Campbell, Cameron together at Notting Hill event: metaphor for our time

Alastair Campbell, the former Blair spin doctor wheeled out at every opportunity as a ‘Labour’ voice in spite of being at odds with the party’s current direction and leadership, is an ardent advocate of the arrogantly-titled “people’s vote” and an open campaigner to stop Brexit.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron launched the fateful EU referendum – and then immediately resigned when the leave result came in, leaving others to clear up the mess.

Not natural chums, you’d be forgiven for thinking.

However, the two arrived together at the Notting Hill Christmas carol concert this week:

The two arrived together rather than meeting by chance on the way in, according to eyewitnesses, and were on friendly terms.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Campbell has written that he, Cameron and Clegg were due to do readings at the charity event to raise money for a blood cancer charity, but Clegg was tied up with his new job at Facebook – and was therefore replaced by Piers Morgan.

The SKWAWKBOX hopes plenty of money was raised – but could there be a better metaphor for the elite cosiness and interchangeability of the various faces of the Establishment?

No wonder there’s such appetite for the genuine difference – personally and in policies – that Jeremy Corbyn has brought to the UK’s politics.

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  1. Just wondering what you’ve got against a ‘Peoples vote’ seeing as nobody knew what Brexit meant before the vote, the campaign to leave was so full of lies it is now under criminal investigation, and a rather large majority that did vote to leave the EU have since changed their mind now they have a better understanding of the implications associated with leaving?

    1. The sole purpose of the so-called “people’s vote” is to stop a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn. This campaign is led by people like Vince Cable who have been shafting this country for far too long and supported by faux socialist Labour MPs who failed in their other coup attempts and see it as a new opportunity to defeat the very people they are supposed to represent. Furthermore, I, for one, knew exactly what Brexit meant; I voted with Tony Benn against the common market in 1975 and I kept his spirit alive, along with millions of others by staying consistent in 2016. No amount of bankers’ propaganda (for that is what it is) will convince me otherwise.

      1. It is pathetic to try and make out that a people’s vote is in some way anti Labour or anti Corbyn . Brexit is a far right obsession and against Labour and Corbyn policy.

        If any on the left wish to align themselves with those on the right, please don’t try to mask it as anything other than being contrary.

      2. You are quite right labrebisgalloise, EU membership annihilates the extension of public ownership. Its restrictions on State Aids destroy all hope of a socialist industrial strategy. A second referendum is another attempt at a Blairite coup against the Labour Left.

      3. A “People’s vote” is nothing of the sort, it’s the middle-class backlash to the possibility of house prices dropping and the end of cheap Eastern European labour. The “worst case” scenario predicted by economists if we just walked away with no payments to Brussels and no trade deals ready to go would be 3 months of chaos and a short term hit of about 8%. Meanwhile, France is ramping up debt, currently 2 trillion and 120% of GDP. And Macon’s been forced to bust the budget which means savage austerity for the poor who’re flocking to Leave Pen in droves. Fixed budgets mean supply side solutions for neoliberal states that are more like local authorities than sovereign. countries.

      4. “The sole purpose of the so-called “people’s vote” is to stop a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.”

        There’s mistaken perception.

        …and then there’s total bollocks. Get real.

        (And I voted against the Common Market in 1975 – but I didn’t get stuck in a 40-year time warp)

        I think the opposition to another vote has blown the cover of the fake ‘Friends of the People’.

      5. You have summed up my views on ‘the people’s vote’, labrebisgalloise – an Open Britain speaker came to my CLP in March – I wasn’t convinced then and am not convinced now. Despite having canvassed on the High Street for IN, that boat has sailed. I do think,however, Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals go as far any anything I’ve heard to reflect the best course for the UK with potential to bring people together again over what was an unnecessary and divisive call by Cameron, running scared of Farage. I’m even more intolerant of a re-run now that the Tories are diminished and imploding. Our agenda by a mile must be to concentrate on getting rid of the horrendous but imploding Tories and Jeremy Corbyn in – He Is a Negotiator. If heading a completely New Government he would, I believe, be extended the opportunity to enter Real negotiations with the EU for a leaving which is much more acceptable to all concerned without the sour acrimony so characteristic of UK’s Tory administration.

      6. “The sole purpose of the so-called “people’s vote” is to stop a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.”

        If one single thing could bring unity to a disintegrating Tory party – and have them carrying a garlanded May around Westminster on their shoulders – it would be stopping Corbyn.

        I don’t understand her reluctance to achieve total victory over Corbyn – and being elected leader-for-life by universal Tory acclaim – all with one stroke of a pen.

        Explain please?

      7. Jack T

        Brexit is a far right obsession and against Labour and Corbyn policy.

        No it isn’t.

        We all want the railways and the utilities back under public ownership, don’t we? If we remain, that’s not going to be allowed to happen under EU State Aid rules.

        What would be the point of a Corbyn govt then?

