Call goes out to social media users: block the quitters

A call is being made to all Labour members and supporters on social media to block the seven “quitter” MPs who left the Labour Party this morning.

They’ve made themselves irrelevant to the movement and the thing they’ll hate the most is being ignored,” one prominent Labour activist told the SKWAWKBOX, “and the best thing is for the movement just to ignore them now, so nobody rises to any baiting.”

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The ‘more of the same but we’re different, honest’ group can be left to its phonebox-sized echo chamber while the Labour movement gets on with its job of changing the country for the many.

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  1. Are you happy to see the UK globally ridiculed, having been comprehensively conned by the extreme right of the Tory party, desperate to avoid the EU anti tax avoidance directive? Call yourselves Socialists? You have descended to the level of party politics when the nation needs better.

    1. Lovett, the only issue i have with your rather crass comment is the fact you claim that the UK has been conned by extreme market fundamentalists to avoid a EU tax avoidance Directive. Are you really that uninformed and without irony that you fail to see that one of the biggest tax avoiders of all actually is the President of the European Commission – Christ, I won’t even get on to Ireland or the Netherland’s – in a nutshell, forget this Directive and open your bloody eyes as the leadership of the EU is very much in favour of tax avoidance and money laundering, if, this were not the case the problem would not exist on the vast scale it actually does.

      1. You would concede, I expect, that the 1% worldwide are ‘very much in favour of tax avoidance’ – and that their wealth allows them to influence governments and tax legislation worldwide?
        Why limit your criticism to the few you mention?
        Which other group has mooted, much less implemented, a tax avoidance directive?
        That wasn’t rhetorical – there may be others of which I’m unaware, and you do seem to claim some expertise…

      2. Regardless, you don’t reform something by putting your fingers in your ears & running away (bit like these now ex Labour MPs).

        Overall the EU is far more responsible on fair taxation than the UK government although progress could be faster.

        It’s tragic that we continue this gross act of self harm without hesitation despite the fact more & more job losses become evident, more potential harm to life, liberty & the economy shows up (no deal lack of food, medicines, gridlock in Kent etc for example) now they might not happen but odds are they will esp with an incompetent muppet in power surrounded by even more incompetence & now this isn’t about the best deal this about saving May’s face as she runs the clock down to show its my deal or no deal.
        May’s deal should never have gotten this far it’s obv it had little support & shouldn’t have gotten as far as a vote she should’ve stopped, listened & changed tack

      3. The angst against the EU’s adherence to the tenets of global neoliberalism is fair enough.

        But the idea that the pathetic irrelevance that the Tories have created of this nation is going to be an isolated bastion against the ideology of this international dominance – is totally delusory. Especially since the extreme policies of which we see the results all around are entirely home grown – ‘Made in the UK’.

        The Lexit vision is actually a nostalgic dream of La La Land – not a prospectus for a progressive future where, like it or not, co-operation and influence will be key. The kind judgment is that it’s a regressive recipe for savouring Trump’s backside.

  2. Just watch these vainglorious twats disappear down the plughole of history, a la SDP…

    1. Their main purpose is to deny Labour victory at the next election,and it is by no means certain that they will fail in that attempt.

  3. Well ultimately it is a consequence of that broad church thingy.

    1. ” that broad church thingy.” aka ‘electability’

      … but it does raise the question of how broad is ‘broad’.

      1. Broad enough to allow criticism of Israeli government policy but not so narrow as to dismiss the referendum vote and throw everything behind a second referendum that will never get parliamentary approval.

      2. So – the goose-steppers would deny the possibility of one policy option that might reflect a broad swathe of opinion and deny a Tory victory?

  4. The corks doth pop.
    Around this land.
    In London, elsewhere too!
    Possibly 7 more socialist MPs.
    For the many, not the few.
    And saying “evidence not ideology”
    Is a most ideological thing.
    So to members who support a transformation.
    Back JC to win!

    1. Not the corollary. Blair promulgated right-wing policies. Have a look at the history of Labour. That is what is a ‘broad church’ – a Party that tales forward a programme of progressive policies (and that, of course, excludes ‘Lexit’, that animal of the right) and persuades a majority of the electorate.

      The ‘Centre’ is a much abused term – shifting to suit predilections. It’s that progressive consensus that is important, not ritual chanting in an irrelevant corner.

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