Left activist pledges to stand as conference delegate to see off remain-ultra takeover – calls urgently on others to do same

Well-known Labour left activist to stand to block attempt to force Labour into damaging anti-Brexit position at September’s annual conference

‘Remain ultra’ groups have launched a bid to have the Labour Party’s annual conference in September commit the party to a full ‘stop Brexit’ position.

Clive Lewis, one of the most vocal anti-Brexiters on the left of the party tweeted a link to a Huffington Post article outlining the bid:

But well-known left activist Chelley Ryan, who has been involved in the ‘Corbyn project’ since before the formal launch of Corbyn’s candidacy for the leadership, reacted with a public pledge – and an urgent call for others to do the same:

Some CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have already elected their delegates, but many have not. The deadline for confirming elected delegates to the party’s conference services team is 28 June.


Recent election results showed none of the claimed ‘surge’ for remain parties, according to election experts – and a large protest by instinctive Labour voters in Labour’s northern heartlands against perceived attempts to block the enactment of the 2016 referendum result. The results of the European Parliament elections are expected to reveal huge gains for the new Brexit party in those same areas and more.

Labour needs to drop the notion of a new public vote entirely if it wants to win the next general election – and certainly cannot afford a damaging commitment to one. The party owes it to the millions suffering under Tory government to end this nonsense.

Labour members who want to see Corbyn in Downing Street need to organise urgently – to ensure they elect delegate who will reject this self-destructive remain-ultra move, or if their delegates are already elected then to ensure that they are mandated to do so.

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      1. Toffee

        I don’t think we should rise to the bait. Just ignore the cunt.

    1. Anyway, jack – You’ve got the wrong ryan… joan did the off a while ago.

    2. Says the so predictable clownish troll, RH – as he bangs on endlessly for his Blair/Mandelson puppetmasters for Labour to adopt a Party and vote destroying Remain position. Well that’s to be expected of a daft troll with the economic understanding of a 12 year old – working with the anti-Left Labour Right to destroy the Corbyn-wave Left shift of our Party since 2015 .

      As anyone but a buffoon knows , getting out of the neoliberal straightjacket of the EU is essential if the UK is ever to pursue a Left oriented, even mildly social democratic economic path – with significant state intervention to protect key non financial sectors, restore regional prosperity outside London and the South East, and save our NHS and education system, and pursue a Green Economy agenda . That neoliberal Tory globalists in hock to US Big Business , and indeed, fascists, want out of the EU for their own very different reasons is not a successful smear against a Brexit to allow for a now potentially looming Corbyn Left reforming government to pursue a wide-ranging Left programme of national economic and social renewal. Of course if Labour DOES adopt a Remain position we can kiss goodbye to our Labour heartlands in the North, Midlands, and Wales, and the Tories will win a snap General Election entirely focussed on Remain v Leave – and they will then complete the demolition of our entire Welfare State. No worries for the Blairite fifth column in our ranks .

      1. Ha’penny : Did you have to practice or serve an apprenticeship to get to this incoherent level of incoherence and frothing rant?

        ‘Blair/Mandelson puppetmasters’

        Oh dear, oh dear – what a paucity of intelligence or perception (let alone economic nous) – playing with a plastic Marx dolly as the rattles get chucked out the pram.

    3. Oh for Gods sake man , she is a Leftie and it doing what we at Conf last yr decided on re the policy , that is to respect the vote etc etc you surely know what our official policy is by now , its what we debated and decided on at the COnf in 2018

  1. What a poor article. The biggest issue facing the Labour Party today is the rise of the Brexit Party and it’s hidden agenda, the main policy, which is tied in to Brexit, is their intentions to privatise the NHS. To continue the in-fighting within the Labour Party is madness. I fear that you, and a lot of your supporters, Skwarkbox are, paradoxically, losing sight of the bigger picture.

    1. Exactly the same criticism can and should be aimed at the “ultra” Remainers.

    2. And its here because of one reason only.

      The denial of democracy.

      Every single vocal remainer post 23/6/16 and most of parliament bears the responsibility of raising this from the ashes.

      Sow winds, reap whirlwinds

    3. It is not a poor article. It needs to be said. Labour have had immense pressure on them to ignore half the voters and be totally remain. I voted remain but I just want to get on with the EU. Certainly don’t want a no deal brexit. My daughter is only alive because of medication. My sons job as well will be lost. The thought of been at the mercy of little englanders terrifies me. Yet for what ever reason many voted leave. They can not be ignored. Probably fed up at feeling ignored and disregarded. If Labour turn their back on the leavers that is a lot of voters lost to brexit party. Can’t we just get this over with and get on with Europe.

