Video: Corbyn’s unreported speech challenges Watson – get your head in real game, “too much at stake”

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Labour’s Scottish conference has gone largely unreported. He did not mention Watson but closing message clear: there is too much at stake for games and division – get your head in the game, the country needs a united Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn’s powerful speech to Labour’s Scotland conference last week has gone almost unreported by the media. Small wonder when it makes the visionless, aimless, chaotic and incompetent Tory government look – well,
visionless, aimless, chaotic and incompetent.

But it’s a speech that deserves to be seen. In a statesmanlike and compelling half-hour in Dundee that received a rapturous welcome, Corbyn laid out a clear choice between Labour investment or years more of cuts and collapse under the Tories, the strength and vision of the Labour Party and movement – and he made clear that all people are welcome, with no room or tolerance for prejudice or hate.

Deputy leader Tom Watson and his recent grandstanding were not mentioned – but the closing few minutes of Corbyn’s speech could well be seen as a direct to Labour’s deputy leader, who has fed a constant stream of ammunition to the hostile media estate: get your head in the game – there’s too much at stake for the people of this country:

The full speech can be viewed here.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Corbyn’s speech was not only right on the mark, but a clear demonstration of his stature and statesmanship. Those of lesser stature need to do what’s best for the millions in this country suffering under Tory predations and conscious cruelty – or get out of the way.

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  1. If there is a chance of an early election the executive need to be calling for trigger ballots NOW.

    1. What’s the point of a GE, if we still have Blairites in the party?
      Corbyns Policies can’t be enacted while EU still have some control over our running.

      We need to leave under WTO!
      Take money creation from fresh air, away from Banks.
      Rebuild Social Infrastructure.

  2. It was a good speech – much more coherent than anything that May or her henchmen could muster. But – sorry to be a party pooper – at the moment, there is little sign of those Scottish seats coming back. And we need them.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn has consistently demonstrated statesmanship, dignity and integrity in the face of the most appalling abuse and attacks by the MSM , elements of the PLP and their handful of supporters and the Tories.We need a Labour government led by Jeremy in order to bring a halt the austerity that is destroying the lives of millions of people.
    Tom Watson is a nasty piece of work who is likely to continue to undermine Jeremy to a hostile media in order to pursue his own agenda. He must be challenged for the Deputy Leadership as soon as it is possible and practical to do so.
    I think I speak for most members when I say we are sick and tired of MPs like Tom who think they have jobs for life and are therefore at liberty to behave as they like. The fact that they haven’t got the message by now serves to illustrate their arrogance and stupidity. WE need a clear out and the sooner the better.

    1. We all need to stop walking on rice paper! The Zionist members have been pushing their agenda for decades, while hiding behind real Jews and the party manifesto.
      This has to change, far to many people bowing down to another nation, who also appear to be complicit in other nations policies?

  4. This is difficult territory. But, as I understand it Corbyn spoke to a crowd of 500, that in England would have been 5000 or more. Attacking Tom Watson would have been popular with a small group of Corbyn loyalists, but as pointed out by Craig Murray, a man for whom I have great respect, it would have been seen as a bizarre irrelevance by Scottish electors seeking answers to Scottish questions.

    1. It was a 5 second message at the end of his speech?
      He didn’t attack him, though he should have, merely made a salient point.

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