP have already begun organising in readiness for the NEC’s announcement and are confident that they can obtain the two branches needed.

Incumbent MPs are automatically included in the shortlist put to an all-member vote. Labour retained the seat in 2017 with an increased majority as the ‘Corbyn surge’ took the margin of victory from just over 1,000 votes in 2015 to over 18,000.

The imminence of the nationwide trigger announcement can be discerned in a sudden chorus of calls from right-wing Labour organisers for members to prepare for selection battles.

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  1. You only need to look at Peter Kyle’s voting record to see he is in the wrong party.

  2. Centrist ? So many Labour MP’s are so establishment. I guess they spend most of their time with those of similar mind and just don’t get the social justice idea. Its not a mantra its just recognising that unregulated capitalism leaves the poorest 20% always in poverty, with little hope and alienated

    1. Once a person is elected MP unless we get a recall petition ( as in Peterborough) we are stuck with them as MP even if we expel them from the party. Therefore it is absolutely essential that we ensure that no potential “rogues” are selected in the first place.

  3. I would prefer some restraint and discipline so that when we do attempt removal of oppositionists, we actually win rather than make a lot of noise and then start to loose. Since restraint of the emotional appeal is unlikely to occur I personally favour a very high threshold in the measures required to lose those opposed to socialism.

    1. So because those attempting to remove cuckoos in the nest might lose,so we must make it almost impossible for them to try.Or am I reading your comment wrong Felicity?

  4. We have one good socialist mp in Brighton,let’s get rid of Kyle the serial offender and his mates on the council .Lloyd Russell moyle needs to have a good socialist mp for a neighbour in Hove to complement the team in Sussex.Time for the Purge!

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