Centrists turn on their own after Adonis statement welcoming Brexit voters

Adonis apologised for saying Brexit supporters should not vote Labour. Centrists upset by apology

Peer Andrew Adonis has issued an unreserved apology for comments last autumn to LBC radio that he hoped Brexit supporters would not vote Labour. His comments had triggered calls for his deselection as a Labour candidate for the south-west region.

Adonis’ apology reads:

I am deeply sorry for off-the-cuff comments I made during a live LBC radio phone-in last September. I encourage all voters. whatever their position on Brexit, to vote Labour in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

In our dangerously divided society, Labour is the only political party seeking to bring remain and leave voters together so that we can get on with the job of ensuring our country works for the many, not the few.

Labour has always been clear that it respects the result of the referendum. What we do not respect is the way the Conservatives have sought to use Brexit to create a more unequal economy and a harsher society.

That is why Labour has put ·forward a sensible alternative plan that would ensure a close economic relationship with the EU after Brexit, based on a new customs union and dynamic alignment on rights and standards. If such a plan cannot be secured due to the government’s infighting and irresponsibility, we believe all options. should remain on the table, including the option of a public vote.

I do not believe that the real divide in our society is between people who
voted to remain or to leave the EU. The real divide is between the many, and the few. As socialists. we must stand up tor the many.

I am extremely proud to have been selected to stand for Labour in the South West of England for the European Parliament.

This reasonable – and eminently accurate – statement triggered howls of anguish and anger from a number of referendum-obsessed and/or ‘stop Brexit’ centrist MPs, candidates and their hangers-on – in particular those from the newly-named ‘Change UK’:

Chris Leslie seemed particularly upset – first making his own comment, then going on a spree of retweeting others.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It seems solidarity doesn’t have much currency in ‘no-change land’ – and that the ‘tiggers’ still feel aggrieved at anyone actually being prepared to align themselves with party policy rather than damage from within or jump ship.

But then, having another referendum and stopping Brexit is basically the only policy ‘Change UK’ has, so you can see why they’d be upset at one of their fellow-remainers publicly acknowledging the very important fact that Labour remains committed to enacting the 2016 result – unless there’s no other way to stop the incompetence and delusion of the Tories from inflicting no-deal or worse-than-no-deal on the people of our country.

Adonis acknowledged, too, that Corbyn’s Labour is the only party fighting to bring the country together and achieve the best outcome for all its people. Perhaps in the end that’s his biggest ‘sin’ in the eyes of the ‘More of the Same’ party.

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  1. “stopping Brexit is basically the only policy ‘Change UK’ has,”. Don’t they want us to lease more nuclear weapons? I thought I heard some self-titled loon talking about defence of America’s realm etc.

    1. The howls to drop more bombs on brown people/uncivilized ‘enemies’ to destroy their infrastructure and lives to ‘save them’ will be as loud as ever when the next call for a major war of aggression is on the cards, along with most Labour and other MPs…
      Bombs, subversion and egregious sanctions still killing in countries and on people that resist western supremacy and plunder but who cares? Very few in parliament.

      1. Hi Marie – My comment (below) posted at 1:55pm was intended as a response to this comment of yours.

      2. Thanks SteveH, I hadn’t seen that report, busy on other but related topics atm.

  2. Actually they’ve got two policies: Stopping Brexit and avoiding a General Election, which to the Lunatic Tinge is as a cliff to a lemming. The upshot of the latter policy is that they will vote for May or presumably her successor in any vote of confidence. As for Adonis being obliged to regurgitate the 2017 manifesto, it must have been like being forced to eat soap. This is possibly the most mendacious confession made by a politician since the Moscow show trials – but then he is a shill for Tony Blair and power is the only principle.

    1. He is one subversive element within LP working for British and global vested interests like Blair and his disciples and against the population and well being of society. Self enrichment and an assured position in the parasitic Corporatocracy networks are goals allied to that power.

  3. SteveH 25/04/2019 at 1:43 pm · ·

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    Apr 23
    Unprecedented: Pro-Afghan govt & int. military forces responsible for more civilian deaths in Q1/2019 in #Afghanistan than Taliban & IS, finds UN Report. Immediate measures needed to halt rising civilian harm from air & search ops. –Read report:

  4. Tories talking about a “Police investigation” into the Security Council leak.
    One would expect our security services to be best placed to get to the bottom of a security leak – but I’m not hearing any Tories calling for that for some reason…

    Good luck, PC Plod.

  5. ‘Kin state of the blerts; all going into one because the nonentity adonis now finally admits the labour party (The same one that all those useless whinging knobheads bailed from) is ‘socialist’.

    THAT’S what’s rattled their cage(s). Adonis carries as much weight as a Lena Zavaroni left hook, and them bellends still think he’s a big-hitter; the utterly deluded whoppers.

    Worse still, they think THEY are, too.

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