Video: Cable flags new ‘More of the Same Party’ with electoral pact offer to fellow austerity-enablers

Cable talking to the BBC about his excitement at working with the quitters

The TTG (Toxic Tinge Group) hardly needs any further help to look politically bankrupt after the Quitters accepted three Tory jumpers on board with flawless records of voting for cuts to some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

But LibDem leader Vince Cable has offered it anyway, airblasting away any thin, lingering vapours of Quitter credibility by offering them an electoral pact.

Speaking to BBC News, Cable spoke gushingly of his relationship with Anna Soubry and his excitement about working with the TTG and reminiscing fondly of his party’s time in coalition government enabling the Cameron government to begin the destruction of the UK’s social fabric and cohesion:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Cable claimed shared values with the TTG. Well, they do all have impeccable track records as political chancers and austerity-enablers, so it makes sense that he wants to get the band back together with its revised line-up.

The outlines of a new ‘More of the Same Party’ are growing clearer.

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  1. Ahh, back to the glorious decade of Clegg, Cameron and Osborne. Like we missed it so much we want to do it all again.

  2. There is no common ground, no middle way between

    “Greed is good, grab what you can and whatever you steal you can keep. Fuck the shiftless masses and the future of the planet, profit is everything”


    “Everybody has a natural right to a decent life just by virtue of being alive at this moment in time. Our shared and individual duty is to ensure that that happens, and that we leave Earth at least as healthy for our descendants as we found it”

    1. Missed it. What was that? Sadly, too many are shit-scared of calling it out and getting to grips with the pro-Israeli lobby.

      1. He’s far from the only one. Antisemitism “debate” has just been wound up – it’s been mealy-mouthed sympathy for the squitters and virtue signalling from all sides.

      2. The abject fear of the Israel lobby has contaminated practically everything. It is shameful that an MP such as Gardiner feels compelled to bow the knee over something that only a bug-eyed propagandist would call ‘antisemitic’.

        Meanwhile, the usual suspects carry on as normal, with the Graun clamping down on any examination of the lobby. We’re getting near the sort of media control on this issue that you see in, say, Turkey, even if it isn’t centrally directed.

    2. last time I looked Barry G was a member/supporter of LFI , disappointingly so .

    1. I prefer to directly quote Angela Smith – she talked about people having a “funny tinge”- apparently she was “tired” when she made her racist comment about the colour of people’s skin. You couldn’t make it up

      1. Yes. Back in ’68, Enoch Powell intended to make a speech in favour of immigration but he was a bit tired, he mis-spoke and it came out a bit ‘rivers of bloody’. Oops

  3. Yes the Lib Dems – Neo-Liberal co authors with Tories of austerity voting for tax cuts for the rich, corporations, hedge funds, private landlords with multiple properties so austerity was and still is ONLY for working people.
    Co authored Housing & Planning Bill (‘Developers Charter’) (?) which took power away from councils and local people.
    Co authored with Tories making local government funding based on population size only instead of offering funding too for NEED for councils with greatest poverty as per previous Lab Govts – resulting in Northern Labour Councils losing £6.9b and Tory Southern Councils gaining £3.5b!
    Lib Dems bombard communities with ‘Fake Community Politics’ leaflets claiming credit for everything under the sun!
    The Kings and Queens of Opportunism too?

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