Laura Smith exposes S*n for ‘utterly false’ fake news

Labour’s former front-bencher Laura Smith has taken the Murdoch rag to task for publishing wholesale fake news about her CLP.

Labour’s former shadow minister and Crewe & Nantwich MP Laura Smith

Labour’s excellent former shadow minister Laura Smith has exposed the S*n for a completely-invented story about a supposed vote in her CLP (constituency Labour party).

The rag had published a nonsensical story that didn’t even make any sense – it blared in its title that “Labour chiefs” had “demanded” a so-called “people’s vote” – but even the secondary title contradicted the claim, turning it instead into some generic ‘remainers’ and a ‘plea’:

The article then shows a staggering ignorance of Labour structures and procedures by describing a normal CLP meeting as ‘Labour chiefs’:

LABOUR chiefs in a top marginal seat have passed a motion demanding Jeremy Corbyn offers voters the chance to reverse Brexit at the next election.

The Labour constituency party (CLP) in Crewe and Nantwich voted through the emergency motion last week – despite voters in the seat voting overwhelmingly for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

The S*n

Poor even by the Murdoch rag’s standards – but even the basic claim itself was completely untrue, as the constituency’s MP quickly pointed out on Twitter:

Not only did the CLP not ‘vote through’ the motion – it never even debated one, as Ms Smith told the SKWAWKBOX on Monday evening:

That motion wasn’t even debated, let alone passed. I have no idea where the Sun gets its information from but this story is utterly false.

Laura Smith MP

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Ms Smith is an excellent MP and highly-regarded shadow minister who last year caused uproar in the Commons when she asked Theresa May when Donald Trump had ‘instructed’ May to launch military action in Syria:

If she says no motion was debated, no motion was debated.

But the S*n must be very desperate indeed to make leave-supporters think Labour is moving toward an anti-Brexit position.

Another sign of an impending general election?

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  1. May looks like she’s got a dictatorship fantasy death list and Smith just got slotted in between Pidcock and Walker 🙂

  2. The Bum publishes lying garbage? And there was me thinking that all that stuff on Europe was gospel.

  3. Leveson 2 anyone ? oh that was killed dead by that turd Camamron , speaking of which where is the twat , in Nice with his trotters up , no doubt !

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