MSM persist in downplaying seriousness of assault on Corbyn – but horrific death threat emerges

Corbyn’s son posts details of explicit death threat made by attacker – as media quip about ‘egg-presser’ in spite of custodial sentence

John Murphy, the man who violently assaulted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was jailed today for twenty-eight days after admitting the assault.

In spite of the custodial sentence, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media have persisted in trivialising the assault, describing Murphy as a man who ‘pressed’ an egg onto Corbyn’s head in spite of the violence of the attack described by witnesses.

But Corbyn’s son Tommy took one journalist to task this evening on social media, posting a screenshot of an explicit – and admitted – death threat made on Facebook by the same John Murphy:

Corbyn Jr tweeted the image in evident anger to the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, who had made a quip about the incident and sentence:

Maguire had not yet responded at the time of writing.

However much the media attempt to downplay the seriousness of the incident – after all, it wouldn’t do to portray Corbyn as someone brave and deserving of sympathy – there is no denying the phenomenon that the constant negative and dishonest media portrayals have created.

Another apparently threatening appeared today on an anti-Corbyn Facebook group in the wake of Murphy’s sentencing:

The media, including the BBC, have been criticised for constantly doorstepping Jeremy Corbyn in a manner that reveals his address – and those criticisms look irrefutably justified in the light of such comments.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The media’s behaviour has been a disgrace since Corbyn won the Labour leadership. A disgrace that has been shown to have real-life consequences.

If only there was any prospect of them learning their lesson – but such is their desperation to undermine Labour’s prospects that it would be pure wishful thinking.

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  1. The scumbag knows what he was doing by putting an egg in his hand. He clearly punches Jeremy in the head . This scumbag was out to do damage and had an excuse ready. This man is a clear danger and all played down because he egged a politician. Ffs its so obvious,and the whole media and political establishment plays it down! They know what’s going on, Shame on the whole lot of them.

  2. I complained to the BBC when the initial incident occurred saying they had underplayed the seriousness of the assault,used schoolboy language-“egging ” and afforded the event little coverage. The initial response defended their position citing two links,one of which didn’t exist and the other continued to refer to an egg being thrown .I replied saying they had not responded to my concerns and that the assault should refer to a punch. The second,self satisfied reply stated they had reviewed their initial response and could find no fault in the reply or the initial report of “an egg being thrown “.I have now contacted the executive complaints unit. If we have reached a stage where our national broadcaster refuse to accept facts we are indeed in dangerous times. As a side point Radio 4 Today programme on Monday on all its news headline slots reported a rocket had been fired from a Hamas controlled region injuring six civilians including children. On the same day the IDF murdered a fourteen year old Palestinian boy and indiscriminately bombed parts of Gaza.Strangely this did not merit a mention.

    1. What you have highlighted is absolutely typical of the BBC complaints process. I have made a number of complaints about the blatant bias against Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership team e.g. I was very angry about the treatment of Diane Abbott by Fiona Bruce on Question Time, complained and got the brush off. Same with other complaints.
      However a physical attack – a punch to the head- and death threats are in a different league to the nastiness and bias the Left Labour faces every day (though of course it is the daily demonisation of Jeremy and his team that led to the attack and the death threats in the first place).
      The fact that the BBC is prepared to trivialise a violent attack on the Leader of HM Opposition is irrefutable evidence that it is unfit for purpose and in urgent need of review and reform. I trust that that process will take place under the next Labour government who will find better use for the licence fee than paying exorbitant salaries to right wing propagandists.

  3. The guardian had the headline as egged last night but changed it to assaulted this morning. Even still the first few paragraphs are deliberately misleading by saying the assailant hit JC with an egg. Only when you get further down does it show that he was hot with a fist.

  4. The solution is simple.

    1) Protection for Corbyn. Bound to be a few members/supporters who are more than capable in this capacity.

    2) Stop using/viewing MSM. It’s easy to break free, and there’s lots of other places (such as this site) that can keep you informed

  5. The editor of the Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire, spends too much time on Murdoch’s Sky TV. Perhaps Jeremy should ask Luciana advice about protection?

    1. The fact that he’s on Sky isn’t the issue – let’s face it, there isn’t an area of the MSM that isn’t tainted in some way in terms of lack of bias towards Labour.

      However, a quick read of his column in the New Statesman reveals where his loyalty lies – opposed to Corbyn, and with the cosy gang that is Westminster reporting.

      That august journal, of the ‘left’, by the way, has studiously promulgated the antisemitism scam along with the Murdoch-Express main axis, and refuse to do any investigative reporting.

      1. Let’s face it, the New Statesman is not the magazine that it once was.

        It has regularly pumped out anti-Corbyn crap for several years now.

        In today’s Guardian absolutely no mention of the death threat in its reporting of the incident.

  6. Meanwhile, two things weigh on my mind :

    1. A government and parliament that is simply pissing in the wind, when the *only* rational way forward is obvious : a withdrawal of Article 50, followed by a new *proper* referendum – and/or general election.

    2. The major test of the NEC/NCC today.

    1. Does this surprise you? Did LFI not tweet in support of the mass killing of Muslims in Gaza last April/ May , a tweet which was only removed following almost universal outrage? Did the USA not use its veto at the UN Security Council to prevent the UN taking action against Israel for the mass killings which breached of international law and which every single member state including the UK condemned?

      1. We should see – as an outcome of today’s hearing – where official Labour stands on this.

  7. Imagine if this had happened to May would be headlines and wall to wall coverage.
    It is Goebells propaganda – tell a big enough lie often enough and some believe it. You can almost hear them in the pub, “28 days for a bloody egging!”
    If only they knew the truth but see how people are conned by the powerful.

  8. I met Jo Bird just B4 she heard that charges of Anti-Semitism had been dropped. I have seldom seen a person so hurt; so worried; so disorientated. She had received death threats. I don’t know how I would react , but I will say that the Labour Party have a lot to answer for when members are accused on such trivial grounds……the Jew process of the Labour Party.

    1. Re Jo Bird, I hadn’t heard about this particular case before, so I just did a search to see if I could ascertain what the details were (and NOW understand why you said what you said at the end of your post Steve). And the thing is of course that when you know that the vast majority of accusations of anti-semitism made against LP members and politicians are falsehoods – as just about ALL of us on the left DO – then Jo’s play on words was of course amusing.

      Anyway, when I did a search re >jo bird labour anti-smitism<, the result at the top of the list of results was an article – if one can describe vile propaganda as such – by the so-called Campaign Against Anti-semitism, so THAT'S the one I clicked on and read, and here's a link to it:


      NB And it would appear that yet again someone made a covert recording! Seems to happen all the time now!! Not only do we have a fascist-controlled media, but the UK now has its very own Stasi.

  9. As I said at the time, Murphy carried out the attack in precisely the way he did precisely so that it would be reported the way it was AND still is. And I have little doubt that dark forces were behind it.

  10. What I don’t get is WHEN did Murphy make the death threat and WHY wasn’t anything done about it at the time. I mean he posted it in his own name, and it just doesn’t make sense to me that nothing happened as such. Or is there something I’m missing?

    1. Just wonder if this criminal will now be on a watch list of some sort , bloody hope so !

  11. This latest undercover investigation by Al Jazeera is essential viewing, so please check it out and share. The following is Part 1 (I don’t know how many parts there are, or when they’re due to be aired – the first part was aired earlier today – or when it/they will be available on their website):

    How to Sell a Massacre


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