      8. imfrom 20/12/2018 at 6:04 pm · ·

        What would be the point of a Corbyn govt then?

        Even if it were true, if you can’t work that one out for yourself after 8 years of Tory austerity and callous cruelty then there is very little hope for you.

      1. christopher rogers 15/12/2018 at 6:25 pm

        is some what uncharitable to the People’s Vote Brigade and the Remainiacs:

        He’s a bloody sight more uncharitable about Brexiteer fantasists.

        My sincere thanks for posting the above link, I doubt I would have come across it otherwise.

        The whole speech lays out in detail why Brexit is a really shit idea and castigates the Tory’s negotiators and the Brexiteers for living in fantasy land.

        An authoritative and informative speech. A must read.

      2. I think christopher rogers acknowledges the anti Brexit stance of the author. I thought it was an easy article to write in that in it is pessimistic about all positions and in spite of its “authority”, offers no solutions, other than that politicians should be more honest. I suppose this is only to be expected from someone who has been so deeply engaged with May’s version of Brexit

  2. Great scoop. Just shows where Campbell is out. Shocker. Why he is still “labour” I do not know. He’s a Tory. Should be expelled, along with Blair.

  3. Remember Oleg Deripaska, George Osborne, Lord Mandelson and Nat Rothschild on the oligarchs yacht in the Adriatic? Cameron and Mandleson are a perfect fit, the liberal Conservatives mesh with the authoritarian liberal hijackers of the Labour party to form the Liberal hegemony for the 1%. Add George Soros and the head of the Virgin group and you’ve got “Best for Britain” and the real rulers of the UK.

  4. The second referendum is a Blairite ploy to destroy Corbyn and scupper Labour’s chances in the midlands, the North and nationally. As the article shows, it is a ploy of the Blairite-Tory coalitionist elite – toxic for Labour.

    The arguments for a second referendum do not stack up. The idea that a second referendum would somehow be fib-free is fanciful. And the notion that we now have more information does not hold water either. We will have more information only when we have actually left the EU and have substantial experience of political and economic life outside the EU. The beneficiaries of a second referendum will be the forces of the extreme right and we don’t want that do we comrades?

    1. “The second referendum is a Blairite ploy”

      Yeh, yeh,yeh … voting is dangerous when it might contradict a 37% minority!

      Try visiting Planet Earth occasionally.

      “The beneficiaries of a second referendum will be the forces of the extreme right”

      No – those are the beneficiaries of the flying pigs ‘Leaver’ brigade. You have to be really a bit slow not to realise whose mouths are salivating at the notion of Brexit.

      If you want to align yourself with Tory policy and the IDS/Mogg/Redwood/Fox /Davis/Johnson brigade – just come out as a right wing Tory. Then you can cuddle up to Steve Bannon’s ‘populism’ con as well. 2-for-one!! It’s a free country (allegedly).

      But please don’t pretend to progressivism.

    2. Danny, your motives are so transparent.If anyone wants to destroy Corbyn it’s you. You have shown it by your previous comments defecting criticism away from Corbyn’s Zionist enemies.

      1. Speaking of motives, you’re the only one to concentrate on “left”/”right” issues of the referendum. Because the right support Brexit, doesn’t make it wrong, that’s a silly baseless argument. People from across the spectrum, libertarians, authoritarians’ liberals, conservatives and the left claim to support either side, though I still haven’t received a sensible argument from the “left” on staying in the neoliberal EU…and I haven’t heard a sensible argument from remain in general concerning the future of the EU, it’s like you all think that if we stay the world will continue in stasis.
        To get back to “transparency”, you could do with a bit yourself. Hiding behind the bogeymen of the right is no reason to vote remain, it’s just my gang, your gang stuff.

      2. lundiel, stasis isn’t an option for the EU, for us or for anyone else – there are massive changes coming with AI/robotics which nobody is factoring into their calculations (joke – there are no calculations, just guesses. This is my educated one).

        Self-driving cars are just the start – even with no further development that tech opens the door to crew-less trains and ships, possibly even aircraft.
        Almost all of industry, commerce and even social care will eventually succumb – nobody can study the subject and predict employment on any scale we’d recognise continuing much beyond 2050.

        The profit motive’s total inability to address any conceivable future society’s needs – or to reverse MMGW – are becoming obvious to more of the electorate.
        At some point long before all employment is history I’m convinced we’ll either force the 1% and their minions to accept socialism or we’ll recycle them.
        In or out they’re finished.

      3. Just wanted to say that I think Lundiel’s summary of perspectives on the SB re views “from across the spectrum” is pretty neat, as well as accurate. With regards to David McN and “recycling”: remember everybody, Soylent Green is Tories!

  5. Am I missing something here or is this article about a so called ex Labour Spin doctor and his co-horting about with Tories , i.e Camamoron .
    Just what is it to do with Brexit , talk about hijacking a thread .
    Looks like the metaphor is everything and anything is all about bloody Brexit !

