Excl: note to Labour MPs explains why party backing Kyle amendment

Labour is backing the ‘Kyle-Wilson amendment’ not to ratify any Brexit deal without a ‘confirmatory’ public vote. A note sent to MPs and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX explains the decision

Labour has decided to back an amended version of the ‘Beckett/Kyle/Wilson’ amendment – which has become known by the shorthand of ‘the le amendment’ – in a Commons vote today. The amendment states that Parliament will not ratify any withdrawal agreement before it passes a ‘confirmatory’ public vote.

A briefing now circulated to Labour MPs and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX explains the party’s reasoning:

Why we are today backing the Beckett-Kyle-Wilson Amendment on a public vote

Today is about Parliament exploring alternatives to May’s botched deal.

Labour has said that all options in line with our policy should be on the table to prevent May’s deal or a disastrous ‘no deal’.

Labour’s proposed deal remains our preferred solution: based on a customs union, close alignment with single market, and dynamic alignment on rights, standards and protections.

If Labour’s deal cannot be secured, then a public vote remains an option backed by Labour to prevent a disastrous No Deal Brexit or a Tory Brexit deal.

Our conference agreed that if we cannot get a General Election we would support all options remaining on the table, including a public vote. Labour is supporting the Beckett-Kyle-Wilson Amendment (even where it can be read as going beyond our policy) to keep the option of a public vote on the table in order to stop a disastrous no deal or May’s unacceptable deal.

Labour’s priority is to deliver our credible Brexit plan which respects our commitment to accept the result of the referendum. Today we are supporting all options that enable us to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit or No Deal being forced on the country.

In spite of Labour’s backing, the amendment is expected to be defeated. As Labour has outlined above, the move is an exploratory one to gauge which options might have parliamentary support – and to keep ‘all options open’ for defeating May’s disastrous and unworkable deal, as Labour’s conference policy mandates.

Labour’s priority remains to deliver Brexit – but it must be Labour’s Brexit, which the EU has already welcomed as ‘heavenly’, for the sake of the country.

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  1. May would have prefaced this with her classic “Now I just want to be absolutely clear”

  2. They’ve lost my vote then. We’ve had 3 years of pro remain propaganda rammed down our throats. This propaganda has been short on truth and long on fear. We’ve been told people can change their minds but we’ve not been given anything like balanced judgement. We’ve had unlimited money thrown at frightful people into changing their minds. Therefore a further vote will not be democratic.

    1. “We’ve had 3 years of pro remain propaganda rammed down our throats.”

      You really are in La La Land. Of two major parties, none has represented the preference of half the nation!

      What you mean is that in three years, the Brexit camp of the ERG puppeteers hasn’t managed to make a coherent case.

      Don’t cry at the essentially incompetence of your preference.

      1. P.S. Why the fear? All the MSM propaganda sheets are backing you. Has the public seen through the propaganda?

      2. @RH

        If there is any crying to be done, it’s that 650 idiots can’t deliver democracy.

        There will be fallout for this (after all, look how the remain campaign has gone since the referendum).

        Question is, what exactly will the fallout be? Example, if democracy doesn’t exist, then it’s laws and institutions are also irrelevant…

    2. Gave up on Labour months ago, because they are the party of the have slightly less than the richest. They are going to send an exodus of voters (no point squandering your vote on a party that doesn’t care, Bliar taught us all that)

      UKIP are going to come back from the grave (I genuinely thought they were dead after brexit).

      It’s proof that democracy, left and right or good guys Vs bad guys is complete rubbish.

      The question now is, if the Yellow Vests surface here in the UK, how many will decide to be Black Blocks?

      1. You have described New Labour perfectly when you talk about the party of the slightly less wealthy.

        You have also described the precise antithesis of Corbyn’s Labour.

        It is inconceivable that anyone could genuinely believe what you have written while claiming to be a long-standing Labour voter. The cognitive dissonance would be fatal.

      2. “Corbyn’s Labour” has constituencies in the south and major cities run by people like you, RH and SteveH etc. You’re educated, have done pretty good from neoliberalism and you’re all social democrats with strong feelings on Palestine and identity politics. As a lifelong Socialist, I have nothing in common with you and you have shown since 5he referendum, you don’t give a toss about the working class. Nor do you want to change economics. In my opinion, you have stolen Labour.

      3. lundiel 27/03/2019 at 7:03 pm · ·

        you’re all social democrats

        Well you’ve got that wrong I’m proud to be a member of the Labour Party a democratic socialist party. Surely it says the same on your membership card.

        As a lifelong Socialist, I have nothing in common with you

        Well that is a disappointment, the Labour Party is a broad church and welcomes a wide range of opinions from the left. Maybe if you made an effort to embrace Labour’s core belief in democratic socialism it may help you to integrate better with the majority of party members.

      4. lundiel

        I hope you DO have something in common with strong feelings about Palestine…

      5. Watson.

        Just ten names off the top of my head. And the party has (or had…) many more.

        Meanwhile, people struggle to keep a roof over their heads whilst holding down multiple jobs. The disabled are persecuted. Taxes are dodged.

        Cognitive dissonance would be fatal…Only to folks like yourself that don’t want to admit their being led up the garden path. Wasn’t pleasant for me either, but it doesn’t change that I’m a leftie with no representation.

        What’s Corbyn going to do exactly? He’s been drowned by claims of anti semitism alone…Lovely chap, but Labour needs someone with teeth.

      6. ” constituencies in the south and major cities run by people like you,”

        Actually, lundiel, you will find a lot more variety in constituency parties than your self-made desert island would allow.

        I’ve no idea about SteveH, but I grew up after the most successful settlement that this country has had – shaped by a broad-based Labour Party. And I’ve never forgotten it and the history that shaped it..Social democracy did quite well, in fact – and I haven’t got enough time to argue about angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin definitions whilst the ERG?Bulihgdon types run away with the loot, aided by their Lexiteer ‘socialist’ friends.

        Currently – I’m where the largest part of the nation is – with an income somewhat below the median, and reasonably ‘comfortable’ – but never forgetting that there are people who struggle every day.

        Your resentful typification of the larger part of the ordinary nation is no more than that. It isn’t ‘socialist’. It’s just grudging and resentful, and has nothing to do with actually changing the situation that has created a whole range of inequalities and injustices for the better.

        Socialism is about more than wallowing in a pile of shit and throwing lumps at passing strangers.

  3. Tom Watson will be pleased, as will Jess Phillips. I heard Phillips say that she was upset for a week after the referendum result………..now that’s another good reason to vote Leave.

  4. Tearful Tories queuing up to tell the BBC how selflessly May has put country above self and above party by offering to leave – whereas the truth is she’s demanding they accept her piss-poor ‘deal’ as her price for quitting – giving her the consolation prize of a last semblance of success to set against the years of abject failure.

    BBC fucktard even Google doesn’t have a photo of: “I know there have been other polls putting Labour ahead but this is a YouGov one putting the Tories ahead.”
    Must be true then.

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