Theresa May announces ‘new’ Brexit plan – can you spot the difference?

May can check her notes all she likes, there are no new ideas there

Theresa May has just announced her ‘new’ Brexit plan. It amounts to:

  • try to isolate Jeremy Corbyn
  • ignore the second-referendum advocate
  • hope to build a coalition of northern Labour MPs, ERG Tories & DUP
  • seek a legally-binding addendum to the Withdrawal Agreement from the EU regarding the backstop

If you can’t spot a difference between that and her ‘plan’ for the past two months, that’s because there isn’t one – and the EU will not give anything more than non-binding assurances.

Plan B = more of Plan A – which isn’t really a plan anyway.

May is intellectually and politically bankrupt and running down the clock to force MPs to choose between a no-deal Brexit and her even worse deal.

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  1. What is extraordinary is that the corporate press and their stooges at the BBC continue to take the ridiculous woman seriously.

  2. The whole situation is such a f****ing mess that there is only one course of rational action – delay the implementation of Article 50. Whether a general election can be attained after that s the next question – but only the nuts of the ERG (‘feel my wallet’) nexus would oppose this course of action.

    The fact of this is so obvious that future historians will have a field day trying to unravel the roots of the country’s political and constitutional uselessness at this juncture. The country has become a pathetic joke.

    In the meantime, this article from the New York Times gives an interesting take on the historical incompetence of the British ruling class :


    1. Powerful stuff the NYT article. Reminds me of the Times headline a couple of years ago,”May tells EU give us a good deal or we will crush you.”

  3. This parrot is dead , deceased ,,, ooops sorry wrong sketch , I thought it was Monty Python time , mind you that’s what the Tories have reduced our Parliament to ,Mr Creosote anyone , a waffffer thin biscuit and then the whole lot of em will hopefully explode !

  4. The PV brigade get the same answer every time but keep asking the same question – they all look like total idiots. May just wants the ERG and DUP to back her deal and that is it!

  5. IF she applied herself to working collectively with politicians from all political spectrums, as opposed to wasting her time to construct Skripal theatrical show, there may have indeed been an end to this saga. Having said that, she has always been incompetent. Hasn’t she!?

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