Help Labour win crucial Peterborough by-election – ‘mass mobilisation’ call Weds at 7.30pm will explain how

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With the maelstrom of spin surrounding the European Parliament election results obscuring their significance and being used by mainstream media and ‘stop Brexit’ obsessives to attack Labour’s attempts under Jeremy Corbyn to unify people on both sides of the issue, the Peterborough by-election next week has assumed considerable importance.

Labour is fielding a strong, local left-wing candidate, Lisa Forbes, to fight for a seat that the party won in 2017 by just over six hundred votes. Peterborough has been badly left behind by the Tories and Labour’s bold policies can appeal to local people.

To help rally and organise the Labour campaigning effort, Momentum is organising a mass-mobilising call on on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm with Owen Jones and others to get activists mobilised for the by election up and let them know how they can get involved wherever they are in the country.

It’s not necessary to live near Peterborough to participate in the effort and ways supporters can help will be discussed during the mobilisation call.

Details and a sign-up form can be found here. With only eight days to go until the ballot, every bit of help counts. Please sign up and share this information so others can get involved, too.

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  1. Having such a slim majority**, and following on from a convicted criminal who was subsequently (and correctly) ousted from the party – after sullying it’s reputation – has done her no favours in what’s ostensibly been a ‘bellwether’ seat over the last 40 or so years will mean Lisa will need all hands to the pump.

    I wish Lisa all the very best.

    **technically it’ll be an independent majority than a labour#

  2. Perhaps should point out how Tories/Lib Dems gave tax cuts to millionaires & big business so austerity was and is only for the likes of working people in Peterborough etc. plus Brexit Party are Neo-Liberals who would privatise NHS & bring in Trump & Farage’s US chlorinated chicken etc with Neo-Liberal trade deals with USA!

  3. Oh and Tory/Lib Dems changed local govt. funding rules to being based on population size only instead of counting NEED too!
    This has resulted in mainly Northern Labour Councils losing £6.9b and mainly Tory Southern Councils gaining £3.5b!
    Lisa Forbes 4 Posh!

  4. If we keep sending the now failing EU 180 million per week net – how can Labour use that resource to do the good work we all know Labour would like to do such as improve schools, reduce or stop homelessness etc etc?

    Do you guys not think that if the EU knows which are greater local priorities or do local people such as the new MP not have a better understsnding of what needs to be done – I think its clear to me local MPs know best – but hey – if you guys think it is some scrote in the EU who knows best –

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