Video: Bercow’s priceless reaction to Corbyn’s take-down of May and Grayling

John Bercow

Theresa May has defended her incompetent Transport Secretary Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling after his latest fiasco, in which his department awarded a Brexit ferry contract to a company with no ferries – and then cancelled it barely six weeks before the UK leaves the EU.

As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to her latest statement on her own incompetence over Brexit, Corbyn took both the hapless PM and her less than useful underling with a single sentence – and even Speaker John Bercow couldn’t hide his amusement:

No doubt the Tories will claim Bercow was demonstrating a lack of neutrality – as they so often do when things are not going their way, which is a lot – but who can genuine blame Bercow for expressing his amusement. He’s only human, after all – and the government gives no shortage of material.

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  1. Great opener from Jeremy – anywhere else Bercow would have spit his tea out – along with everyone except what looked like May’s death mask across the aisle.

    Sorry but I have questions about Ms. Hodge’s “200” – were those 200 verbal attacks on her personally? 90% of those being from non-Labour members would suggest a serious issue with other parties may be going unremarked.

    I wonder if she submitted them as and when received or kept a file and submitted them all at once – and if so, when?

    If they were incidents reported to her by others and submitted by her as untested allegations that would be fair enough – but accusations submitted by third parties should not be described as ‘evidence’ until investigation proves them genuine.

  2. Would’ve liked to have seen grayskull’s reaction…Looking to the heavens while furiously scratching his cranium with a: ‘I wish I knew what he meant’ look on his grid.

    I have seen things lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds with more intelligence than that colossal gobshite. I mean, there’s thick – but grayskull abuses the term.

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