Downing St’s text message to Tory MPs signalling May’s departure

Text tells MPs she will step down if deal passes, so Tories can elect new leader

A text message sent by Downing Street to MPs says May will step down after ‘phase 1’ of the Brexit process:

In practice, this means no later than 22 May as shown – the end of the maximum Article 50 extension offered by the EU – although May might still plead for a longer extension.

This would put a new Tory leader in place in time for the Conservative conference this autumn.

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  1. Can 326 idiots push through the deal that neither side wants?

    It’s a spectacular demonstration of how crap our parliament is…

  2. james brokenbritain….sorry, brokenshire on ch4 news just now: “We’ll give the country what we were tasked with and will have DELUDED…sorry delivered it to the nation…”

  3. Theresa May has demonstrated on a number of occasions that her word means nothing She said there would be no election- there was. On the Dementia tax she said nothing had changed – it had. She said we would leave the EU on 29 March – we’re not. She said no deal is better than a bad deal – she’s back pedaled on that too. Now she says she’ll stand down before the next phase of Brexit if her deal goes through. If I was a Tory which thankfully I am not I want more than Theresa Mays word given her record

  4. A dysfunctional prime minister, a dysfunctional government, a dysfunctional parliament … and an opposition that doesn’t, whilst running a series of kangaroo courts.

    We even need a Pole to give an honest reality check – whilst the world holds its sides whilst waiting to mop up the gravy.

    What a f.up!

      1. The BBC – Bollocks Broadcasting Co. Opposed to real democracy.

        It’s really something when a ‘neoliberal’ talks more obvious sense than a supposed supporter of the left.

        The real neoliberal gulls are the ERG fellow travellers. If the cap fits …

    1. Absolutely, RH. The Opposition have really let themselves down. I fear this nation will welcome a new Tory leader, and will return then as PM when the next General Election is held.

      1. If you want to attack Labour instead of the Tories why don’t you and RH go to Conservative home? More your scene.

  5. I’m starting to soften towards leaving.
    Two Tory prime ministers fatally poisoned and it’s not over yet.
    This is not just any dog’s brexfast…

    1. Yes – but how many f’ing Tory prime ministers do you want? Like those targets in the shooting gallery, they keep popping back up. And then there’s the spares on the Labour right/JLM box.

  6. I’m getting fed up with these useless idiots we call MP’s! They can vote to send our brave servicemen/women to be killed or maimed without batting an eyelid but ask them to vote on Brexit and they can’t do it. I’d make them stay in parliament over the weekend with no catering or bar, then I’d say “You’re not getting paid nor claim expenses until you’ve agreed a deal.” Talk about embarrassing themselves, they’re utterly useless!

  7. Theresa May knows that her deal won’t get through the parliament which is why she offered to resign if it does. This fake offer has led to gushing about her principles and her patriotism from the BBC – her cheer leaders in chief- the rest of the MSM and Tory MPs most of whom can’t wait to get rid of her .
    Tellingly she has refused to say what she will do when the Deal is rejected. I think she’ll refuse to go and we will be stuck with her for some time to come – she won’t resign, the Tory party can’t under their rules oust her for another 9 months and very few of them would support a Labour VONC which would result in a General Election after which many of them along with the (un)Funny Tingers and ex Labour Independents would lose their jobs.

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