Video: Jones/Soubry abuse-hurler Goddard wore dress to Khan protest

Goddard with a racist group in September

Some politicians and Establishment media outlets have shamed themselves today by attempting to blame Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for the behaviour of the hard-right outside Parliament yesterday as they hurled abuse at police officers as well as at journalist Owen Jones and Tory MP Anna Soubry.

One of the main protagonists in that behaviour has been identified as right-wing extremist James Goddard, who has attempted to appropriate the ‘yellow vest’ attire used by anti-Macron protesters in France. Goddard was also filmed threatening ‘war’:

But Mr Goddard has also used other outfits during his street appearances. In September, he was filmed among a racist group chanting against London mayor Sadiq Khan, while wearing a dress:

The sound has been removed for the sake of readers.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Goddard’s cross-dressing is about the only thing known about his recent behaviour that is not intrinsically objectionable – though his far-right friends, who normally prefer stereotypical macho posturing, might have a different view.

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  1. Looks like a very disturbed person to me. Anger management issues, illogicality, need for constant attention ………..

    1. Danny, you are so confused. A second referendum would be a MASSIVE shot in the arm for DEMOCRACY. Don’t you realise the far right fascists would be apoplectic with rage at a second referendum in case it disrupts their Brexit plans?.

    2. Actually, this incident simply illustrates what a load of sad tossers are these ‘objectors’ to informed democrac. I was reminded of random images of defendants in child porn cases and sad Facebook bedroom authors scuttling into the local magistrates’ court.

      … although, as Jo Cox found, such saddos can be dangerous. But they are not a reason to absndon sense.

  2. I think the clothing was some sort statement, quite what I don’t know, Goddards attire has nothing to do with cross dressing obviously, see man wearing underpants over trousers. I’m not generally very ‘pc’ but don’t tar cross dressers by even tongue in cheek comments, not when it’s a low life like that aye

  3. Every one of us has the possibility to demonstrate a complex range of behaviour. The psychopathy of a psychopath is a whole other sphere

  4. How did the propaganda rags alluded to in the article manage to drag John McDonnell into it?

    1. Anyway, whilst doing some research earlier this evening I came across the following article in the Express from June 21st, 2017 (yes, I heard something about it at the time, but didn’t check out the Establishment’s propaganda rags), and so I ended up putting the following together. I don’t know what sort of prominence they gave it in the actual hard-copy newspaper, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was front-page news. So the headline was:

      Jeremy Corbyn’s team DENY he disrespected Queen as they claim Theresa May got it WRONG

      With the following sub-headline:

      REPUBLICAN Jeremy Corbyn’s team was today forced to deny he failed to show proper respect to the Queen when she came to open the new session of Parliament.

      And the ‘article’ went as follows:

      After trooping from the House of Commons to the Lords with fellow MPs to hear the monarch’s speech, the Labour leader stood with head upright while Theresa May sincerely bowed hers towards the occupant of the throne.

      The leftwinger later winked to an unseen observer.

      And a bit further on it says:

      But his aides insisted that he had followed the correct protocol, which is for Speaker John Bercow and Commons officials to bow to the Queen on behalf of MPs.

      Their explanation appeared borne out by the fact that other senior Tories also did not bow, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and First Secretary of State Damian Green who arrived in the upper chamber behind Mr Corbyn.

      Damian McBride, an aide to Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, followed up with his own analysis of footage from state openings dating back to 2010 which he said showed neither main party leader bowing, except in 2013 when David Cameron and Mr Corbyn’s predecessor Ed Miliband slightly nodded.

      And right at the end of the ‘article’ it says:

      A House of Lords spoksman said the only people required to bow were Speaker Mr Bercow, Commons Clerk David Natzler, senior Lords official Black Rod and the Serjeant at Arms Kamal El-Hajji.

      So the person who wrote the ‘article’ (Alison Little) KNEW prior to writing it that JC “had followed correct protocol” etc, and that it appeared to be “borne out by the fact that other senior Tories also did not bow” etc, and also contacted a House of Lords spokesman who confirmed to her that the only people required to bow were the Speaker, John Bercow and several officials. In other words, she knew prior to composing the article that JC did absolutely nothing wrong and did NOT disrespect the Queen and, as such, that it was a total and absolute non-story. But they – the Express – ran it anyway, as if to say it WAS a story! And the next day they ran the story AGAIN (almost identical but by two other ‘journalists)! This time with the headline:

      NATIONAL DISGRACE: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to bow to Queen and then WINKS at colleagues

      The Daily Mail also ran with it of course, and headlined it: ‘Corbyn denies failing to show respect to Queen after he arrives for State Opening of Parliament without bowing his head’, and even though they had the following three subheadlines, they still managed to paint him in a negative light:

      Jeremy Corbyn was seen standing upright as May bowed to Queen in parliament
      Labour leader’s aides insist protocol is for Speaker and officials to bow on behalf of MPs
      Senior Tories including Boris Johnson did not bow when arriving behind Corbyn

      And if you look at the Best Rated comments (the initial ones), you can be absolutely certain that on the one hand they are the handiwork of the Mail’s own shills (and concocted and contrived to ‘confirm’ to their readers that JC DID disrespect the Queen), and on the other hand that the number of upvotes was manipulated by the Mail.

