Tories join their soulmates. It’s time for Corbyn to call no-confidence vote to expose true colours

Three MPs have left the Tory party to join the quitters’ party. Corbyn should call an immediate no-confidence vote to expose their true motives and nature

The news that three Tory MPs – Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen – have quit the Conservatives in order to join Chuka Ummuna’s new pseudo-party will surprise almost no one.

By doing so they have already shown up the ex-Labour quitters.

The existing quitters’ eager acceptance of the new arrivals confirms that the ‘red Tory’ label they complained was ‘abuse’ from Labour members was entirely accurate.It also shines a spotlight on the hypocrisy of MPs who blamed Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit stance for their decision to quit and then immediately climbed into bed with three Tories who helped Theresa May to defeat Corbyn’s amendment that would have allowed Parliament to debate a new referendum:

But Jeremy Corbyn should call an immediate parliamentary vote of no confidence in the government. If – as is overwhelmingly likely – the new ‘group’ props up Theresa May, they will have exposed themselves beyond argument as nothing more than the ‘Tory lites’ that Labour members called them.

It will also show how terrified they all are of a general election, where they would all tumble into political oblivion – already indicated by their refusal to call by-elections so that the constituents who voted for them as Labour or Tory candidates can show whether the quitters how little appeal they have as ‘independents’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The quitters have overreached – again – by exposing their shared values: war, privatisation and austerity.

Their tired Blairo-Tory politics – and the racism of a large percentage of their group – have been thoroughly discredited. Re-badging them as ‘new’ fools no one.

Time to call them out and show them up.

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  1. Do it now, Jeremy!

    As long as replacement candidates in the quitters’ constituencies are in place that is…

  2. Could be an interesting strategy and could pull the rug from under the ‘crumbs for working people’ Neo-Liberal Centrists plus scupper their cunning plan “that was not supposed to happen?”
    See the three Tories had an ideological dig at the ‘Hard Left’ when of course the Real Revolutionary Vanguards are outside Labour and are open about their views ie SWP.
    Most of us are caring, compassionate and thoughtful human beings who as left wing democratic socialists are driven by injustice and we will define ourselves!
    We in fact want MORE democracy – more say for people at work, more say in publicly owned utilities such as mail, rail, water, public utilities for staff and communities, giving buses and schools back to democratic councils with communities having more say (with Democratic Schools whole communities could elect governers), more say in the NHS, democratic reforms to universities, give planning and housing back to democratic councils and giving communities more say (instead of a ‘Developers Charters’), give more democratic powers back to local Councils, consult benefit recipients on Decent Welfare for All etc. etc.
    Whilst the Neo-Liberals play musical chairs we need to stand for what we believe in and get out to directly discuss our ideas with citizens.

  3. I don’t understand it. Apart from the single issue of Brexit, what are they standing for? Even on Brexit, they could join the LibDems or Greens, they all seem to support neo liberalism, austerity, supply side economics and “humanitarian” intervention…what’s new or different about that.

    1. ‘Apart from the single issue of Brexit, what are they standing for?..’. Answer: Their single-minded opposition to Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. Ironically, they may just have inadvertently made it more likely.

      We need to get re-selections going as a matter of urgency in order to call off the ‘remainers’ bluff of threatening mass resignations (no pun intended, because there are principled Remainers amongst us like RH) – that is if we may call those of their ilk who remained behind in the party.

      The party should brace itself for another Tsunami wave of new membership – this time, triggered by the departure of these Blairite opportunists as some supporters have been staying away despite our pleas to them to hold their noses and vote for the party with these opportunists amongst us.

      We may also finally come around to the long overdue action of expelling Blair for bringing the party into disrepute… and handing him over to the Hague for war crimes trial. This will be a silver-lining to this highly divisive Brexit issue.

    2. I would hazard a guess that Rupert Murdoch is pulling the strings from behind the scenes. I would put money on it that this new ‘private company’ is his brainchild and the shell corporation is to hide his involvement.

      1. Or possibly Richard Branson? I see he’s actively supporting regime change in Venezuela, maybe he’s also interfering closer to home? After all the Virgin Group financially support Best for Britain.
        Whoever’s funding this lot, I can’t wait to know.

    3. Haven’t you noticed over two years in which major sections of the political class and media (particularly The Guardian and Independent) have been advocating a “Macronist” new Centre Party , or National Government “solution” to the “capture of the reserve party of UK capitalism, Labour, by the Corbyn insurgency, and the Tories being split apart by the Brexit issue ? Macron got to power in France on a tidal wave of mass media support, and Big Business money, on the back of the collapse of both the Socialist Party and the Republican Party, with no policies but vague PR-speak waffle and promises of a generalised exciting new future . This is part of that UK version – predicated on the unending mass media smear campaign and constant PLP treachery destroying Labour as a viable election-winning force. It is part of a Macron-style constitutional coup – to put in office a compliant overwhelming majority neoliberal government not vulnerable to a “difficult” party membership base – as both Labour and the Tories are.

