Mail spends EIGHT pages telling readers: Corbyn’s going to win next GE

Right-wing rag’s panic warning gives away more than might have been intended

Sometimes we give away more than we mean.

The Mail on Sunday’s front page blares to its readers that it’s ‘essential’ to ‘protect your cash’ from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – which is a frank admission that they think he’s going to win the next general election and that they think it’s probably going to be soon.

It’s also a pretty frank admission the Tories are all about the wealthy. Who knew, eh?

SKWAWKBOX comment:

No wonder the media are throwing around yet more mouldering ‘dead cats’, with Labour showing a solid lead in most polls of voting intention.

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  1. Daily Hate , (reminds me I must buy some more bog rolls ) just another way of ” getting the vote out” .Fear , it always works .

    1. ohh ffs I see the JLM are at it again ” Labour leadership is AS.”
      When oh when are Labour going to dis-affiliate itself from these rabid Zionists .
      Must be we are ahead in the polls again , yawwwnnnn zzzzzzz
      Long live the JVL now there’s a group worth affiliating with.

      1. ‘Although it is the Labour Party’s official Jewish affiliate, the JLM does not require its members to be Jewish, or even to be members of the Labour Party. It is a huge security risk to Labour as it provides an opportunity for supporters of other political organisations to infiltrate and sabotage Labour affairs.’


      2. And I should add that the Sunday Times hit-job was based on “leaked emails”.

        NB Re the voxpolitical article I linked to in an earlier post, which is of the opinion that the Sunday Times ‘story’ was published today so as to influence the JLM vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, the result of the motion was a foregone conclusion and the ST knew it, so the JLM vote was never a factor as such.

  2. Let’s hope you’re right skwawky. And anybody actually reading their dross will already have made their minds up, so it’s not going to lose JC any support.

    1. Don’t underestimate the function of the propaganda press at the margins in swinging and consolidating any vote.

      This should be seen as part of a continuous campaign – like the Brexit propaganda.

      1. RH, Generally I think that’s right. I just think that this piece of rubbish is at right at the margin. Hopefully it might even make some Mail readers who aren’t well off question why the piece is relevant to them (sorry, I’m being ridiculously optimistic aren’t I)

  3. Who’s cash ? Do the poor misbegotten Mail readers have any cash ? The Filthy rich …YEAH They should watch their cash but they DO anyway , don’t they . They don’t need Corbyn to stuff their ;
    loot in foreign accounts ,or in far away property !

  4. I bought up all the right wing rags from local newsagents on the morning of the last general election and threw them straight in the bin.

    I will be doing the same again this time.

  5. The first thing the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition did (then carried on by the Tories with gusto) when making the political choice of austerity was to give tax cuts to millionaires, big business corporations, hedge funds etc so the rich and powerful were INSULATED FROM AUSTERITY so the wealthy and their Tory backers have form.
    But what is the worst thing that will happen to them if we get a Corbyn Govt – that they pay their true fare share of taxes to society.
    One doubts if any of them will end up homeless and on rhe streets selling the excellent Big Issue!
    Best of luck to people who have been successful in life but if we can end poverty and homeless, poverty pay, build the homes that are needed etc. then how much sweeter will success taste.

  6. After having returned from a mornings doorstep canvassing I can say with confidence that the majority of those to whom I spoke either supported or were not against the people voting on whatever deal emerges.

  7. Note the JLM is attacking Corbyn and Labour once again.

    It is worth rehearsing what this movement is :

    “”To maintain and promote Labour or Socialist Zionism as the movement for self-determination of the Jewish people within the state of Israel” and “To promote the centrality of Israel in Jewish life and its development on the basis of freedom, social justice and equality for all its citizens.” [‘Socialist Zionism’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one].

    i.e it’s aim is to support Israel and its underpinning zionism – i.e. the practise and theory of an apartheid state.

    It is absurd that Labour Party members can belong to a movement that openly subscribes to racist philosophy and practise – it should be treated as an antagonistic organisation, just like any other political party, since it is absurd that Labour should consider it otherwise, given that many Jews do not subscribe to its aims.

