Video: BBC pre-arranged to film anti-Corbyn PR stunt

The BBC-assisted anti-Corbyn stunt

This afternoon, BBC News showed a spray-paint ‘attack’ on a posted featuring Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter profile as part of a feature about Theresa May’s continuing Brexit incompetence.

It was clear that the broadcaster had been pre-warned that the stunt was planned – but the coverage made no mention of the fact and the voice-over treated it as if it was an overflow of remainer ‘frustration’ at the Labour leader:

The cameras just happened to be on the spot in plenty of time to film the stunt taking place – and the BBC presented it as a manifestation of remainer ‘frustration’ instead of an act by a handful of people working for a pressure group.

The BBC declined to comment.

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  1. I have no problem with the BBC filming PR Stunts, but they must inform the public that is a stunt being performed by a pressure group and that they were contacted to film it.

    1. Yes, except of course the pro-EU bosses club BBC would never play along with a pre-arranged similar stunt in support of Brexit by socialist Labour Party members, would they?

  2. So the BBC complicit in a crime, I do hope the poster guys sue the hell out of them.

  3. It is so sad to see and hear more and more such cheap and low standard of moral and doubt of intelligence stuff from the prestigious world known broadcaster, once people trusted and respected when did they go and when will they learn?

  4. Just out of interest, what did the tweet on the hoarding say?

    I haven’t seen it before and to me it looked blank, other than #Brexit

    Was it just a blank canvas for the stooges to scrawl on?

  5. …….”and some Labour MPs want their leader to be” as influential as that bloke from the LibDems is to anyone not living in London or the southeast.

  6. Is that a policewoman standing by? Is she there to protect or arrest the vandals? Folded arms and a girlish giggle suggests the former.
    Seems to have echoes of the dire Cliff Richard prime-time police raid.
    Unless the poster belonged to whatever right wing group organised the pathetic pantomime – and it was on private land – maybe Labour could take action against the perpetrators?
    Getting more than a bit sick of watching us turn the other cheek.

    1. OOPS, just checked @ByDonkeys on Twitter – it seems Led By Donkeys bought, paid for (crowdfunded) and put up a whole bunch of posters with ‘Famous Last Words’ type quotes from various Tories saying how easy Brexit would be.
      Then Labour members drew on it.
      Brexiteers won’t like it but is doesn’t seem to be anti-Corbyn, just anti-Brexit.
      And not vandalism I think, sorry.
      And this time the BBC might inadvertently have done us a favour.

  7. Skwarwkbox is just as bad, it wasn’t an anti Corbyn’s stunt, it was a pro second vote protest. Skwarwkbox likes to portray anyone who wants the people to cast their opinion on May’s fiasco of a deal as anti-Corbyn.

    1. Not really, Jack.

      I haven’t seen a set-up like that for a live (at the time of recording) daubing on a tess may tweet type thing on the wall…Have you?

      And can you verify the ‘vandals’ were pro-Corbyn or pro-Labour?

      1. The Toffee. You appear to have missed my point completely. It wasn’t about the BBC or the identity of the protesters, it was about the purpose of their protest which Skwawky has deliberately misinterpreted.

      2. And you’ve completely missed my point, Jack.

        Not like the beeb (Or just about any other MSM outlet) to twist the narrative to make it about Corbyn, is it?

        All those antisemitic jibes didn’t appear in such volumes, pre-Corbyn – did they?

        If you don’t believe me, ask berger, hodge, screeching and the rest.

        Catch me drift?

    2. Yeah, sure. Scrawling PV slogans and the names of blairite organisations OFOC and FFS – on a poster showing Corbyn above a ‘led by donkeys’ caption wasn’t anti-Corbyn. Horse manure.

      1. Top Lions they doth lead us.
        As Dumb Donkeys bray below.
        And fumes the grassroots Lions.
        Donkeys or members should go?
        I’m with the left wing democratic socialist rank and file!

      2. Steve, the Twitter thread has street posters ridiculing over-optimistic Brexit statements by Johnson, Leadsom, Redwood, Farage, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Davis, May, Fox, Raab, Cameron and Vote Leave.
        There are two that are kind of addressed to Corbyn but only what I’d expect from young Corbyn supporters desperate to remain, as many are.
        More gentle nudges toward a re-ref than anti-Corbyn from what I saw. Not saying they’re right or wise, just not vindictive I think.


        Out of a couple of hundred comments, many of them FBPE’ers, only ONE was definitely anti-Corbyn and one other was a bit confused but might have been. A bit.

  8. And they talk of charging over 75 year OAPs for their license? As so much of their reporting is biased to the Right perhaps the Selfservatives could make up the short-fall. Afterall the BBC is backing them!

    1. Shortfall? I think the BBC owes us a fucking refund.

      The gig with the posters could have been great – if only.
      The fact that none of us had a clue about it could mean it wasn’t promoted as well as it might have been – or more likely just that old farts like us (me) aren’t plugged in to it.
      With luck BBC publicity might have given us a free one.

      1. I have a simple way of dealing with the BBC – ignore the News and Current Affairs output – particularly the TV ghetto..

        You’re then left with a pretty good and varied broadcasting output – and it’s in public ownership – and free if you stick to the radio.

        The governance issue does need dealing with to pre-empt the current level of politicisation.

  9. Yes I am sure if there was a Left Wing such Event such as the 250 socialists outside the Bank of England in support of the Left Wing Govt in Venezeula the BBC would have been there prompt for such a (good) PR stunt?
    Perhaps John Pilger nailed it a few years ago saying that the BBC is a master of subtle propaganda?
    Oh and I read a full transcript of the BBC interview with Muduro the other day and he was very good, questioning the BBCs lack of uncritical thinking and their falling for the propaganda of “the extremists (Neo-Cons) running the US'” then Orla what’s her name threw in a final question: “Has Jeremy Corbyn been in contact with you?”
    What the hell has that to do with interviewing a Foreign President in the face of Right Wing US threats and demands against his Govt?
    Had the Tories asked the BBC to ask this question to help their Fake Narrative?
    Such events as this one exposed here excellently by Skwawkbox should make us take heed of experienced journalist John Pilger’s powerful words!
    Perhaps if we can get Jeremy in and democratise the BBC (no taxation – licence fee- without representation) we could then perhaps give the BBC a new strap line: Holding Truth to Power!

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