Chronicle pushes more fake news to discredit Holocaust survivors’ pro-Labour letter

Attempt to discredit pro-Labour letter published by Charedi Jews involves yet more misleading claims

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX published an open letter signed by twelve Holocaust survivors supporting the Labour Party. The letter also appeared in the Sunday Times.

The resolutely anti-Labour Jewish Chronicle (JC) immediately attacked the letter – and went so far as making false claims about the authors and doubting the authenticity of an earlier letter that the paper had already admitted was genuine after first claiming it was not.

In a follow-up, the Chronicle added more fake news to an article claiming that ‘at least half’ of the letter’s signatories did not know what they were signing – and that one was so ‘distressed’ when she found out that she contacted the ‘Shomrim’ – the Orthodox special constabulary:

The SKWAWKBOX spoke to the senior Shomrim member in question and he told a very different story:

Nobody from the Jewish Chronicle has contacted me about this, but let me tell you where this is coming from. I work for [the signatory’s] family and it wasn’t that she didn’t know what she was signing, it was just that she didn’t want her name to be publicised in the Times.

She was a bit concerned because she hadn’t understood that her name would appear, but she was calling me because I work for the family, not because of Shomrim.

The Jewish Chronicle hasn’t spoken to me about it. I’m really upset at them using Shomrim in this way.

The article also fails to substantiate its headline claim that ‘at least half’ of the twelve signatories didn’t understand what they were signing. Of the remaining eleven who signed, one is a businessman included by the JC not on the basis that he didn’t understand, but because other members of his family described the issue as ‘too painful’ to discuss.

Another two are included in the ‘at least half’ on the grounds that family members – not the signatories themselves – said they were ‘unlikely’ to have read the letter in full before signing.

Shraga Stern, who coordinated the signatures, told the SKWAWKBOX:

Everyone who signed the letter knew what they were signing – some of them even suggested amendments. But some of them have been shaken by the strength of reaction against the letter – there have even been attacks on their standing as Holocaust survivors.

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