“Hilariously disingenuous” Watson “obnoxious bully” at full NEC meeting. But gets ‘pasting’ in return

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson again accused of appalling behaviour at an NEC meeting – but NEC members were in no mood
Tom Watson

Last week, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson was accused of “vile” and “appalling” behaviour after he disrupted a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) ‘disputes panel’ when cases involving his allies and opponents were on the agenda for discussion.

It was the first time he had ever attended a disputes panel meeting.

At this week’s full meeting of the NEC, it seems Watson was determined to continue his run of poor behaviour – having already been ‘carpeted‘ by colleagues at the latest Shadow Cabinet meeting for his policy gaffe over Labour’s position on Theresa May’s attempts to get her awful Brexit deal over the parliamentary line.

However, Watson found the NEC in little mood to let his behaviour slide.

One Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

Tom was generally being a vile and obnoxious bully. He got quite a hard time from members about a range of his bad behaviours.

Another said:

Tom only stayed until his own report report was finished. He didn’t seem to have his phone on him this time [one of Watson’s disruptions at the Disputes meeting was his refusal to hand over his phone in keeping with NEC policy] but he had his sidekick with him. His report was hilariously disingenuous and he got a right pasting in questions.

NEC member Pete Willsman also touched on the backlash – euphemistically – in his public report on the meeting:

In the following discussion a large number of very perceptive questions were put to the Deputy Leader by CLP and TU reps, in relation to his recent statements and actions. The Deputy Leader responded at length to the questions, many of which were somewhat critical.

Watson was also in the news this week for his failure to suspend his chief of staff – well-known right-wing peer Alicia Kennedy – after she was accused of racially-driven bullying by a former staff member. The industrial tribunal case is scheduled for September.

In response to his performance as deputy leader, he is the subject of a censure motion expected to be passed by hundreds of constituency Labour parties.

Tom Watson was contacted for comment but did not respond by the time of publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Tom Watson is unfit for the role he is blocking and has no place on the NEC. It’s high time he showed some courage and gave Labour members a chance to replace him.

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  1. How much longer are we going to have to put up with Watson the waster before some one has the guts to stand against him?

  2. The problem with the left is we don’t have a lobby, personally i would need help in isolating his actions with reference to the rule book ,including dates and which rule he has broken and why .

  3. I can’t see the point of constantly sniping at Watson, when nobody sesee to want his job.
    It’s just washing dirty linen in public, and giving the media the excuse to say ‘disarray’.

  4. There has to be a national campaign to redress the gener inbalance that has existed between the Labour Party Leader and the Labour party Deputy leader since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as our Leader. Watson should have been removed from the position he holds purely and simply on Gender Equality and an election taken place with only Female contenders. If there is a will to do this then the membership should be given a vote asap.

  5. What does Tom Watson have to do next for NEC to act & chuck him out of Labour altogether. Seeing his mug on front bench when Jeremy is speaking really gets my back up. Tom Watson is a traitor to the Labour Party and its future success. Long overdue for Watson to be given his P45. What does it take? For mere mortals like myself we’d have been shown door a very long time ago.

    1. What does it take?

      A good start would be for an MP to challenge Watson for the Deputy Leadership before the this year’s conference.

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