      And the Sun – who obviously knew the answer to the question they pose in their headline – went with:

      DID JEZ SNUB QUEEN? Jeremy Corbyn chooses not to bow to Her Majesty ahead of Queen’s Speech – before turning round to WINK at a pal

      And the subheadline:

      The Labour leader was caught on camera staying upright while others bowed

      I haven’t checked out any other papers – or news broadcasters websites – as of yet, but no doubt some of them also ran with it too! And they call themselves ‘newspapers’!

  5. I just started to check out a few other papers re the ‘bowing’ nonsense, and just happened to go to the Telegraph first and, as such – re the above SB article – came across the following headline at the top of the page on their website:

    Who is the ‘Boy in the Red Cap’? Man detained at Soubry ‘Nazi’ protest is Russian-born orphan and former Corbyn supporter

    Could only read the first three paragraphs though – which didn’t really explain anything – as they have a paywall. But……… this is the Telegraph!

    1. Just came across an article in the Daily Mail re the “former Corbyn supporter” with the headline:

      Revealed: One of the yobs who called Anna Soubry a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘traitor’ is a private school-educated former Jeremy Corbyn supporter

      And just under the headline it says:

      The 21-year-old was previously pictured holding a ‘Jeremy Corbyn for PM’ sign

      And the only other thing it says about it is:

      A month after the EU referendum, he was pictured holding a ‘Jeremy Corbyn for PM’ placard at an anti-austerity demonstration.

      (but has posted comments more recently saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a moron)

      The chances are of course – what with it being a propaganda rag for the Establishment – that the “previously pictured” bit is complete fabrication. Previously pictured by who? And where is the picture, and why isn’t it shown in the article?

  6. Yes, predictably, the Torygraph went with it too (mainly to amuse their readers no doubt!) They headline it: ‘Jeremy Corbyn accused of ‘snubbing’ the Queen – but was Labour leader following protocol?’

    As with the Sun, they of course know the answer to the question they pose in their headline, and omit to mention in the ‘article’ who it was that accused him of “snubbing” – in quotation marks – the Queen. The fact that he was following protocol and, as such, DIDN’T have to bow and didn’t snub the Queen is irrelevant of course if some anonymous un-named person said that he DID!


    1. Headlines of other MSM:

      Did Jeremy Corbyn forget to bow before the Queen? The Guardian

      Bow row: Jeremy Corbyn did not snub the Queen, says Labour The Guardian

      Jeremy Corbyn criticised for ‘refusing’ to bow to Queen – here’s why Theresa May was actually in the wrong Daily Mirror, with the sub-headline:

      The Labour leader was called ‘disrespectful’ after the Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords, but May didn’t do it last year

      Re the last bit of the sub-headline, I had little doubt that THAT was the case AND, as such, have little doubt as to what prompted her to do it in 2017 – ie all of the above! The point is of course that she was fully aware of the protocol and, as such, knew that Jeremy wouldn’t bow his head…… In a word, it was contrived, and for the obvious purpose – ie to ‘initiate’ the negative – and totally fraudulent – coverage of Jeremy that it did.

      Aha, I had little doubt that Skwawkbox covered this at the time – I think I must have first ‘discovered’ SB a month or so later – and they did, and I just came across it in the list of results that came up when I did a search (which I’ve been slowly working my way through for several hours!). The SB post mainly focuses on the disingenuous and fraudulent way that Guido Fawkes covered it (which funnily enough was the last one I checked out before coming across the SB listing). And needless to say, SB exposes the falsehoods disseminated by GF.

      This is WHY Jeremy Corbyn failed to bow for the Queen Daily Star (accurate coverage in fact)

      Right, that’s it, time for beddy-byes!

  7. I see ‘Remoaners’ are reverting to their traditional insults & lack of informed logic with their Bob Geldoff copycat act. About as good as it gets for them. I grow tired of the perpetual nastiness, but now, let it rock!

    1. ‘Remoaners’ : errr… that’d be most of the Labour vote, then. We don’t want their bloody votes, do we?

      How terrible and ‘nasty’ that they should contradict Tory policy! (and I couldn’t give a f.f about Geldoff)

      What’s the weather like on Planet Zog today?

      1. If there was a second referendum – which realistically seems most unlikely to happen – and the result was the same again, would that be the end of it as far as YOU are concerned, AND the people you know who feel the same way as you do about the present situation?

        The key thing is though that if we did – one way or another – end up remaining in the EU, or rejoining in the near future, would a Jeremy Corbyn government (in the event of one being elected) be able to carry out his/their program of renationalisation? (I realise that in such an eventuality we then still have the Blairites to deal with, who would undoubtedly do all they can to sabotage such a program).

        PS And please don’t think I’m being combatative – I have no axe to grind either way – and I’m just sincerely interested to hear you – or anyone else for that matter – has to say re the above questions.

      2. My above comment is/was addressed to RH, just in case there’s any confusion!

  8. When John Mann viciously assaulted Ken Livingstone (which was recorded on camera) there was no MSM outcry, but when Anna Soubrey is called a Nazi & jostled, it becomes news.

    1. More to the point steve, it was all staged and contrived and John Mann was just acting, as there is no doubt whatsoever that he knows that Ken was referring to an historical fact – ie the Haavara Agreement of 1933 which led to the lifting of the Zionist boycott of Nazi Germany, and continued for the next five or six years. And so did everyone else involved in the attack on Ken, and they knew they could get away with it precisely because they knew that 99.999% of the population had no knowledge whatsoever of the agreement or the boycott, including most of the Jewish community.

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