    Accepting it as *the* voice of the Jewish community is absurd. It is an Israeli front organisation, and it needs to be questioned pointedly about what it supports instead of being accommodated.

    Note Netanyahu’s latest – pledge to annex West Bank settlements based on stolen land and ethnic cleansing. Should Labour be placating an organisation that effectively supports this?

  8. This is no different from the lead up to the GE in 2017 with an even bigger spread in the Mail repeating the same shite. Only this time they know he is electable so they will be even more ferocious in their smears. Note JLM proposing vote of no confidence today with the Times regirtiating the antisemitism accusations and LBC yet again inviting anti Corbyn Jewish groups to make their point. Dont forget Hodge in the background along with Ton Watson ready to sensationalise this all over again.

  9. Think of all those people in pain and on a waiting list for an NHS operation, the elderly and disabled who are degraded by inadequate care, the people on zero hours contracts earning the minimum wage who go to food banks because they can’t afford a weekly trip to the cheapest supermarket,the students facing astronomical debts , the sick and disabled struggling within by a benefit system designed to cause as them as much misery and hardship as possible,the homeless living on the streets or in temporary accommodation, the commuters being ripped off by excessive fares for unreliable overcrowded trains, the people who can’t afford to bury their dead, the parents whose children are being educated in dilapidated schools without sufficient books etc. If these people and their friends relations and neighbours who witness the daily struggle inflicted on them by the most vicious and uncaring government ever, decide to vote Tory then I fear we would be facing an electoral wipe out. However most people take what the Daily Mail and the rest of the gutter press say with a pinch of salt. Most people even if they are not directly suffering the effects of Tory austerity themselves are sufficiently decent to care about the state the poor and vulnerable have been reduced to in this,the 5th richest country in the world. They will recognise this Daily Mail article for the Tory propaganda piece that it is – it’s not worth the paper its printed on.

    1. The following are a couple of articles from August 2016 which I just came across. The first one is entitled:

      ‘Trotsky’ Evidence Comes from Labour’s Leading Right Wing Think Tank


      And then there’s an article immediately afterwards entitled: Momentum’s ‘Alternative Labour Party Conference’ Is No Such Thing, with the sub-headline: This week Momentum were accused of organising a “rival” conference to the Labour Party. But for years, huge corporations have been doing exactly the same thing.

  10. JLM – Have just passed a motion of No Confidence in JC. Surely it is high time the Labour Party’s membership passed a motion of No Confidence in JLM

    1. It will be interesting to see the response. I fear the usual crumbling and obeisance to Israel.

      There has to be an explicit detachment of the Labour movement from the apartheid of zionism.

    2. SteveH, The trouble is that that (desirable as it might be) would be portrayed as yet more evidence of ‘anti-semitism’. My view is that it’s more effective to support and build up JVL as an alternative Jewish organisation in the Party, formally affiliated to it. JLM would hate that far more than being no confidenced.

      1. “The trouble is that that (desirable as it might be) would be portrayed as yet more evidence of ‘anti-semitism’. ”

        Simon – I fear that there is no way through to honesty without confronting the pretence and dissimulation of the JLM – a group now totally captured by the right.

        I think that membership of the JLM should be seen by constituencies as evidence that any MP is a member of a political group that is (a) antagonistic towards the Lbour Party and (b) a supporter of Israel’s policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing. There should be no accommodation to subservience to such attitudes. Zionism is not compatible with international law or the principles of the Labour Party : this is far beyond the normal spectrum of within-party disagreement.

        Meanwhile, agree that the JVL should be embraced as a body in tune with humanitarian principles.

        But there is an absolute need to call out the JLM and not placate its horrendous support for the murder and persecution of Palestinians.

