Ineos: fracking can’t be done without earthquakes so increase the limit


Fracking company Ineos says that the current limit on reportable earthquakes threatens the fracking industry in the UK – so the limit must be ‘eased’, according to the Sunday Times:

Surely this amounts to an admission that fracking cannot be carried out without routinely triggering earthquakes that exceed legal limits. So the solution, according to the fracking industry, is to move the limit.

Just saying…

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  1. So if the number of drink driving convictions gets too common, we should raise the alcohol limit, right?

  2. Hundreds of thousands of houses in the UK were built with the local stone and lime mortar. Many of these houses are much drier with central heating and the lime loses all its “glue “and its more or less the weight of the stone keeping everything in place. Similar situations can also occur with early brick built houses where the mortar has turned to dust. These houses will just fall down if shaken. I don’t see anyone picking up the tab when this happens. People will just lose their homes.

  3. Not only will they lose their homes, their general health and wellbeing are also put at risk just for the profit of that bloke who “has the rights”. There are very good reasons that fracking is banned on the continent. The sellout of this country appear so be already in full swing…… Very depressing thought.

  4. hmm satan wants his blood price they frack we pay the price with our blood and properties lovely being a tory

  5. England has tried to squeeze too many people into a small island. Fracking sites will never be very far from homes unlike in the US. It only needs a small quake to crack a house wall. Increasing the limit will just crack more walls.

  6. Meanwhile The State seems to be prepared to go to any lengths to protect the fracking companies.

    Police force admits passing footage of disabled protesters to DWP
    A police force has admitted passing video footage and other information about disabled anti-fracking protesters to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
    Disability News Service (DNS) reported last week that forces including Lancashire police had been accused of repeatedly targeting and assaulting disabled people involved in peaceful anti-fracking protests.


  7. Read a great piece in The New Left Review that the energy density of petroleum is one barrel of energy cost to produce 30 so is profitable but for Fracking is 1:7.
    Also a great Unite Trade Union report argued that there is only 3 years life in one well so to be profitable the Militant Fracking companies need thousands in the UK (which endorses this post) and all supported by big business and the Tories.
    So whilst this is the last thing the planet & environment needs – thanks to the search for profit and the Tories – it could be coming to an area like yours!
    Labour will ban Fracking!

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