Haringey councillor Barbara Blake expelled from Labour over TIG support

Right-wing Labour councillor close to controversial figures
Barbara Blake, centre, with controversial friends ‘Change UK’ candidate Mulready left and Claire Kober, right

A controversial, right-wing Labour councillor in the London borough of Haringey has been expelled from the Labour Party over her social media support for the ‘Change UK’ (CUK) party. Ms Blake was a close associate of Nora Mulready when she was in the Labour Party and of former council leader Claire Kober.

Ms Kober claimed she had been bullied out of her position but was revealed by the SKWAWKBOX to have prepared attack ‘dossiers’ against political opponents.

Nora Mulready is the ‘CUK’ candidate who has been criticised recently for ‘Islamophobic’ social media posts – and who left Labour the day before a disciplinary hearing regarding serious complaints about her conduct.

Cllr Blake shared a significant number of posts supporting CUK and attacking Labour, examples of which are shown below:

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Cllr Blake for comment. She hung up when told the reason for the call.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha

    She was weeping on the telly like disgraced televangelist complaining about how Momentum/hard left had “bullied her” and deselected her.

    Good riddance to right wing rubbish.

  2. Good to see. These Centrists need to understand the rules apply to you also.

  3. The utter state of that tweet from graeme…’Good people like austin & gapes…fight racismin all it’s forms…’

    @graeme or @dungra or whatever…You’re a great big fucking quilt as well as a hypocrite.

    1. Great big fucking quilt’s definitely going in Dave’s Bumper Book of Insults 🙂

  4. Meanwhile Labour announces £10 minimum wage for Under 25s too and I shed a little tear, this gives hope to the young.
    So now let’s fight too to keep the benefits for older people such as the free bus pass (introduced by Labour 10 years ago).
    And for all ages in work, let’s have a 35 hour week without loss of pay leading ideally to a 4 day week and retirement for all at 65 and not like under the Tories/Lib Dems at 66, 68 and 70 and let’s have retirement for manual workers at 60.
    Good to see comrades Labour has policies which relate to working peoples lives!

  5. Off topic – somebody alert the OT Officer.
    BBC news is on in the background and almost immediately after a piece on climate change and what to do when we have to cut right back on flying the general feeling is “nobody knows” – a little later comes a piece on the regeneration of seaside towns and what to do about their decline – again, “nobody knows” – “No way to bring tourism back.”
    Offshore wind mentioned – great way to provide a lot of jobs and the government investment is justified on both counts – but not a single mention, not even a hint of an inkling that climate change could actually lead to a resurgence of holidaymaking in our seaside towns.
    France is nice but the Channel Tunnel can’t take everybody and ferries burn heavy oil which is horrendously polluting – moves are being made to improve that but travelling to the seaside on electric trains seems to me the greenest option of all.
    Joined up government anyone?

  6. ” not even a hint of an inkling that climate change could actually lead to a resurgence of holidaymaking in our seaside towns.”

    Before the rising sea levels cause them to disappear!

    1. Yeah, someone I know is about to buy a property in a low-lying coastal area ‘~’
      Holland’s managed well enough for a thousand years though – we ought to be able to do the same if it happens.
      If MMGW was just about sea level rise I’d be tempted by the argument that we’ve always adapted to nature and that it’s only more recently we’ve adapted nature to suit ourselves and wrecked it.
      The adaptation we need most is population control, hopefully self-controlled rather than enforced.
      Rising sea levels could allow today’s low-lying coastal areas to be turned into lagoons for tidal turbines, maybe even with homes on raised platforms, fish hatcheries, recreation etc.
      Adapting is what we’re good at after all.
      I was getting a bit bored anyway.

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