Corbyn’s new speech: Tories ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘failing’ nation on vital issues

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to give a speech to Labour’s Welsh conference in Llandudno at 2.10pm today. He will attack the Westminster political system and dysfunctional government for failing to tackle the vital issues facing people in their everyday lives ahead of May’s local government elections.

Corbyn will say that he understands why people are frustrated with arcane and baffling parliamentary procedures dominating the national conversation when issues affecting people’s daily lives are being neglected.

On the failure of Westminster to address the issues people are facing and care about, Jeremy Corbyn is expected to say:

When the focus of our national conversation is dominated by baffling procedures in parliament and when nothing seems to change, I understand why people feel frustrated.

People watch the back and forth in parliament. They see the arcane procedure and hear the alien language. It’s another world. For me, that’s not what real politics is about.

Real politics comes from the ground up. Real politics is about the nitty gritty of life in your community, on your street. It’s about the reality of your life at work.

Real politics for me is about empowering people who don’t have a lot of money and don’t have friends in high places so they can take control of their own circumstances.

My job as leader, and our job as the Labour Party, is to champion those people, to stand up for those communities and push for change.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Corbyn is the only political leader in this country both in touch with the real issues facing people in this country and with the potential to change their daily reality across the UK.

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  1. Could you add the video links to his speeches if you can get them please. A lot of people would come on your site if they were on them.

    1. Well this is embarrassing. Your question made me wonder if JC’s speeches might find their way onto YouTube and it turns out Labour has a channel you can subscribe to. Not ‘THE’ Labour Party, just ‘Labour Party’ for some reason.
      I can hardly believe I never thought to look before – and I don’t even know whether his speeches appear there, sorry.

      1. I didn’t know about it either! Posters of a certain age…..? Well me anyway

      2. Thanks for that, I just added it on my YouTube channel. It would be good to have notification links to his live speeches on the website as well.

  2. Jeremy Corbyn, the man the PLP vilified from day one and who has been subjected to an extremely vicious,sustained and unprecedented campaign of character assassination is the reason we are ahead in the polls. The smears has failed , the mud hasn’t stuck. People see that Jeremy is a good and sincere man, uninterested in self promotion and whose aim is to end austerity and make this country a better place for the many not the few. He is the greatest asset the party has ever had – a genuinely caring man of the people.

    1. I rather hope Jeremy’s more of a “Polls? Never mind the polls, what policy ideas have you got?” kind of a leader.

  3. Smartboy. Yes, and despite everything you say there are still people in the Labour Party and the PLP who are doing their best to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

    Corbyn is the best chance we have had for decades to get a true Labour Government into power but to do it we must ostracise people such as Watson, Kinnock, Elman and Hodge etc, who have their own agenda which most definitely does not include Corbyn other than to undermine him.

    1. The latest scam is Assange.Creasy ,Phillips and 69 others apparently are supporting the government in demanding Assange be sent back to Sweden for “to be tried for rape”.Corbyn has been weak in his response to the arrest of Assange,but this is not good enough for the 71 PLP members.

      1. I read somewhere that accusations of rape were either never made or have been withdrawn – the piece was short on detail.
        If that is the case then there is no case and the Swedish legal system should soon be able to clarify their position on extradition.
        Were they to request it on a pretext with the intention of later granting a US extradition application that the UK would have denied – that would be serious – but exactly what we expect from right wing governments.

  4. How absolutely typical of them.

    Hopefully soon to be 71 ex-PLP members!

    (Cheers for sharing your experience of email-alert-blocking the other day, btw. Good to know I’m not alone…)

  5. ….and you go on complaining about other party members leaking things – how did you get this piece – what hypocracy

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