Williamson on Austin: “certainly no loss and has contempt for democracy”

Left-wing Labour MP Chris Williamson has suffered more than most from ‘thuggish’ Ian Austin’s bullying. He is less than devastated by the right-winger’s departure from the Labour Party

Labour MP Chris Williamson has plenty of experience of Ian Austin’s behaviour. Austin was famously described as ‘pathetic and thuggish’ and an ‘unpleasant bully’ for a Commons attack on his own party leader – but has also turned his short temper on the Derby North left-winger on more than one occasion.

Williamson was one of two MPs who suffered aggression from Austin in Westminster, earning Austin a formal reprimand from the Labour Party – but he also reported a ‘Mann-style’ attack by the Dudley North MP in 2017, when Austin tried to on the way to the Portcullis House building next door to Parliament.

So Williamson spoke from personal experience when he commented this morning on Austin’s decision to quit the Labour Party:

He is certainly no loss.  His frequent ill-tempered outbursts were an embarrassment to the Labour Party.

His disdain for grassroots members was palpable as was his contempt for Labour’s progressive policy programme that secured the party’s biggest increase in vote share since 1945.

The truth is he fought the last election under false pretences, using the Labour brand to get re-elected.

Another positive thing about his departure is that Labour Party members in Dudley North can now select a candidate who will work with them to fight for Dudley, rather than fighting against them.”

For Austin to salvage any shred of credibility he must resign as an MP and fight a by-election in his Dudley North constituency, but in view of his obvious contempt for democracy over the last three and a half years I think he’s unlikely to do so.

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  1. All MPs quitted from Labour Party, of course, consequence logic have to face By-election. They were elected because Labour Party members and LP spent a lot of money for them, too because they were LP members.

    1. Leeches, fleas and ticks have no conscience, Kumiko-chan.

      No matter the host, they will not willingly leave it while the host is a ready-made meal for them.

  2. Williamson, Corbyn, Rosen…

    What do they all have in common? They’re far from being the physically threatening type. They could all do with a pan o’ scouse down them.

    I’m not like them. I’m 6′ 5″ and weigh around 290lb. Wonder if Austin’d try picking on me? I very much doubt it.

    1. I heard that you were more like 6′ & 7″ and 320lb and that you sported shoulder length hair and a full beard and that each day you ate at least one Tory for breakfast.

      1. Did they mention I eat my tories RAW?

        Dead ‘ard, me 😛

    2. Like I always say, they’re only fit for dogfood.
      Although, if they screw up the food supply…

      I’m a bit of a Wookiee too but you’ve got 50lb on me 🙂

  3. Two things related to Chris Williamson’s comments :

    First – his interview on ‘Newsnight’ this week was fascinating. He was presenting an extremely coherent and calm defense of Labour in an interview with Kirsty Wark when he was cut short in order to transition to a decorative piece about the death of a fashion designer. Such is ‘in depth’ reportage.

    Second – The Graun is becoming more obvious in its culling of counter-arguments about the ‘institutional antisemitism’ trope. It is very noticeable that they delete comments that challenge the credibility and veracity of the Squitters, and immediately eliminate hard evidence to that effect.

    Against this background, Austin’s resignation is headlined as being about ‘antisemitism’. No it isn’t.

  4. I am delighted by MrWilliamsons comments and wish more of his colleagues would be similarly forthright instead ad of all the mealy mouthed comments about losing good comrades. Of course it’s sad that any Labour member feels the need to leave but you have to ask were they in the right party to begin with. “This is not the Labour Party I joined “,they squeak.No but this is beginning to look like the party I joined in the sixties and that makes me very happy and proud.

    1. “This is not the Labour Party I joined “,they squeak. No but this is beginning to look like the party I joined in the sixties and that makes me very happy and proud.”

      Absolutely, it’s beginning to…The antibiotics are kicking in.

      ‘Party’s being taken over by bullying entryists’ they shriek, without any sense of hypocrisy or trace of irony.

      They don’t like being faced with the facts. They don’t like the party reclaiming it’s birthright, or going back to it’s roots or what-have-ya.

      All’s I can say to them is ‘It isn’t happening quickly enough; don’t like it? There’s the door’ >>>

  5. Look up Augean Stables having to be cleaned out !See what needed cleaning !

  6. Is there any chance of Mann and Hodge leaving ? All my life I’ve had dozens of Jewish friends..lovers…employers…teachers…best mates .but these two get right up my schnozzle !
    Insufferable arrogance …go …gevecht !

    All these so called ‘offended’ MP’s are hiding behind anti semitism to disguise their anti socialism !
    If you’re in the Labour Party and you’re NOT a Socialist , then you should get out and join the capitalist sympathisers in the ‘Group’ !

    Our flag is RED and not for them to blow your noses with !

  7. Fascinating to listen to Ian Austin being ‘interviewed’ on the WatO. He was given about ten minutes of almost free rein to pontificate, with a few mild challenges about whether he would resign his seat etc.

    On his central claim about institutional ‘antisemitism’ in the Laboutr Party, and Corbyn’s accountability, he wasn’t challenged at all about the plentiful contrary evidence. Thus the trope gains traction from weak journalism.

  8. … and I was just reflecting on why I find this bunch of Squitters so objectionable, beyond the simple political facts and their blatant hypocrisy in not resigning their seats.

    My reaction actually goes way back. I was brought up in the post-war years. The horrors of two world wars were always there in the background, as were the beneficial changes brought to our generation by the Attlee governments.

    Coming to later actual understanding, I particularly remember the horror of the holocaust being vividly brought home when taking part in a reading of ‘The Investigation’ by Peter Weiss – at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry during the mid-1960s. Talking to actual survivors afterwards left an indelible mark, and I’ve never forgotten the impact.

    So – I feel outrage when individuals attempt to steal the experiences of those actual survivors as a political mechanism to discredit the Party that did most to put the horrors of the early 20th century behind us. Their contempt is only exacerbated by support for a country that engages in the racism of colonial apartheid (to put it at its mildest)

    The individuals concerned are beneath contempt. The only excuse – if any – is delusion.

  9. Got a speeding ticket through the post yesterday. I am refusing to recognise the issuer’s authority due to their unbounded anti semitism. I am not going to pay it.

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