BBCQT Dudley: at least FIVE Tory activists/candidates asked questions – not one Labour

BBC Question Time bias reaches new levels

BBC Question Time has long been accused of bias in favour of the Tories – spotting and outing the weekly Tory plant(s) is a popular pastime for the left-wingers who can still bring themselves to watch.

But as journalist – and guest on the programme – Owen Jones observed on Twitter, at least five of the audience members who got to ask the panel a question on last Thursday’s programme broadcast from Dudley were local Tory activists or even candidates.

Jones’ awareness of the scale of the ‘coincidence’ unfolded over a period of about twenty-four hours, beginning when he tweeted about a failed Tory candidate who had made a strange demand:

The same activist had tweeted his glee at being thanked by Tory Home Secretary Sajid Javid for his bizarre intervention.

Jones then discovered more:

But was there no corresponding number of Dudley Labour activists asking questions on the programme, there were none at all:

One Labour member – not from Dudley itself, though from the borough – was allowed to make a comment rather than ask a question. No other local Labour members were able to get into the audience at all, according to the SKWAWKBOX’s contacts in Dudley.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The BBC’s bias has been growing more and more naked, not only on Question Time but in news coverage and the make-up of panels and guest lists, for a long time. Now it seems even the pretence of impartiality is being dropped.

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    1. P.S. Now, Owen – do you grasp how misleading a confection is the ‘anti-Semitism’ scam??? It’s really not fervid imaginations seeking conspiracies.

  1. 2019 GE 9/11 odds according to William Hill. That’s odds on, isn’t it?
    2020 GE 4/1…
    2021 GE 15/2…
    2022 GE 9/4.

    So if I’m reading it right they think this year more likely than 50/50?
    Reason I just looked was it’s seemed to me for a while that the ground’s being prepared – getting their licks in now for a snappie.
    Not sure whether the antisemitism nonsense will necessarily stop for Purdah – could they get away with claiming it’s not political so not relevant to the election?
    If they do I suspect there might be a backlash.

  2. Don’t know why anybody watches this party political broadcast on behalf of the Tory party anyway. I also think that pro- Corbyn MPs and others should boycott it – they are only giving its credence by being on the panel.

  3. Why the surprise? The programme is a weekly circus with the clowns from the Tories’ lined up to take potshots at any Labour representative that happens to be present!

  4. I stopped watching BBC Tory propaganda programmes due to these very points. They put a Tory in charge when Dimbilbay left, she should no longer have a job

  5. It’s about time Alison Pedley the right wing audience producer for QT was given the boot.

    Owen Jones has helped to reinforce the A/S smears by supporting the Zionist JLM Corbyn’s enemy.

  6. Can’t bring myself to watch any of the BBC Tory love in broadcasts. It’s so blatant nowadays and you do wonder how and why their get away it?

  7. I asked the BBC why they had given so little coverage to the assault on Mr Corbyn compared to the outpouring when Ms Soubry was verbally attacked. I also asked why it was they had used the rather playful term “egging ” when the fact was it was a punch (compare with expressions such as vicious assault,cowardly attack and could have been a knife all used by BBC reporters to describe the attack on Jack Grealish in yesterday’s match).The reply was that the Corbyn incident was covered and directed me to two sites as evidence. One reported Mr Corbyn had been egged the other was no longer available,oh well I guess the BBC have shown me just how groundless my complaint was then.

  8. Dont watch propaganda time anymore but do wonder why Labour still participates in this blatant weekly ritual of contempt at the BBC’s charter.

  9. Richard, not sure “participates” accurately reflects the situation – as far as the British Brainwashing Corporation is concerned Labour is the ritual sacrifice, not a guest at the feast.

  10. The case of a footballer getting a punch in the head was covered in detail at least 4 times so far today, with a report from a reporter outside the football club.When the leader of HM Opposition is punched in the head, nothing! Only reason I know it happened is because I read on Skwawkbox,

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