Excl: third Sandwell councillor caught up in expulsion risk for support for opposing candidates

Another serving Labour councillor revealed supporting same anti-Labour candidate
Sandwell councillor Julie Webb

A third councillor in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – for years the stronghold of the Labour right – has been found supporting candidates standing against Labour in the local elections earlier this month.

Councillor Julie Webb commented on Facebook encouraging independent candidates David and Shirley Hosell in their campaign against Labour:

The SKWAWKBOX spoke to Cllr Webb, who said that she had made the comments ‘in a fit of pique about the election‘ – and clarified that she was referring to the deselection of a number of councillors by the party. The Hosells had been among the deselected councillors – and promptly left the party to try to retain their seats as independents. They were unsuccessful.

Labour’s membership rules state that supporting a rival candidate is an automatic expulsion offence.

Cllr Caroline White has already been expelled after video and audio of her campaigning with David Hosell for his wife Shirley was unearthed by the SKWAWKBOX. Cllr Bill Cherrington faces potential expulsion after his support for David Hosell’s candidacy was revealed, also here on the SKWAWKBOX.

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  1. Is there ANYONE around there with any modicum of party loyalty?

    What makes these hosells so special that they get endorsed by labour councillors? Have they got compromising info/video/photos on the rest of them, or something?

    Nevermind. It is ‘res ipsa loquitur’. Just get rid.

  2. A second technique that Blair demonstrated to avoid Labour Party discipline is to direct of your vote appeal not specifically to existing Labour voters but to those, ‘…who are tempted not to vote at all or even vote for Conservative opponents. This constrains your appeal only to those who declare they will not vote for the selected Labour choice. Of course it will also has the neat effect of becoming the champion for all.

    The route of the difficulty with established internal opponents is the diffidence that the Labour party has to the high and mighty.

  3. What strikes me about these people is the huge sense of entitlement they have.That sense of entitlement is also a useful measure of how corrupt Watson’s back yard is,because the two are indelibly linked.

  4. What surprises me is how blatant they are in supporting a non Labour candidate. Blair did the same the other day and I do think its time that the party took it on the chin and throw Blair out of the party. It smacks of one rule the likes of Blair and one rule for the rest of us. Get rid now whilst we are not in a General Election. It might just attract a lot more to the party.

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