Corbyn and Ocasio-Cortez hand Daily Mail easy headline with transatlantic plot discussion

Labour leader offers advice to famous US left-winger

When famous US left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was stumped by a plot she had been left in charge of for a period of months, she took the unusual step of appealing for help on social media – and received support from an experienced plotter: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

No, not that kind of plot.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez has temporarily inherited a community garden and appealed for help with ideas for edible and decorative planting – and Corbyn, well-known for his passion for his allotment, promptly chipped in with some ideas:

It’s surely only a matter of time until the Daily Mail or Sunday Times runs headlines about ‘LEFT-WING ECO-EXTREMISTS IN TRANSATLANTIC PLOT!!‘ – especially with many expecting a general election and Corbyn’s Labour surging past the Tories in polls of Westminster voting intention.

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  1. Let’s look forward to JC doing a guest spot on Gardeners Question Time!

    1. As is her Democrat colleague Ilhan Omar

      Jewish, Muslim and Progressive Leaders Welcome “Anti-Hate” Resolution
      Grassroots Coalition Defeats Efforts to Smear and Reprimand Rep. Ilhan Omar
      WASHINGTON – A grassroots campaign by dozens of organizations has flooded Democratic leadership with phone calls and emails over the past few days, urging them to condemn real bigotry and drop the bad-faith attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

      If it is possible to fight back against AIPAC surely the same is possible against JLM.

      1. Its great – the US left is growing in strength feeding off our successes. We can both learn from each other. Then we can revitalise the left in Europe.

  2. The Daily Mail will probably accuse Corbyn of growing pot with Ocasio-Cortez !?

  3. It’s a good job I’m not the despairing type but when the vile Margaret Hodge bounces back into our media with her A/S accusations and the naive Shami Chakrabarti implores the treacherous JLM to stay in the Party, telling them ‘don’t worry, Jeremy won’t be there forever’. It makes one wonder if there’s anyone apart from Chris Williamson in the Party who gets it?

    1. Baroness Chakrabarti of Kennington joined the Labour Party in 2016. Her comment shows you, not who, but what she is. Ask yourself why Margaret Hodge, Louise Ellman & the other traditional Blairites are using Anti-Semitism as a stick to beat Jeremy Corbyn. Mainly because they despise Socialism, but also because they support the Tony Blair European Project.
      Yes! I sometimes wonder about the quality of many MPs in the Labour Party. The pro-Zionist lobby grows stronger as Palestinians are slaughtered.

    2. Yes – Chakrabati is naive. But she’s not the devil incarnate, or ‘one of them’ or…. or…

      And that’s the point. The ‘antisemitism’ fake narrative has become deeply embedded in the collective consciousness, whilst the facts have become excluded.

      Try talking to the average non-obsessive who is a Labour supporter, and would never vote Tory. Such are often not aware of how deep the propaganda on the subject goes. They tend to be puzzled by the ‘furore’, having never seen any evidence of antisemitism, to be sceptical – but they often have no grasp of the degree of the information shut-down.

      Then consider the large proportion of the population who are not particularly politically committed, and how they are subjected to this propaganda stream. And therein lies the seriousness of the complicity of media in concealing rather than revealing.

      That’s why getting wound up about BBC News by identifying it as a ‘Tory plot’ is beside the point and inaccurate. It’s far more serious than that : those who voice biased attitudes, by and large, are not simply ‘Tories’ – they have absorbed a taken-for-granted narrative that they don’t hesitate in voicing. That’s how real propaganda works. And what should be frightening for the ‘jewish community’ (however defined) is, obviously, not Corbyn, but the adoption of techniques that come from the Germany of the 1930s used in their name.

      And yes, my guess is that many of those in the Labour Party who assent to the JLM narrative have no idea of what they are assenting to : the support of an apartheid regime based on the suppression of a native community and its ethnic cleansing.

      It’s no good just berating them as ‘centrists’, ‘rightists’, ‘Blairites’ etc. The problem is far deeper, and simply labelling them changes nothing.

