The 20 Tory rebels who actually rebelled this evening

MPs prepare to deliver the result of the amendment vote

This evening, the government lost its attempt to defeat an amendment to its finance bill to force it to ask Parliament for permission for spending on any preparations for a no-deal Brexit – by 303 votes to 296.

This defeat resulted from Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to get behind the amendment and whip MPs to support it – and the surprise discovery that Tory rebels who actually rebel are not merely a myth.

Twenty Tories supported the amendment, including seventeen former ministers of whom seven had held Cabinet-level posts. The full list of those who voted against the government is as follows:

  1. Allen, Heidi
  2. Bebb, Guto
  3. Benyon, rh Richard
  4. Boles, Nick
  5. Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth
  6. Djanogly, Mr Jonathan
  7. Fallon, rh Sir Michael
  8. Freeman, George
  9. Greening, rh Justine
  10. Grieve, rh Mr Dominic
  11. Gyimah, Mr Sam
  12. Lee, Dr Phillip
  13. Letwin, rh Sir Oliver
  14. Morgan, rh Nicky
  15. Neill, Robert
  16. Sandbach, Antoinette
  17. Soames, rh Sir Nicholas
  18. Soubry, rh Anna
  19. Vaizey, rh Mr Edward
  20. Wollaston, Dr Sarah

After an effective effort by the party’s whips, two hundred and twenty-nine Labour MPs voted for the motion, with only three breaking ranks. There was a considerable amount of approved ‘pairing’ that accounted for the remainder of Labour’s Commons strength.

Sadly, this result has no relevance for Labour’s no-confidence motion if/when Theresa May’s withdrawal deal is voted down. There is no guarantee that those Tory MPs will retain their backbones or even wish to put country before party when it really counts – and all ten DUP MPs sided with the government on this occasion.


  1. Thanks for the info. Who were the three Labour MPs who supported the Government?

  2. It certainly makes a change to see Heidi Allan following her ‘conscience’, she usually confines her ‘rebellions’ to a bit of theatrical blubbing for the poor and disadvantages that are suffering because of Tory policies before dutifully skipping through the door into the Tory lobby.

  3. ‘…and all ten DUP MPs sided with the government on this occasion.’

    Ian Walker from previous blog article:
    ‘…The DUP have stated they will vote No Confidence if the Tories continue to push for an Article 50 with the December 2017 Tory Backstop Treaty attached. Which includes May’s deal and a [No Deal] Crash Out exit..’

    Then, Ian, how do we explain their actions, which effectively mean support for No-Deal Brexit?

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