Video: ‘Top Baz!’ Close-up as Gardiner takes down Tory heckler – and Jez’s reaction

Usually calm and clinical Labour MP Barry Gardiner was caught justifiably losing his cool in Commons with a heckling Tory – and Jeremy Corbyn’s double-take was memorable

Labour MP Barry Gardiner’s calm and clinical handling of hostile interviewers has made him one of Labour’s star media performers, but on Monday Gardiner was captured by House of Commons cameras losing his temper with Tory front-bencher Ben Wallace as Wallace heckled Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

The Brent North MP was spotted by journalist Alain de Tolhurst, who tweeted the video – but Gardiner’s ‘Shut up you stupid man’ rebuke is more than worth a closer look, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s double-take was a picture:

One amused senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX “This was Top Baz”.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Such heckling is all too typical of the Tories, who routinely abuse government, process and our democracy – even hiding MPs from the Speaker’s eye-line on the steps to the benches, in order to facilitate their behaviour. But only rarely do viewers have the opportunity to get a feel for the nonsense that Labour MPs have to put up with from the so-called government.

Well done Barry Gardiner for showing a fiery side to his usually calm demeanour.

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  1. Jez has my complete sympathy, …no my empathy. As a desperate Christian I do exactly that when I watch the farce of criminal government doing what the indulgent devils fancy with their callous indifference to their victims. Such animals of Hell in charge what would be the point of “squealing to the speaker”? We have no law.

  2. I’m not a christian, I do turn the other cheek when called for.
    The Tories are as you write, animals of “HELL”!
    They grow fat, while we starve, then tell us all how lucky we are they are in power!
    How, they have created three million new jobs that are self employed because the gig economy dictates paying percentage rates and zero hours along with plenty of part time opportunities for those who need to get as many part time jobs as the day is long!
    At the expense of health and well being!
    Along with their denials of lives lost because of their policy cutbacks and their attacks on us through Austerity!
    This is why I no longer believe there’s a God!

    1. I understand. I am a Christian, because as you say and agree with me it is these Tory animals of Hell that have done this to us, not God. Modern times mean a great number of people do not believe in God the Father, because we cannot see or touch Him,
      because we are surrounded by so much evil and our Creator does not intervene. Satan gave Adam and Eve freedom of choice at some metaphorical start of history and if you believe in our Sacred Father or His son Jesus Christ we will all be judged finally for the choices we made in our lives.
      Ezekiel 18: 20 – 24 God explains how He will value each person and Jesus Christ explains to Matthew 25: 31 – 46.
      All this posing outside indulgent churches and the mass murder of those who are vulnerable will I believe be judged.
      Even if you do not consider yourself Christian, because you do not worship Rome, God does see you as His child.
      Even those claiming to be Christian, indulgent goats supposedly worshiping God in Roman churches, He knows what they have done, what they are and they will pay.
      I may be mad, because I believe I have an advantage over the majority under this tyranny –
      it is not God I don’t believe in,
      it’s Tories I don’t believe represent anyone but themselves.

  3. Perhaps we should return to the issue of usually calm M.P. Barry Gardiner’s outraged comment to a Tory heckler during M.P. Diane Abbott’s speech. I a nobody (who believes in goodness in the face of wickedness) if others object to God and truth. I would support the hopefully future P.M. Jeremy Corbyn, M.P. Barry Gardiner and M.P. Diane Abbott in the face of any disrespecting Tory. What a pity the speaker was silent.

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