  6. Is it just me or do these ardent remainers come across as being just as churlish as the knuckle draggers on the far right who believe leaving the EU will cure all ills.

  7. Perhaps paulh121, Jack T and RH are working from a troll factory in a dilapidated mill in Fife: Perhaps not – but they might as well be. Objectively you are with global capital, imperialism, Umunna, Soubry, Cameron, Campbell, Mandelson, Cable, Heseltine, Branson and such enemies of the people. If you can’t get behind the leader on this make or break issue, you have no business anywhere near this blog.

  8. The stark reality of Brexit.
    In a speech laying out his lessons from Brexit, Sir Ivan said real honesty with the public was the best public relations strategy. “The debate of the last 30 months has suffered from opacity, delusion-mongering and mendacity on all sides,” he said. He attacked: “No dealers quite happy to jump off the cliff, lying openly” and promising a “fantasy managed no deal”. People’s vote supporters who must “understand the huge further alienation that would engender amongst those who will think their views are being ignored until they conform”. Labour promising that after a general election they will negotiate a “full trade deal”. He said: “They haven’t stopped laughing in Brussels.”

    1. I believe I “understand the huge further alienation [the “people’s vote”] would engender amongst those who will think their views are being ignored until they conform” but it’s specious of the 52% to claim another ref two years on would be undemocratic.

      In the spirit of honesty [per Sir Ivan] I admit I suggested a 66% reversal threshold purely as a sop to their feelings – if they don’t want that advantage fuck’em – they didn’t squeal “undemocratic” when May called a snap GE in 2017 only two years after 2015 believing she had a temporary advantage – neither will they if there’s another GE in 2019.

      Brexiteers cite “the biggest turnout ever” as evidence of the result’s unequalled validity – whereas that turnout simply means Brexit was won by the kind of “democrats” who can’t usually be arsed to vote.

      That gives the result less weight rather than more in my book.
      Bah humbug.

  9. There re many nationalised industries in the EU and others with big state aid, co-ops are supported. There will be many ways of bringing socialism to the many while still being in the EU and we avoid a looming financial meltdown.

    1. Jesus Ray. Do some reading about the Euro, being in a block won’t save it, why do think Europe is moving towards federation? Because, it’s shit or bust for the Euro, the southern states are Germany’s client states, the value of the euro is too high for them, they have become somewhere for Germany to export its unemployment to and the well off to buy cheap holiday homes. The only thing that will save the Euro is becoming a federation, but how will that work for us if we remain?
      Then you have the issue of competition law, do you think the EU will continue to ignore violations forever? Believe me they won’t. What they have been doing is giving state enterprises time to slim down in order for them to be able to compete with private enterprise in bidding for state monopolies. An example from The Market Pillar of the Fourth Railway Package:
      to ensure impartiality of railway infrastructure managers, to guarantee non-discriminatory access to tracks for new railway companies, and to ensure better use of rail infrastructure;
      to improve financial transparency in order to remove the risk of cross-subsidy between infrastructure managers and transport operators;
      to open domestic rail passenger markets from 2020, so that railway operators can provide services across the EU. More competitive pressure is expected to lead to more frequent trains, and higher quality services better in tune with customer needs;
      more competition and performance targets for public service contracts, so as to improve cost-efficiency and get better value for money for taxpayers. Competitive bidding would become the norm from 2023 for the award of public service contracts to provide passenger rail services, which currently make up a large share of all rail services. Any contract awarded directly would need to meet specific performance and service quality targets.
      In other words, the market is open legal intervention by corporates who will use the power of capital to fight in the courts, against hard pressed governments who aren’t opening their rail networks up sufficiently.
      Whatever happens, we in this country are weak in the area of transport and would see our network under the control of the French and Germans within a decade.
      None of this is any benefit to the British working class, it is not for the people, it is for corporations. No wonder the ceo of the Virgin Group is a big wheel in the remain camp.

  10. The EU is a ‘Protectionist Ponzi Scheme’ where you have to pay to join a private club to trade. You have pay to trade! Like paying to walk into a shop! Then they control your money, who you can employ & what you can take home. A source of cheap labour, since we joined the ‘club’ service industries have replaced manufacturing & wages have stagnated all over Europe (even Germany). The ‘gig’ economy is a product of EU austerity. 2008 & financial consequences in Europe are a result of mal- administration of European Zombie Banks, particularly in France (Macron – the New Tony Blair) & Germany, needing to re-capitalise via Quantative Easing (zero interest rates & printing money). The only beneficiaries are Banksters!!!!!
    The economy is driven by the dictates of the 1%. Banks can obtain money without payment (0%); you cannot. They can buy their own stock (an illegal transaction until recently), which is why stock market is climbing in USA, GB & Europe, but cheap money will not be accessed by the poor or the workers. nb The system is not designed for the likes of you! Comrade.

    1. You have pay to trade!

      Don’t we all have to ‘pay to trade’ whether we are in or out of the EU.

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