      1. Fine, Comrade, ‘it’s not enough’, ‘it’s not enough’, ‘it’s not enough’ got that but where do you suggest one goes from there! Of course, name calling is ‘not enough’ but what else can one do when one is one of the anonymous masses who sees a Parliament which is no longer a genuine democratic institution (and probably hasn’t been since Thatcher) with Parties, especially the Labour Party as a stumbling machine for just treating the likes of me as some type of ‘lunatic’, that is I am a dyed in the wool Anarcho Commie and have been since I left Killing for the Queen, and as just voting fodder! Whilst the CLPs, especially in the South West, choose potential councillors and MPs who wouldn’t know a Socialist policy or plan if it bit their arses! At the same time they’re the type of people who as councillors generally behave as though ‘activism’ is solely turning up to council meetings and MPs behave as if a Parliament, dedicated to a Royal family which is as rich as Croesus, is as democratic as we can be and turning up there is, again, the be all and end all of activism! Finally, as a working class man I have seen both Tories and Labour actively destroy a Trades Union movement, which with all its faults was the only bunch of organisations where one felt as though they could be actively part of changing things where as now Trades Unionism means nothing to working people other than individuals who wear nice frocks and suits and walk and talk exactly like managers and the bosses of Capital with very few honourable exceptions! So, ‘name calling is not enough’ but at the moment it’s all we’ve fucking got!👿

      2. No, Tony – I wasn’t posing a ‘[solution’. And I get, and experience, the frustration. I’ve had it continually from 1979 – and have seen our children grow to adulthood – now heading to middle age – without ever experiencing a radical government.

        What I’m saying is that name calling – like kicking the cat – doesn’t actually achieve much (even though I do enough of it myself). Beyond that, I also believe at misdiagnosing what is actually happening in the capture of the narrative isn’t a great starting point for actually finding a solution or beginning to counter what is happening.

        But a start might be pushing back against the penetration of that narrative amongst supporters of Labour who are not the cyniical exploiters of it. As some CLPs have shown, it will provoke all sorts of shit slinging, and the NEC disciplinary structure has been cowed into trying to shut up those who tell it as it is about the JLM nexus. But screw fakery – a continuing push-back on the reality is a start.

  4. One need not dig too much to expose the anti-semite conspiracy beneath this “innocent” exchange. The 4×4 “small garden” is obviously the small Land Of Israel, which Cortez hints is abused by the 4×4 Zionist occupation armoured vehicles. The “have to attend” is obviously allowed to the BDS, which as we all know, after reading the Jewish Chronicle and the Israeli Embassy memorandums, is anti-Semitic to its core. Now. Pay attention to Corbyn response. he said bees! obviously he hints to the Land of Milk and Honey, and the dirty hands of the Zionist in that “small garden”. In short, he alloweds to the “racist endeavour”!
    If you think that the above is a bit too conspiratorial, try to read some newspapers, or watch the BBC.

  5. “No, not that kind of plot.”
    “No, not not ‘helping a lady with her garden’ in that sense.

  6. It’s worthwhile having a look at the all encompassing condemnation motion that JLM passed, it really doesn’t have a good word for anybody (apart from Momentum, but more on that later).

    The motion said that the party leadership – including its NEC, the shadow cabinet and the general secretary – had “fundamentally failed to address antisemitism” and “continue to provoke” JLM by, for example, ending the use of the body for antisemitism training.

    The JLM motion resolved: “To make a proclamation stating that we have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn and our belief that he is unfit to be Prime Minister.”

    However Lansman must have been polishing up his Zionist credentials because Momentum have been removed from the JLM’s hit-list and replaced by JVL. Momentum have been praised by JLM “Momentum has, for the last year, committed itself to tackling antisemitism within the Labour Party and wider society, through educational videos directed at Labour Party members, calling out and reporting antisemitic posts online, and joining JLM and other groups in protest against the likes of David Icke & Gilad Atzmon.”

    The JLM hit-list now includes “CLPD, the LRC and JVL”. They are deemed by JML to be guilty of having “acted… to protect and support those engaging in antisemitism”.

    The thing that stands out to me is the sheer arrogance of JLM. Considering they could only manage to muster 150 members for their much publicised AGM they certainly have an over inflated opinion of themselves. It’s not exactly what you’d call a mass movement , is it?

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