Video: “Why don’t you resign?” May heckled at Welsh Tory conference – by Boris Johnson’s former agent

Tory protester bundled out but reaction by May’s supporters muted

Theresa May has been heckled as she started to give a speech to the Conservative Party’s National Convention in Wales.

Her Tory heckler – identified by a Welsh SKWAWKBOX reader as Boris Johnson’s former election agent – shouted “Why don’t you resign? The National Convention doesn’t want you, we don’t want you!”, before being bundled out of the small hall.

However, a chant of ‘out, out’ seemed to be supported by only a handful of people, while applause for May was desultory at best:


One disgruntled Welsh Tory spoke for millions of people in Wales and across the UK.

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  1. “One disgruntled Welsh Tory spoke for millions of people in Wales and across the UK.”

    Not exactly, that person will almost certainly want someone even worse.

  2. As I have posted on this site before, Theresa May will never resign. She is not called the Klingon for nothing – she’ll cling on and on and on. She is an electoral liability to the Tories and that would be good news for us but for the damage she and her government are doing to the sick poor and vulnerable in our society who desperately need a Labour government.
    There is also the view expressed by Tony above that some Tories will want somebody worse.It’s hard to say whether or not there are any worse Tories.
    Theresa May introduced the brutal hostile environment policy which destroyed the health and happiness of so many involved in the Windrush scandal.
    She presided over the death by starvation of at least one British citizen , the late Steve Smith and the suicides of many others who killed themselves rather than share his fate.
    She scorned the Police Federation when they told her cuts to policing numbers would lead to tragedy,words which were proved to be true in Manchester and London.
    She is allowing the run down of the NHS in preparation for its sell off to USA ” health care” companies and it also seems she is going to compromise our security by her proposed deal with China.
    So could the Tories lumber us with someone worse? The answer is maybe.

    1. My telly was unplugged as the lights went down on the 2018 World Cup Final.

      Hearing this news had me scrambling to get it fired up again for the latest, breaking news.

      Senior Tories at each other’s throats and no sign of any let up.

      Sheer bliss. Joy of joys.

      Fascinating, compelling, heartwarming viewing.

    2. Hear bloody Hear . . Going to have to use the biggest crowbar in the world to prise her out !!

    3. She’s not called the Klingon, she’a called the Clingon.
      Another word for Clingons is Fartleberries – small hard balls of faeces stuck to anal hairs, so I’m told.

      1. For me Theresa May is like a venomous tick embedded in the British body politic.

        Not sure what to use for this. Perhaps someone else can enlighten me.

  3. Barry Gardiner with his customary charm as good as calls Chuka and his new mates careerists, leaving their ex-parties because of having been passed over for promotion.
    “Not careerists” Chuka chokes, “we DO have proper policies.”
    Chuka now calling first past the post voting unfair – three weeks after he would, if challenged, have defended it.

  4. I think enjoying the Tories problems us understandable, but it seems both we and the Tories are down to 28 percent of the vote.

    The SKWAKBOX line of infinite worship of the party’s leadership has been so uncritical, so lacking in insight it has become comical.

    Somehow anyone and everyone is responsible for these losses, yesterday,. That is except those who lead the party.

    This is one of the most reactionary, divided, incompetent and hopeless governments in living memory. We should be 20 points ahead in the polls. We ain’t, yet somehow the party leadership is nowt to with it.

    1. Now where have I heard that “Corbyn missed an open goal” bullshit before?
      Oh yes, I remember – every fucking Tory who ever opened his stupid fucking mouth on both sides of the fucking house.
      They can do the same thing you can do, “Bob.”
      Need a clue?

    2. Our party leadership is our biggest asset. How do you think we would have fared under the plastic politicians who have consistently undermined the leadership and the party. Can you really imagine us being in the lead under Owen Smith or Yvette Cooper?
      Jeremy Corbyn has tripled our membership and despite daily vilification increased our vote by nearly 4 million at the last election. That is why the MSM, Tories and elements of the PLP fear him. He can and hopefully will lead us to victory at the next General Election.

    3. Sorry, Bob. Stating the f’ing obvious isn’t a popular pursuit in this neck of the woods. It’s all the MSM’s fault, if you haven’t cottoned on.

      Labour has done brilliantly in losing less than the Tories, you see. The fact that we should have been *gaining* shedloads of seats is totally beside the point. It’s all the fault of these bloody Party members who voted for Remain and want a bit more democracy. Nothing to do with pursuing a Tory policy with a bit of sugar on it.

      Forget the decline of our prospective vote by 10% in two years. So the Greens and LibDems are gaining more votes than Labour? That’s OK – it’ll be all right on the night.

      1. So, what’s the solution RH? Change of leader? Who? Change of policy? What

      2. If the MSM’s constant lying about Corbyn doesn’t have an effect I wonder why they pursue it so diligently?
        We didn’t just ‘lose less’ than the Tories, we did 16 times better than them.
        If you think brexit or ukip or change can win the next GE then say so. I say they can’t and I also say if they keep on nicking more Tory votes than Labour votes they’re doing us a favour.
        More small parties is no bad thing – by dividing the protest vote they cancel each other out to some degree, they take some of the MSM flak, and in FPTP they don’t win many seats.
        You’re starting to sound like the wanker Chris Leslie with his puerile open goal comment.
        Brexit’s a minefield and May’s taking the most hits, as she deserves.
        Given the huge Tory MSM advantage and their fifth column inside Labour I think Corbyn’s doing better than whoever you have in mind could.
        You criticise Corbyn enough that you must have someone in mind. Do tell.

      3. And the blame for a helluva lot of those lost councillors lies firmly at YOUR door, rh.

  5. Breaking news – Met Police announces leaking security information by Williamson is not a criminal offence – Julian Assange is therefore innocent!

    1. Good one, Bazza 🙂
      Lucky for him the Tories are renowned for impartial application of the law…

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