  2. “Remain ultra”

    Another term that’s a sure bullshit indicator.

    It’s Brexit that is actually the extremist nonsense (thus its main adopters). Remain is just the status quo offering a range of possibilities. I have yet to see a convincing argument for ‘Leave’, with the only one that might have credibility – the inhibitions against communal ownership – blown out of the water by less exaggerated analysis and the reality of other massive downsides.

    So it boils down to a religious faith rather than a policy.

    Meanwhile, Labour just leaks potential support with its wishy-washy confusion on the issue.

    P.S Chelley who?

  3. Hats off to her but it is not only the People’s Vote nonsense which is Remain-ultra. It is also the extreme and absolutely bonkers notion of “taking No Deal off the table”, One never does so in real life situations and we all know this from their daily lives. It makes Jeremy look a phoney.

    The entrenched neoliberalism of the EU means that “taking No Deal off the table” boils down to accepting the VERY severe restrictions on public ownership and industrial subsidies which would force a Corbyn government to pursue a materially identical economic policy to a Blair or Brown government.

    “Taking no deal off the table” is therefore a Remain ultra position to a truly deranged extent.

    1. “in real life situations”

      … a scenario that has never applied to the Brexit fantasy world.

  4. Why on earth would we want to adopt a policy which loses us far more pro remain voters than leave voters? It doesn’t make either electoral or economic sense, especially in the long term.

    1. “It doesn’t make either electoral or economic sense”

      … The epitaph nailed to the Brexit coffin.

  5. Nothing is more evident that we have reached the end of the road with the Tories and their ‘negotiations’ than the resignation of T. May.

    The anti-democratic Lexiter faction in the Labour Party has to accept that the time has come to follow the conference motion and go all out and CAMPAIGN to give the electorate the final say. No more sitting on the fence, or constructive ambiguity or whatever else you wish to call it, we have to lead not meander trying not to upset anyone.

    Personally I don’t give a hoot if we upset the UKIP and Brexiter trolls who haunt these comments.

    1. … which is why the likes of the Penny are getting desperate … the pseudo-left stance has been sussed as the craven servitude to the Tory right that it always was. In the meantime, the Party doing the splits has impressed nobody and confused a lot. Thus the consistent decline in support.

      Most of the Lexit lines were written – or stolen – by May and the ERG. Not a great provenance. One’s heard them all from that great and successful politician – the PeepleSwill nonsense, the inviolability of a corrupt referendum wheeze, the sanctity of a minority vote, the ant-democratic nature of democracy – all as convincing as May’s tears.

      Time to get on with real politics rather than chucking more petrol on the Tory bonfire and calling it a ‘socialist’. It’s not.

    1. “”Labour respects the result of the referendum, and Britain is leaving the EU.”

      As said … Authors : D Cameron and T May, with thanks to the ERG and sundry others of the neoliberal right.

  6. There is now no prospect whatsoever of getting a deal which is line with Conference policy requirements.
    There is no prospect of the Tories acquiescing into agreeing to a GE. We have exhausted the policy save for calling for a further vote.
    As the Tories will only agree a new deal which the EU is not prepared to offer, and will have a more extreme leader, the choice will be between no deal or remain.
    The Party cannot support a no deal, so there will be only one realistic choice to support.
    …..How we get to be in a position not only to support but achieve that aim is another matter.

    1. Aaarghh! Stop stating the bleedin’ obvious! We might get a majority Labour government by taking that line. And then what would we moan about?

      1. Aaarghh! Stop stating the bleedin’ obvious!

        That’s right, Dewsbury – start inventing bullshit about labour policies being written by camoron & may & mogg.

      2. But, Toffee, you can’t – however much you try – fail to notice that the Lexiteer script is the same as the May lines. Like it or not – that’s just fact.

        (I don’t like it)

      3. ‘But, Toffee, you can’t – however much you try – fail to notice that the Lexiteer script is the same as the May lines. Like it or not – that’s just fact.’


        Btw, dicky, try as you might – You can’t fail to notice that your hated ‘lexiteers’ aren’t imploding…That’s just fact.

        Don’t like that neither, do ya?

  7. For those that haven’t yet discovered that Europe is a failed corporate state, please watch this video, it was made 3 years ago but could have been made just yesterday, professor Mark Blyth spelling out the reasons why Europe is failing.

  8. ‘Lexiteer script is the same as May’s lines’………does Dennis Skinner know this? Sounds more like a scenario invented by Anna Soubrey.

    1. Don’t wriggle, Steve – it’s an uncomfortable fact that Dennis can’t alter. Read the lips as the slogans are uttered.

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