  4. I’m rather pleased. They will get considerable mileage from a sympathetic MSM with an anti Labour agenda, but come the next GE, when they need real policies, they’ll be squabbling like cats in a sack.

      1. some of this reflects the arrogance of the commentariat (whose values this party reflects) they are many things but completely stupid isnt one of them

    1. You reckon?

      Cos I don’t. They’ll appeal to the middle classes by going full tilt shithouse at the working and lower classes.

      Wait ‘n’ see…

  5. Also I hear berger enabler and #brickgate pedlar, jane kennedy, is not going to run for Murkeyside PCC next time.

    Wonder if it’ll be made to be anything to do with ‘antisemitism’?

    With berger gone, and ellman, eagle & twigg hopefully going soon kennedy’ll have few labour party friends left on merseyside.

  6. Need to wait for May’s deal to be overwhelmingly defeated again. Then pull out the further VONC card.

    And as you say, that will then force them to pin their colours to the mast.

  7. I might have no time for these splitters, but I am aware that splits are never good news for the Party in electoral terms.

    And yes, my views are shaped by a strong belief in remaining in the EU, but I winced today listening to PMQs. I thought Corbyn did pretty well in the main, but the ‘customs union’ line is too unconvincing a position to kick May out of the ring.

    1. I’m not sure how he could have done any different, without unilaterally changing Labour Party Policy. And as for unconvincing, is it mere coincidence that the EU have said “no new negotiation” to Mrs May, while indicating that they’d bite JCs arm off for a customs union?

      1. The trouble is, of course, that an intelligent view of the optins clearly shows that Remaining is a far better option. All the rest is political flummery. I’m past excusing bollocks notions that will make austerity worse.

      2. 48% of the electorate agree with you.
        Unfortunately, 52% disagree.
        If remaining is so self-evidently a sign of greater intelligence, one has to ask why – a matter of days before Brexit – there are still some 3000 Remain organisations, and not one single identifiable leader.
        I’m a remainer, too.
        But I’m a Democrat.
        And I don’t belive in Miracles.

  8. These individuals are amoral, they would hold at least one by election if there was a principled bone in their body
    Schadenfreude and Guinness, sit back and watch them all disappear up their own backsides
    JC and Labour party Brexit will win the day

  9. “Labour party brexit”? There is no such thing as a good brexit. The answer is to go back to the people, who obediently voted out commanded by he tax avoiding newspaper owners. A cataclysmic national error supported by both May and Corbyn.

    1. What will you do if history proves you wrong? Bury your head deeper I imagine. Europe is forever putting off the inevitable crash of the Euro. Federation is also inevitable and out of the question for us. European states are unanimously right wing apart from Portugal. The eastern states are becoming fascist. Ukraine wants to join and is already fascist. Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain can never repay their debts under the neoliberal fixed budget. It just goes on and on and you just put your metaphorical fingers in your ears and go EU, EU, EU, lalala.

      1. Newsflash… UK is right wing too. For now.
        Please explain why your theory of the impossibility of change in the EU does not apply equally to the UK’s deeply-entrenched neoliberals.

        ‘Euro crash inevitable, Federation inevitable’, so… a Federation that has as many currencies as it has member states?
        Or a ‘crash’ that’s just a devaluation that the Euro survives? Which is it? Because as stated the two would seem to be mutually exclusive.

        You keep saying that ‘federation is out of the question’ for ‘us’ – on what evidence – the tabloids? Your mates? Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells?
        You’ve also previously argued that an EU army is ‘unacceptable to us’ – same question.

        The young seem to like the EU more than you do and they’ll be voting for longer than you or I will – how does that affect your prognoses?

        Presuming to speak for ‘The British People’ is a trait of the right, not the left.
        Might want to watch that.

      2. I’ve explained to you many times but still you come back with questions in the hope I’ll trip myself up whilst totally ignoring what I had to say.
        Change in the EU is impossible because neo liberalism is written into law, every treaty from Maastricht onwards would have to be scrapped and rewritten with unanimous agreement. That will never happen primarily because the present arrangement suits Germany economically. Germany is in the unusual position of benefiting from running a budget surplus, no other country could emulate them without ‘being’ Germany, if they could, Germany could no longer export their unemployment and everyone else’s economy would be export driven…an impossibility.
        Federation is necessary to save the Euro, it will happen, the question is, how many countries will join, my guess is about six. This will mean the end of expansionist Europe and there will be inevitable fall out.
        Do you really believe that the UK would join a federation? Never mind sneering and sniping at me, show me some, any, evidence that the UK is pro Macron’s vision for Europe….the French people certainly aren’t.

      3. Rereading your comment, especially this bit “You keep saying that ‘federation is out of the question’ for ‘us’ – on what evidence – the tabloids? Your mates? Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells?” I realise you are in deep denial David. We had a vote, the result was a majority in favour of leaving the EU. Surely you don’t imagine that while a majority voted to leave the EU they would instead like to become a federated state?
        Accept reality, you’ll make yourself I’ll.

