Tories’ huge racism continues to unfold as Hunt’s own staff force ‘colonial’ ad’s removal

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has added to the government’s racism scandal today after Foreign Office staff forced an advert using ‘colonial era’ language to be taken down

Earlier today, DWP Secretary Amber Rudd sparked outrage when she used ‘archaic’ and ‘offensive’ language to describe Home Secretary Diane Abbott and other black women.

Now Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has added to the scandal after the Foreign Office’s (FCO) own staff had to force the removal of an ‘African Adventure’ job ad for its ‘colonial era’ language:

FCO staff had contacted Buzzfeed to highlight their concerns about the racist aspects of the ad for placements in Africa:

The FCO was criticised last year for its lack of diversity.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Amber Rudd with ‘archaic’ and ‘outdated’ and offensive language this morning, followed in close order by Hunt’s department with ‘colonial era’ language.

The hostile environment policy and a court’s judgment that the government’s ‘right to rent’ policy is intrinsically racists.

Tory Baroness Warsi’s ongoing battle against her party’s denial of its Islamophobia.

Racism is woven into the fabric of the Tory party and the mentality of many of its representatives. None of it receives the media attention it merits.

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    1. This situation shows the damage that is being done to itself by the Party fearfully jerking its knee to every accusation of ‘antisemitism’. Ironically – as we know and see here – it is frequently members of genuine Jewish heritage that are the target of the fakery brigade.

      I reckon the most discriminatory issue shown is actually the prayer session at the beginning. I remember well how difficult it is to get this nonsense eliminated from what should be an inclusive process of community government.

  1. Boris Johnson,what was it he said something about ” water melon smiles and Pickaninny ” in one of his newspaper columns , built in to the Tory party DNA

    1. Indeed – the whole business is getting – or has already become – ridiculous. If countering nonsense about ‘antisemitism’ is forbidden, how much more Stalinist is convicting people without due process who have simply relayed a message about the same.

      As noted in the paper, the Councillor concerned says :

      ““I can’t comment while an investigation is ongoing.”

      – i.e. convicted without defence until proved innocent

      Senator McCarthy – are you enjoying this in the hell that you inhabit?

      Something is seriously wrong with these one-sided ‘disciplinary’ processes.

      I accuse Margaret Hodge of ‘Bringing the Party into disrepute’.

      Now, Jenny – are you going to suspend her pending investigation?

      1. Is an interesting phenomena occurring with Right Wing Tories like appalling Karen Brady’s comments today and she should be sacked.
        They attempt to distance themselves from their own comments like – yes that was disgusting but it was not me it was my gob! Tories Out!

    2. Just for the record, this is the youtube vid of Sky News interview with George Galloway which Sunderland Labour councillor has been suspended for sharing:

  2. Yes Johnson, Rudd, and now Hunt’s Dept.
    Tory Council candidate suspended for alleged racist comments recently, 14 ERG Facebook commenters suspended ditto (a significant number Tory members?), before local elections a few years ago over a dozen Tory Council candidates suspended for alleged racist comments (one allowed back to give a Tory Council a majority of one) and did Tory MEPs abstain recently on a vote of censure on the Right Wing Polish Govt who some argue use anti-semetic ‘dog whistling’ (?)
    Are these perhaps only glimpses over short spaces of time of some in the Tory Party when Labours’ recent evidence gathering on alleged AS was carried out over 10 months.
    Perhaps there is a comparative study crying out to be done say on ‘The Tory Party and Potential Racism Within its Ranks at All Levels’ over a 10 month period?
    Perhaps someone needs to shine a light in their direction?
    ‘Oh Veritas shine thy brightest beam.
    And vanquish evil stories.
    To smite thine great invisible foe.
    Now come ye for the Tories.’

  3. Could somebody fill me in about the supposed racist aspect of advertising a job as an African adventure? Or have I not seen something else here?

    1. This seems to be in the same bracket as what Chris Williamson got suspended for. Thunderclouds in a broken coffee mug.

    1. But this is a serious job in a serious dept. and is not a fun holiday.
      If people in your area started saying going round to so and so’s home was an adventure would they be made to feel equal, civilised and respected?
      How about if someone then turned up at that persons home with a vicar and soldier and said their house is a bit of alright, and they think they will have it.
      Then says “Oh and the vicar agrees as does the armed soldier.”
      That was imperialism.
      Language is about context.

      1. Pardon? Are you really serious? It was merely a light hearted job description. Now, it could be considered racist if it was advertised as ” an adventure in samboland”.
        See the difference? I don’t for one minute think that a single person on the continent of Africa would be offended by the original advert. I hate the tories with a vengence but to call them out on this matter is stooping to their level with claims of antisemitism. Jeesus, i went through a lot worse during the time i was working. I used to be called ‘Ski’ by one group of lads from Birmingham. When i i asked why i was told “well every fookin’ polak’s called soomthin’ Ski, aint they?” ( I am of Polish heritage)
        Hey! I didn’t sit down and cry! I wasn’t offended!
        But that’s the difference now .Everything offends somebody. And its a form of social programming. Brainwashing. I get on great with my Nigerian neighbours because they are great people who have a sense of humour and don’t get upset over trivialities.
        But people today think they are more advanced than us because they can find racism where none previously existed.

      2. I was also called “Polakki Piotr”. I suppose that would make people burst into tears these days

      3. I think you have a very valid point, AD : when fake virtue signalling is being used to such wicked effect, a sense of proportion and reason is essential as one piece of the armoury needed to fight it.

        There is a wide spectrum of attitudes, remarks and terms that *can* be considered offensive. They are far from all equally offensive, either in intent or effect. You don’t have to be unsympathetic to real victims to be suspicious of an inflated sense of victimhood, and, as I’ve said before, deceptive virtue signalling, such as we see in the present ‘antisemitism’ scam is the very opposite of virtue.

        Be aware, be careful – but not every ‘offender’ is guilty
        or every ‘victim’ victimised.

  4. Interesting phenomena occurring lately (probably advised by Right Wing PR ‘experts’).
    Right Wing Tories like the apalling Karen Brady (out of her depth?) today and she should resign!
    They distance themselves from their own comments I.E. that was disgusting but if was not me, if was my gob!

  5. In 1975 when I first arrived from the deepest, darkest wilds of the West Country, to do missionary work in Liverpool, I was called ‘Cockney’ Now that hurt! But now I’m just an archaic, outdated wreck from the colonial era…..’talking ’bout my generation’. A lot of people are very sensitive these days; must be the identity politics. .

    1. What I notice (as a fellow refugee from the West – which has moved now far too close to the Land of the Cockney) is that a lot of ‘Identity’ stuff tends to divert from really important discrimination – like ‘class’.

      So, in the Graun, the disadvantage of being a well-paid, well-connected female journalist or entertainer overshadows the problems of a Palestinian living in poverty and getting shot at with live ammunition by the IDF.

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