      2. Simon Dewsbury 07/04/2019 at 6:28 pm

        I have made similar comments on this site in the past but I have slowly come to the conclusion that it is better to remove this tumour, it is no secret that JLM is an arm of the Israeli State and once you take this on-board it is quite easy to see that the party have a responsibility to stop giving JLM the credibility that its affiliation to Labour bestows on it. There may be some short term bad PR, which should be robustly countered, but surely this is better than a parasitic organisation repeatedly trying to sabotage the party’s election prospects from within the party.
        The only credibility JLM have is derived from their affiliation to our Labour Party. Cast them free and they will quickly be recognised for what they are are, nothing more than yet another Zionist pressure group

      3. Simon, appreciate what you say but attempts are being made to force us to our knees.
        We aim for tolerance but Labour’s entire history is one of standing up to bullies empowered by wealth incarnate while maintaining a civil demeanour – which some of us are now ready to drop instantly at one lie, one smear too many.
        It would be a shame if the bullies’ sidekicks turned out to be largely innocents – unwitting agents of a hitherto-friendly foreign power – but witting or not no-one should imagine Labour will crawl.
        Those who presently consider us their enemies would show the wisdom they aspire to by avoiding delusions of omnipotence and considering the possible consequences of dismissing the rise of the right as the lesser danger.

      4. Steve, I’ve thought about your post and I think you may have changed my mind on this. As you say, the long term gain may be worth it.
        However, in practical terms, treating the JLM as they have treated JC may be difficult. I hope that you agree with me that supporting the growth of Jewish Voice for Labour is also a good tactic. JVL should be formally affiliated as soon as possible.

      5. Simon Dewsbury 08/04/2019 at 7:26 pm

        I agree about JVL. Have you noticed that JVL have replaced Momentum on the JLM hit-list.

        Apparently JLM were so impressed by Momentum’s how to spot AS film (do you remember the hilarity that caused) that they are no longer a ‘designated organisation’

        Unfortunately the JLM hit-list now includes “CLPD, the LRC and JVL”. They are all deemed by JML to be guilty of having “acted… to protect and support those engaging in antisemitism”.

        As far as I can work out all that would be needed to oust JLM is for a conference motion to be passed and their affiliation to Labour would be cancelled. JLM don’t have a god given right to affiliation with the Labour Party, it is a privilege that JLM have abused.

      6. Steve, that’s interesting. If the power is in the hands of Conference then it might be more practical than I’d thought.

      1. And this also on the Sun’s website re the Sunday Times smear:

        LABOUR’S HATE SHAME Labour activists who blamed 9/11 on Jews and claimed Theresa May bombed Manchester are allowed to stay in party


        NB Needless to say it’s just pure coincidence that the Sunday Times ‘story’ appeared on the same day as the JLM No Confidence vote. NOT! There may or may not be a general election in the pipeline, but then the local council elections are happening in a few weeks and I think we can be absolutely certain that the corporate media and the LP saboteurs will be conjuring up everything they can – as they ARE! – to make sure it’s a bad result for Jeremy so that the Blairites can tell him to resign as leader OR mount another leadership challenge if he doesn’t.

    3. Agreed. Why do the Labour Party need Paole Zion (JLM) when they can have JVL, an organisation that is not linked to a foreign power that seeks to impose its will on a British political party and violate the democratic mandate of its members.

  11. Note that “The Heil” has mocked-up a picture of Corbyn that shows him (a) sneering, and (b) wearing a ‘Lenin’ cap.

    Not exactly a subtle message: you can smell it from a mile off.

    But what I really despise is that in the wake of the recent attack on Corbyn and the revelation that soldiers have using his image as target practice, this odious publication has the gall to falsely portray him in this way. It shows the driven desperation of those who rule us. We know that Corbyn is in reality a moderate social democrat, such as existed in the Attlee government of 1945. Our ruling class sees a Bolshevik – a mis-identification that can only be based on a combination of deep guilt and a fear they evidently find almost impossible to control..

  12. I just checked out the Jewish Labour Movement’s website, and on the page about joining and becoming a member (under the heading ‘Our Objectives’) it says the following:

    To maintain and promote Labour or Socialist Zionism as the movement for self-determination of the Jewish people within the state of Israel.

    And at the bottom of the page it says:

    JLM is also an affiliate of the World Labour Zionist Movement and supports the Jerusalem Programme of the WZO.


    1. Precisely. It condemns itself – Zionism is not something that Labour should endorse. It’s hardly news that it forms the basis of Palestinian exclusion, exile and suffering.

      It’s not difficult to understand. So that leaves open the question as to what the f. Gordon Brown thinks he’s up to.

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