Watson keeping interesting company last night

Spotted together in the parliamentary ‘Strangers’ Bar’ last night:

  • deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, who recently threatened the leadership that he would ‘step up’ his criticisms in the mainstream media if he didn’t get a better speaking slot at conference
  • ‘Desperate’ Dan Hodges, the right-wing commentator known for two things – an obsessive hatred of Jeremy Corbyn expressed monotonous frequency on social media and an ability to be wrong on every prediction to a degree that can only be called impressive
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Tom Watson, left, and Dan Hodges

Watson also appeared in the ‘MSM’ yesterday to have a go at Labour general secretary Jennie Formby, claiming she had ‘staked her career’ on dealing with so-called Labour antisemitism and should be out of a job by Christmas if it’s not all done and dusted.

What the two discussed is not yet known, but they arrived and left together so it was not a case of just brushing shoulders as they passed each other.

It’s a free country and people can keep the company they wish. But if ‘sharing a platform’ with someone undesirable has become a thing, then Labour members will feel entitled to an opinion about the party’s deputy leader hanging out with one of the most viciously – if hilariously – anti-Corbyn dullards in the supposed ‘mainstream’, especially when he won election as deputy leader on a campaign promise to give loyal support to the successful leadership candidate.

Mr Watson has been contacted for comment.

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  1. I wish he’d join another party, instead of trying to destroy the one he’s in.

    Our country and the lives of its people are being wrecked by the Tories. Lives are being ruined. Eg. NHS nurses are being treated terribly by managers. (I’ve just heard about a nurse who is sick with a lung infection being denied time off work.)

    Tom Watson cannot claim the moral high ground.


  2. Didn’t trust Watson from the start. Still don’t – but even more so !
    He’s the epitome of a ‘ snake in the grass ‘

  3. Treacherous and devious man with highly elastic principles. An economic conservative at home, and a neocon abroad. Utterly untrustworthy. I thoroughly regret voting for him for deputy leader. So very sorry.

    1. There weren’t really any better options, though. I voted for Angela Eagle.

      With hindsight, and based on subsequent records, of the lot of them, I would probably vote for Stella Creasey. Her victory over the Tories on NI abortion funding was truly something she can be proud of as a successful attack on the Tories on an important issue. She is the only one I can recall ever turning her fire on the Tories at all.

  4. They were probably putting the finishing touches to whatever the RW are plotting for conference this year. Only someone with Watson’s brass neck would survive last years conference and losing McNicol and the office faithful. The delegates are expecting some stunts, and attempts to damage us. It won’t work. The Labour party, and movement, is bigger than that.

  5. Dan Hodges is on of the most depressingly nasty people I’ve come across in my life. Id rather spend time with someone like Jacob Reece Mogg whose poliliitcs I don’t share, but at least he’s not nasty. I don’t know how anyone can bare to be around Hodges. It says alot about Watson if that’s the company he likes to keep.

  6. “Id rather spend time with someone like Jacob Reece Mogg whose poliliitcs I don’t share, but at least he’s not nasty”

    Of course he’s not, jess…I mean, Kate.

  7. What is Watson doing with the world’s foremost Corbyn hater? Obviously he is leaking defamatory information to him to write another scrurelous article attacking Corbyn. He is attacking Jenny Formby and is so pro Israel he is practically a Mossad agent. A devious treacherous man!

  8. Anyone who trusted the ‘Silent Bob’ of the Shadow Cabinet was always straying into Bandit Country. The most selfserving of politicians made sure he was already ahead of the game. Divided loyalties, moì?

  9. Dan Hodges is a disingenuous tory troll masquerading as a journalist. He is the son of Glenda Jackson former MP . She employed him in her office when and started him on his career. Nepotism is not unknown in the Labour Party-but what a poisonous snake was reared from this privilege.

  10. Watson has until ‘let’s say’ Christmas to turn around Hodge’s outlook on Jeremy and the Labour Party. He’s staking his job on it and If he can’t do that we all should be calling for him to resign.

  11. I was previously quite attracted to the idea of having two deputy leaders, one man and one woman. A pity the notion was lost over time.

  12. He was on BBC4 Today programme talking about how he managed his weight. He’s obviously preparing for a career in the media which is usually where right wingers who have failed miserably usually go.

  13. Some members think Watson secretly recorded the recent NEC meeting and leaked it to media but I couldn’t possibly comment. Job descriptions and objectives are given by employers (the NEC) and not by one member speaking for themselves. Jenny is a great GS in my opinion and has
    done much in 6 months when the previous
    GS had 6 years! Should have 2 deputies (one male, one female) and we need 2 Pro-JC candidates.

  14. Commenting here about the resignation of Watson, because there’s no facility to do so on the actual email article.
    I’m very surprised at your reaction, Sqwarkbox to Watsons goodbye.
    Over the years you have constantly criticised him and have posted many reports on his divisive practices within the Party.
    But here you are on the day of his demise, praising him and pointing oh all his ‘ positive ‘ attributes.

    Why are you being so hypocritical ?

  15. Skwawkbox is doing the gracious thing (as Jeremy would) and reminding people that Watson took on Murdoch -no mean feat. But that battle was as nothing to attempting to take on the left, saying we were all entryist Trots, and undermining Corbyn at every opportunity. Watson on the inside and his position meant he did more harm to our chances of bringing in socialist policies to the benefit of British people, than anyone., If we do not do well on Dec 12th (considering the potholes we have created ourselves strategically and in PR terms, allied to all the media external lies and smears) , Watson is partly to blame. Do not trust him at all. He is not doing a David Miliband-type disappearance. He may issue a diet book and do something on obesity in the public realm, but he could also work to set up an alternative Party. He would not work well with Swinson so won’t go there.

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