Dishonest centrist ‘leaving Labour’ campaign sparks hilarious hashtag

For many months now, there has been an ongoing campaign of supposed Labour members claiming on social media that they can ‘no longer’ be a member of the party.

So many months, in fact, that it seems the latest rash of ‘I can’t be a Labour member because Brexit’ tweets has required a little er, recycling.

Many examples have come to light of people announcing their departure from the party for the second (or later) time:

It’s such a transparent ploy – and a lazy one, since it wouldn’t be too hard to clean up historic tweets before ‘leaving’ again – that the only question in each instance is whether it’s a red Tory or a blue one behind each tweet, but it’s clearly coordinated.

However, left-wingers have responded with the humour that has helped the left ‘own’ political social media to the continual frustration of right-wingers – by setting up a #LeaveTheToryParty hashtag for tweets by Conservative ‘members’, or more accurately those making unevidenced claims of membership, to tweet their ‘departure’ announcements while making barbed-yet-accurate observations on the real blue rosette-wearers and their supporters:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

These are not real Tory members, of course – which is exactly the point. But even if they were claiming to be, the popularity of the hashtag would reveal that the Tories’ skeletal and shrinking (in spite of unevidenced claims by leading Tories) members couldn’t realistically generate so many tweets.

The left turns the right’s lame tactics back on the poor Tories and their bots and sock-puppets yet again – with far more humour and effectiveness.

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  1. Like Maureen Lipmen who announced she was leaving Labour under Ed Miliband… then said three years later she was resigning because of Corbyn’s failure to deal with anti-semitism!

  2. This mendacious tendency is very much linked to the arrogantly-titled, Blairite-dominated People’s Vote campaign. Many non-Labour Party members are threatening to resign from the Labour Party because Corbyn’s rightly unsupportive of the PV.

  3. I too always voted Labour but after giving birth to Jeremys children I have to now confess he is right handed and has made no effort to change. I cannot in all conscience vote Labour again

  4. Interesting how Bevan Boy conflates being a racist ‘Islamaphobe’ with the over 75s. It must again be time for the elderly to hurry up & die.

  5. I wouldn’t take anything from anti-social media for gospel.

    The main issue is simply previous Labour voters not bothering because of policy being out of kilter with their desire to remain in the EU and being too close to the Tories on this issue.

    I don’t think that whining about ‘Centrists’ and ‘Blairites’ is going to alter that hard electoral reality.

    1. OK lets try and think this through shall we , not voting for a Labour govt that will
      1.Stop the destruction of the NHS, that means it will possibly save your life at some point if it hasn’t already done so , a privatised one , which is what you’ll get by not voting Labour most certainly will not and should it do so you’ll be in debt for good ! See USA for examples .
      2. Resolve the homelessness crisis by building 500,000 new council houses , which will not happen by not voting Labour .
      3.End Austerity which is literally KILLING thousands of our own people , this will not happen by not voting Labour .
      4.Reduce the inequality gap etc etc ,,, you can see where this is going right ?

      All the threats and inferences that the Labour voting electorate who want to remain,, will not vote Labour once reminded of the other equally important actions Labour will take once in power , that they will some how cut their proverbial noses off to spite their faces over just one single issue Brexit , I’d suggest is not a hard electoral reality but fantasy.

      The policy on Brexit was agreed at our/your Conf , Labour would try to secure a better deal. If that fails all options would be on the table (as decided at Conference) that’s it , end of . Look it up if you want the exact wording of the motion.

      The PV is an opportunistic vehicle being seized on and used by the Blairites to set the ” The Left ” at each others throats , and it seems to be succeeding.
      Perhaps we all need to step back and think , perhaps see it for what it is , and that is a none to sophisticated method of attacking Corbyn and preventing at all cost a Socialist Govt .
      Corbyn is not in power he cannot authorise a PV .
      Thus logically all those who attack him and Labour are not doing so to secure a PV as he cannot give it .
      The chances of a GE being called , despite all our best hopes , is remote , thus the likely hood of Corbyn being in a position in the next 2 years to grant a PV is ZERO .
      Therefore those attacking Corbyn are being counter productive and simply help re-enforces in the public’s perception that somehow it’s all Corbyn’s fault .All that this does is raises the chances of there not being a socialist Labour Govt , now who wants that to happen I wonder ????

      The question IS why are those who so vehemently want a PV not turning all their attacks and firepower to the ONE PERSON who can authorise it and is responsible for the shit storm we are facing ,,

      that is


      1. Rob, a big new year hug for your comment above, from Paulo – thank you and many others on this site for your courage clear sightedness and persistence.

      2. @Paulo thanks and in solidarity , because I hope that we all realise that it is only by keeping solidarity that we can over come the Neo-liberal elite within our party ( Blairites ) and externally Tories, by Left not fighting Left .

      3. Whistling in the dark.

        The fundamental point against the *minority* view that is Lexit is that the *majority* of Labour supporters recognize that the weakened position of the UK after Brexit will be in no position to design any brave new world – particularly if such a policy sheds votes in any degree, as has already happened in Scotland.. Which is why the Brexit policy originates in the extreme right.

        The fake victimhood and paranoia that drives Brexit is not a pretty sight for progressive politics – and Kipper votes will not balance the deficit.

  6. The problem for most pro EU people is that they don,t do their own research, staying in the EU is like clinging on to the decks of the Titanic as it goes down.