      4. My questions were rhetorical, which hoped you might have noticed.
        My mistake.

  10. Least worst Brexit is the price of democracy, you have to bring country back together
    Only one nation Brexit policy on offer

    1. There is no ‘one nation’ Brexit. It is a division that need never of happened at the behest of fakers and chancers, but which won’t go away.

  11. And follow it up with a Solicitors letter to the Indy Group that if they keep defaming the Labour Party Court action will follow

  12. I wonder whether the Tories are entirely ‘soulmates’ of the Labour quitters.

    I reckon that Tories like Woolaston might be way ahead in the personal integrity stakes in comparison with the self-seekers from Labour.

    1. Why do the middle classes perceive Wollaston always in a favourable light? Is it because she’s a softly spoken ex GP? It isn’t because of her ideology, she always votes for “humanitarian” intervention, votes against raises in benefits and an overall reduction in spending on welfare, voted for NHS privatisation, voted for grammar schools, raising tuition fees and ending financial support for 16 to 19 year olds, voted for mass surveillance, police commissioners, against climate change measures, for higher rail fares, against public ownership of railways and against secure tenancies.
      In my opinion, she’s a nasty piece of work with a fake geniality.

      1. “Why do the middle classes …”

        Ping! Ping! Bullshit alarm detecting knee-jerk advertorial ideas of class.

      2. Ping ping troll alert.
        You failedt o respond to the key point of the post in your rush to sneer:
        “she always votes for “humanitarian” intervention, votes against raises in benefits and an overall reduction in spending on welfare, voted for NHS privatisation, voted for grammar schools, raising tuition fees and ending financial support for 16 to 19 year olds, voted for mass surveillance, police commissioners, against climate change measures, for higher rail fares, against public ownership of railways and against secure tenancies.
        In my opinion, she’s a nasty piece of work with a fake geniality.”
        Care to comment on the substance?

      3. There you go again, your class is under attack and you turn to those who will destroy you. Professional workers are being decimated, teachers, lecturers, doctors and dentists are being replaced by cheaper alternatives. You will come crying to the working class for support when the pips squeak, forgetting you supported the neoliberals and supply side solutions.
        And you personally resort to anger and sneering as ever. When will you stop and think RH?

      4. Quite right, Lundiel. The always wrong on every issue, middle class Troll, RH, seriously thinks the crocodile tear expressions of regret of Tory hypocrites like Wollaston about the collapse of the NHS or Universal Credit, whilst voting through EVERY one of the Tory attacks, means she has “personal integrity” ! RH is a brainless troll, and gets very sensitive of any criticism of middle class privilege. Sad man (or possibly schoolboy ).

      5. And you jpenney are a Zionist masquerading as a Labour supporter so that you can harm Corbyn.

      6. Poor old ha’penny and lundyisland. They find it so hard to deal with argument, thinking that ‘radicalism’ is simply about mirroring the tropes f the right (note allignment with the ERG and the Israel lobby) but substituting ‘middle class’ (half the nation) for brainless generalised attitudes about the working class. The voice is so reminiscent of the self-righteous onanism of Rees Mogg turned on its head.

        The wild assumptions then grow like Japanese Knot-Weed around initial incomprehension, and usually end up in playground insults.’Troll’ is, of course, the favourite as the rattles disappear over the side of the pram. It seems to mean ‘someone who disagrees with me’.

        And then the last ironic laugh – offended complaints about ‘insults’.

      7. Oh. And in in terms of my comments on Woolaston – it’s not difficult for an animate intelligence to note that I was talking about personal consistency in comparison with the Labour weasels, not approving of her overall views.

        I wish it wasn’t necessary to gloss everything.

  13. The three Tories defected for one reason alone – out of their wish to overturn the EU referendum result of 2016 through the so-called “People’s Vote”. Despite standing on a Conservative manifesto which committed them to respecting it.

    That is the sole reason. Had they been “compassionate one-nation Conservatives” they would have resigned from the Austerity coalition of Cameron, Osborne and LibDems. They are trying to rewrite the recent past. Falsification of history.

    1. I’m wondering if their “mission” also includes sabotaging a Labour government after which they will rejoin the Tories. Wollaston is a dyed in the wool Tory…no other party is suitable for her.

  14. Another vote of no confidence sounds like a great idea to me. Could the splitters abstain, or wouldn’t that be enough to avoid a general election at which they would probably lose their seats?

    1. Alas they will vote to keep their seats.
      That is, they’ll vote with the Tories.
      There’s a shocker.

    1. Fair comment.
      But talk of ‘divides’ and ‘splits’ conjures visions of 50/50 divisions within Labour. Not so. A deep division, but separating 95%.
      Despite those yearning for the Blair years, I have never seen the party so united.

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