Excl: Labour parliamentary selection green light imminent

Members will have opportunity to choose who represents them in next general election

Labour sources have confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that members will shortly be given the green light to run the ‘trigger’ process for the selection of their candidates in the next general election.

The party’s rules were changed at last September’s conference to lower the barrier for local parties with a sitting MP to select a new candidate. Under the new rules, if one in three member branches (or affiliate branches) votes to run a selection process, one must take place.

Previously, a majority of all branches of both types had to support a contest for one to be ‘triggered’, raising concerns that unions or affiliates could cram branches into a CLP to protect favoured incumbents.

In 2017, members were deprived of the opportunity to run even the 51% process by the short timescale to the snap general election, but the new move will avoid a recurrence. In January of this year, Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) gave general secretary Jennie Formby approval to start planning a trigger schedule and this will soon be announced.


Labour members who want to see a change should start organising in readiness for the opportunity to present a genuine, positive alternative to the people. Organise to defend good candidates, too – as the right will certainly try to exploit the Brexit issue to attack some of Labour’s best.

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    1. In CLPs where there is the will to do so of course. A lot fewer than our campaigning would suggest.

    2. It doesn’t work as simply as that.

      I have a clear memory of an MP going against the unanimous requests of both District and Constituency parties to oppose the policy on academies (incredibly unpopular) – back in the day.

      The majority, when push came to shove, were happy to give that MP a free pass when it came to nodding through the candidacy.

    3. Yep, that golden opportunity to rid ourselves of the worst of the PLP saboteurs is imminent. If not replaced as candidates the 30 or so core Right wing PLP saboteurs will only betray a possible future Corbyn government immediately. However one can imagine the usual “unity above all else” pressure being put on CLPs NOT to finally deal with the 5th columnists.

  1. I would still prefer to have Mandatory ReSelection using OMOV.
    After all, we are a members led party. Aren’t we?

    1. Absolutely, it also makes it a less adversarial encounter as well as being a more natural process

      1. Mandatory reselection/open selections also puts candidates on a more equal footing rather than unduly privileging the sitting MP. That is surely more appropriate in a democratic socialist party: it makes the MP more accountable.

    2. Yes it would be great if we had mandatory selection, but we don’t, not yet anyway, (wishing we had ! ) so lets be positive and get on with making the best of what we got.

    3. Me too, but the Unions stopped it at last years Conference, and it cannot be visited again for another year.

  2. Time to see if this works and put it into practice…I put up as good a case I was prepared to in it’s defence last year when it was announced. It wasn’t what people wanted but it seemed as good an alternative as any, to me.

    If it gets shut of as many as it leaves in place then it’s worthwhile. My guess is the grassroots far outweigh the bliarites, so I’d expect the bbc to report it as something totally different to what it’ll be when a load of them are punted (eagle -both- ,ellman,mcgovern, esterson, twigg from round here’ll do)

    Let them report it as they bleedin well like, as long as the vermin are eradicated then who gives a shit?

    1. The Toffee (597) 01/06/2019 at 9:16 am

      You won’t have much influence either way, you don’t have a vote.

      1. That’s right.

        And as long as the party is infested with the likes of them – and you – then I won’t be a member.

      2. The Toffee (597) 02/06/2019 at 8:06 am

        An excellent reason for maintaining my membership.

  3. ‘620 red balloons.
    Floating in the atmosphere.
    This is what we’ve waited for.’
    To paraphrase an old song, I am being a bit ambitious!

  4. Did anyone see the wonderful Jenny Manson from Jewish Voice For Labour earlier on BBC News? She said she has not heard Pete Wilsman say anything which is anti-Semitic. She also said that the Israeli Embassy IS interfering in British politics and cited the ‘Lobby’ as evidence.

    Why the heck does the LP continuously shoot its self in the foot by making these panic decisions? Does Jennie Formby bare any of the blame for these foolish actions?

  5. You would think by now we would know why we are not defending ourselves against these vile people
    Really what is the cunning plan
    Possibly this is it, time to clear out the stables

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