    1. The problem for all Brexit voters is that they don’t do *any* research.

      As to *impressions* – which is what you’re actually talking about – I haven’t noticed any solid Labour voters that I’ve talked to over Christmas here on Planet Earth (and that’s about everyone I’ve talked to) who think that current Party policy on Brexit makes any sense at all. The eyes go to the ceiling with ‘WTF?’

      1. Numerous people on here provide statistics and other information to back their arguments, you provide only opinions, evidence free ones or ones supported by anecdotes at best. Your “planet earth” contains the Plough Inn in Easton, Bristol and the Doncaster Trades Club. A Brexit poll in either of those drinking holes would produce strikingly different results, I imagine. This is no longer about Brexit; it’s about whether you want to see a Corbyn-led Labour government or not, something which unites the vast majority of the aforementioned drinkers and which the friends of Tony Blair and Vince Cable are determined to jeopardise. Just don’t help them.

  7. The “hard electoral reality” for what it’s worth is that the number of people who say they won’t vote Labour because of Brexit is insignificant compared to the problem Labour will face in its heartlands if it chooses to ignore the referendum result. In that unfortunate event, that latter, much larger vote will oft times switch to the Tories, saving them in many key marginals and losing some Labour seats. The PV/I won’t vote for Corbyn vote will be split between abstentions and the Greens and the LibDems, more often than not in totally safe Labour seats, where the bulk of the electorate will carry on voting Labour. The number of Labour seats that are vulnerable to the LibDems is as nothing compared to Tory seats, which reflects the fact that LibDems are just wet Tories. There are maybe 1 or 2 seats where the Green Party’s vote is likely to cause an upset. The number of Tory/Labour seats in play depending on playing the Brexit cards right is between 50 and 150, maybe more. This is where the election will be fought and won and PV proponents need to be very clear, the game they are playing may make no difference to whether Brexit takes place or not but it sure as hell could damage the Labour Party’s chances of forming a government any time soon – but perhaps that was their intention all along?

    1. As I’ve said – “Whistling in the Dark”

      I have seen few references to reliable statistical evidence here. Mostly I see assertions that any scientifically sampled survey of opinion is a set-up by the ‘right wing establishment’ or some such knee-jerk phrase.

      In contrast, I’ve provided the evidence of the academically reputable BES – a firm indicator that, across the board, Labour voters are in favour of remaining in the EU.

      This does not mean that every Labour voter who voted ‘Remain’ will withhold their vote. But the basic fact, plus a sampling of disappointed supporters indicates a probable severe hit to the vote – in the context where a lot of Scottish votes have already been lost.

      There is no longer a ‘core vote’ in traditional ‘working class areas’ – structures have changed dramatically, and a lot of UKIP votes will actually go to the Tories.

      To think of Labour as a just ‘working class’ Party in 19th century terms is illusory. It requires a large swathe of ‘middle class’ votes to succeed, as well. Actually, ’twas always thus. It’s a coalition.

      Contrary to the hopeful gloss elsewhere given to local election results, what I have seen is a hardening of votes in both directions, not a decisive swing to Labour. If, and when, it comes to a general election, ‘Remain’ votes will be essential to secure a majority. And attracting younger voters will also be essential.

      Briefly – backing ‘Remain’ in some positive form is not a sufficient condition for electoral victory – but it is a necessary one.

      1. Look, this has got next to nothing to with the common market/EU whatever you call it and it’s irrelevant how you voted in June 2016. All Labour’s internal polling and a great deal of other evidence points to backing Blair & co as being a total turn-off to millions of Labour voters, which is why Corbyn’s line is the correct one and why he’s the leader of the Labour Party and you’re not – it’s also probably why the PV campaign is being run at all: to get rid of Corbyn. If, by chance, that’s what you want then there are other places to sound off: this isn’t one of them.

      2. Agreed – they are contributions to a debate (although contrary analysis can be made).

        However, the key is two statements in the conclusion :

        ” the public remains as split over the issue as they were in June 2016.”

        That is true – although the figures quoted show a distinct shift of balance towards ‘Remain’.

        But the essential point is that such a clear split should never have been taken as a mandate for a constitutional shift in the first place. There was no overall majority – and in such a situation, the proposition is usually taken to fall.

        “The issues that powered the Leave vote in 2016 remain unresolved”

        Undoubtedly. But they had little to do with the EU. They were Johsonian concoctions from the right wing press, harnessed in service of the right wing campaign that was Brexit.

  8. I was OK with ‘Bevan Boy”s “leaving the Tory Party” send-up tweet until I read that the requirements for being a member of that benighted organisation are, in BB’s words, “…. to be racist, Islamophobic. and…… over 75”..

    As a 70 year old Corbyn-supporting lifelong socialist member of Momentum and the Labour Party, I am wondering what terrifying metamorphosis I will undergo four years hence, But maybe I have no need to worry and ‘Bevan Boy’ is just a reactionary, dyed-in-the-wool, unrepentantly bigoted AGEIST.

    ‘Bevin Boy’, haven’t you noticed that Jeremy Corbyn himself is NOT YOUNG andwill be 70 next year? So cut out the ageist crap, will you? It’s no better a look than racism, sexism or homophobia – and you really wouldn’t want to be associated with any of those would you?

  9. I’m sure many pf you will wish to support this petition which is designed to force a by-election when an MP resigns from their party

    To: Speaker and Committee of the Whole House of Commons
    Reform to constitution regarding MP’s retaining seat after leaving a party

    We, the Public of Britain, are tired of MP candidates claiming to share the values of a political party in order to win office, & then when it suits them to do so, quitting the party that got them elected to “become an independent” or “change party” in a manner which does not reflect the ‘package deal’ that was presented for election on the voting ballots.

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