List of Tory ‘achievements’ makes horrifying reading

The blight of Tory government on the UK and its people in a few short bullet points

As the government prepares for the Chancellor’s ‘Spring Statement’, a list of Tory ‘achievements’ since 2010 has been circulating on social media. It makes the bleakest of reading:

  • per-pupil spending down by 8% (20% on over-16s according to BBC News last week)
  • 1189 Sure Start centres closed
  • 760 youth clubs closed
  • teens stabbed up by 93%
  • front-line police numbers down by 21000
  • NHS A&E crisis at a 14-year high
  • NHS patient satisfaction at an 11-year low of 53%
  • rough sleeping up by an astonishing 163%
  • Foodbank usage up to a shaming 1.3m
  • a horrific 4.1 million children in poverty
  • 2,620 deaths of rough sleepers
  • two out of three children in poverty in working households – the idea that work is a route out of poverty is a lie for millions
  • 100 NHS walk-in centres closed
  • 600 police stations closed
  • 675 libraries closed
  • 760 youth centres closed
  • 470 schools closed
  • 50 fire stations closed
  • 433 HMRC tax offices closed
  • 100 Job Centres closed

The hidden cost of austerity causing death, poverty & suicide – and easily avoidable.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The even greater shame is that, to many Tories, much of the above might genuinely be considered achievements – and that the Establishment media all too often colludes in under-representing or entirely ignoring the cost to the UK of Tory heartlessness and economic incompetence.

Certainly Theresa May’s weekly crowing about false depictions of the UK economy is rarely challenged or even properly examined – and Hammond’s ‘spring statement’ is likely to be treated in the same manner.

These numbers, of course, barely scratch the despair and horror inflicted on the UK since 2010, entirely by political choice. But as an overview of the UK’s slide into a sinkhole opened needlessly by Tories, it’s invaluable information.

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  1. It’s an astonishing list. Odd isn’t it that the new ‘breakaway’ Centrists like Chucka-me-Outa and Big Tom the Enforcer never get around to this topic?

    1. Without indulging in hyperbole, what emerges from that list is a clear indication of where the *real* loyalties of the actual and incipient Squitters lie.

      No one who pretended to some degree of progressive radical views or decency would be aiding the authors of a catalogue of disgrace, whatever their niggles about the leadership.

      Compare the behaviour of the left under Blair – at least they were authentic and new what priorities were despite much greater reasons for concern.

      It’s certainly a litmus test for careerist entryists.

  2. Mind you, the Tories gave us onee good ironic laugh today, when May said in her Brexit speech that she wanted to demonstrate ‘to the world’ what this country is.

    … the village idiot?

  3. Starkly effective seeing it all in one place like that.
    Maybe the next PP broadcast should be a class of secondary school children reading it to camera.
    Ordinary kids not actors, and reading it for the first time so their reactions are genuine.

    1. Hopefully they will be come the next GE….except that the list will probably be even longer/larger by then

  4. Let no one forget, the LibDems are complicit in this appalling plan to shrink government and dismantle the welfare state.

    1. Don’t forget that, despite all this, the Tories remain level pegging with Labour. Not a pretty sight.

  5. “….Theresa May’s weekly crowing…” Ah, but not for much longer/

    The unmistakable stench of imminent political death seeps from every pore of her body.

    She could barely speak in Parliament today; the quality of her voice had changed. She looked and sounded like somethng dragged from a charnel house, especially after she lost the vote on her excremental “reformed” deal with the EU that was lauded to the skies by the right-wing MSM.

    What on earth are they going to put in their editorials tomorrow? This turd is gonna be really, really hard to polish.

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