Video: May flees Chamber as Corbyn blindsides with no-confidence motion

Theresa May flees the Commons Chamber just now.

Jeremy Corbyn has outflanked Theresa May twice in one afternoon. First, the Labour leader manoeuvred her into committing to a date for the ‘meaningful vote’ on her dismal excuse for a Brexit deal, by threatening a no-confidence motion in her if she didn’t provide one.

Then, as May started to relax and the media went into ‘full-on fake-news mode‘ about the motion, he called it anyway – and May, thrown, fled the Commons Chamber:

Now May faces another no-win situation.

The government has to make time in the Commons schedule this week for the vote to take place – if she dodges the vote by failing to make time, her cowardice is obvious.

If she lets it go ahead, then she faces a vote she may well lose – and the pro-Brexit MPs who voted against her in the Tories’ internal vote of confidence this week have to answer for why they consider she is fit to lead the country if they don’t believe she’s fit to lead the Tory party.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Corbyn is running rings around May – and around the media that support her.

More news the ‘MSM’ won’t feature.

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  1. Didn’t see that coming did yah May , now awaiting twat jurno’s ( Kussinggit and Pestallance ) spin responses and Bullshit Broadcasting Corporations bollocks on that move.
    Well done JC ,,,, go for the kill ( metaphorically speaking ) .

    1. Rob,

      I’m waiting to see what the Totalitarian Centrists will come out with – can’t wait to see them jump.

      1. Tumble weed ………………………………………………………………

      2. Just had quick peek at Tom Watson Twitter line , not a thing about Corbyns No conf motion ,,, surprised not !

  2. Stunning, absolutely stunning, and by two swoops JC takes the wind out of the People’s Vote and his multiple critics (may as well of course) – I’ve mentioned elsewhere Kate Hoey, who can act as a conduit to the DUP, she is an ardent Ulster Unionist after all and certainly want’s her Brexit, so, let see how the Lib Dem’s SNP, Plaid, DUP and Tory Brextremists in Westminster play – but, if we’re close to a Corbyn Government, its like having a life time of Christmas’s rolled into one.

    Brilliant stuff and the MSM shown up for the purveyors of biased, fake news that they are.

  3. Just noting May’s body language , she is a twitching , juddering breathless bag of nerves , just not up to the heat in the kitchen , Strong and Stable ehhh ,

  4. rubbish just fucking absolute rubbish , sorry for foul language but just so utterly disgusted by May and she is the leader of this country , sickening , same feeling you get when you’ve just trod in pile of dog shit .

  5. Hasn’t go the backbone , spine , courage to even respond , just a simple ” welcome the no confidence vote as I am confident of winning it ” type of thing , but nope just ups and runs off ,,, appalling

  6. Unfortunately and disappointingly it appears that the Confidence Motion that JC has tabled is not the one that would trigger a GE and the government has no obligation to even hear it before they break for Christmas

    1. Yep understood from the start as Corbyn was clear in what his tabled motion was referring to ( just the PM ) . BUT already here is some title tattle BBC bullshit from the ” wires ” on what supposedly was happening behind the scenes

      “The BBC are reporting that Labour chief whip Nick Brown told PLP if the government doesn’t grant time for Jeremy Corbyn’s no confidence motion in Theresa May then Labour will escalate: no confidence motion in government as a whole under Fixed Term Parliaments Act. That has to be granted time.”

  7. Maybe just maybe this will be the camels straw. She will jump before being pushed.. shame the Tory ballot was secret. Then duplicitous Tory.s would be exposed

  8. The vote needs to happen as soon as possible and Jeremy is right to insist that the vote takes place this week.

  9. Hammer Blow to the Tories!

    The Labour Party Whips have just stated if the Tories do not allow time for Parliament to have a Vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister Tomorrow then Jeremy Corbyn will table a Motion of No Confidence in the whole Government.

    1. ……. and tomorrow’s newspaper headlines are that the Tory’s are challenging Labour to bring it on.

  10. As I write this the BBCR4 Today are already spinning it as a win for May.

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