Watch: Raab squirms with guilt as young teacher tells truth about knife-crime cause: cuts, cuts, cuts

Birmingham teacher lays out brutal truth about the root cause of knife-crime surge – and guilt couldn’t be written more clearly across top Tory’s face

Dominic Raab’s face as a teacher lays truth on him about the blight of knife crime

Tory former cabinet minister Dominic Raab squirmed as he received a dose of truth on Thursday night’s BBC Question Time programme when a young teacher laid out the simple, bleak truth about the key driver behind the knife-crime epidemic blighting – and often ending – the lives of this country’s young people.

The woman, from Birmingham, left Raab in no doubt as to her and her colleagues’ experience – and the fear her pupils live in daily – and why:

She and her colleagues know that since Tory government came in, brutal and unnecessary Tory cuts have devastated services that would previously have helped young people to engage with society and with their own passions – and she linked those cuts directly to the knife-crime pandemic that has led to the murder of two young men in her area in just the last two weeks.

And as she said ‘We do not have any funding’, the camera made a timely cut to Raab – and the guilt on his face could scarcely have been written more clearly.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Theresa May has been rightly pilloried this week after claiming that huge cuts to police are not linked to the rise in knife crime. Even Met chief Cressida Dick broke the usual conventions to ridicule the idea.

But it’s not only about cuts to policing. It’s about the cuts at every level of society that are forcing people into despair and depriving them of the opportunity to engage and develop – leaving a void that gangs and sheer desperation fill.

Cuts that are and always have been not only pointless but counter-productive – and the result of political and often racist choices by a Tory party that delights in inflicting hardship and suffering on the vulnerable for ideological reasons.

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  1. Yes, that young teacher is spot on. Tory cuts fuel knife crime. … and also not forgetting there are an awful lot of knife incidents actually occurring within schools – I have heard plenty of horror stories first hand.

  2. Youth work. The most under rated but most valuable service for young people. This was decimated in England following ‘outsourcing’ (privatisation for profit and removal from local authority budgets), way back in about 2010. Since then it has declined and declined until young people have hardly any access for outlets and support, especially those not in school for any reason. Now it barely exists. It was bound to bring trouble. With the devastated services for families and young people across the whole of the UK, the dreadful impact is seen daily and the cost paid by those that are losing their lives. Life is clearly not important to the Lib Dems and Tories whose governments believed in cutting youth services. The only thing that matters in our society is capitalists making money at the expense of human life.

  3. Agree with ABC123. Swingeing cuts to Local Government over years have impacted on the kind of real youth work (not just boxing clubs!) – that builds trust and helps in cases where kids are expelled from school, crying out for someone to listen to them. Society is paying the price now. It is not just about more police numbers to investigate and even if the force was doubled, we still don’t have bobbies on the beat. Poverty has impacted enormously. Gangs and peer pressure rule. Tories are completely out of touch. If we had gun as in the States, you could actually see death rates soar further.

  4. ‘Squirmed with GUILT’ ??

    Haha, yeah, right. Toerag feels GUILT’ – Nah, not happenin’ I’m afraid. 000’s already dead and a further 90+ dying per month because of toerag-approved DWP tyranny

    ‘We’re getting the idlest people in Europe off the unemployment register’

    Foodbank use skyrocketing – but that’s just: ‘People having a temporary cashflow problem’ to that po-face rat bastard.

    You think he’s remotely arsed about knife crime? Doesn’t happen in his community so why should he give a f**k?

    Guilt…More like disgust that some pleb actually has the brass neck to suggest what’s causing the problem to him – yes, HIM…Champion of the free world and free market – what’s what.

    Look at raab’s face on 00:15 – the condescending shitbag. If that face you’ve highlighted is the same at 00:42 then it’s far from one of guilt – It’s one of : F**k off, you’re boring me’.

    ‘Guilt’ indeed. Malignant cancers have no conscience.

  5. Skwawky,Tories don’t do embarrassment,and Raab wasn’t squirming.His was a typical Tory reaction sneering indifference.They only have to positions the sneering one and panic.

  6. There is something seriously wrong with our culture & our society when youth ‘knife killings’ are blamed by having fewer police or any form of austerity – a sticking plaster. Police are a mechanism of social control & austerity a manifestation of economic mismanagement, but our ‘culture’ (in simple terms, culture is what people believe & do) is killing us. Our popular music glorifies violence & gang culture, as promoted by the BBC. It is no coincidence that British Popular Music dominated the world during the era of ‘off-shore’ Pirate Radio & ‘Auntie’ condemned to oblivion.

  7. Skwawky,

    Could you please do a weekly round-up of Question Time for those of us who have to be up early/would rather not be put through the experience in real time ourselves?


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