Breaking: May confidence vote triggered as DUP issues ultimatum


Multiple parliamentary sources are reporting that the confidence vote in Theresa May has been triggered. The SKWAWKBOX yesterday published claims by several Tory MPs that the ‘1922 Committee’ had received ‘far more’ than the required forty-eight letters to trigger a contest but was holding back confirmation.

The news comes amid strong rumours that the DUP has issued an ultimatum that it will not support the government’s Brexit deal if May remains as leader.

Insiders believe she is likely to survive the vote, but even further diminished in stature.

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  1. Ahead of the game again SkwawkB – Watch out; you’ll soon be replacing Reuters as the Guardian’s main source for breaking news.

  2. … and at lunchtime today, Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom will be questioned on “Government’s interpretation of conventions on motions of confidence and resolutions ”

    Seems that this Select Committee has “highlighted several unanswered questions about the working of the fundamental constitutional convention that the Government must maintain the confidence of the House of Commons, or resign or call a new election, because of the passing of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act in 2011.”

    I am reading into this timely questioning on motions of confidence that this is yet something else May’s shambolic government believes it can simply side-step. Let’s see how Leadsom spins it.

    The committee is also not happy about the government’s ‘response’ to opposition day debates … particularly around provision of documents to Parliament … such as the Brexit impact assessment papers perhaps.

    The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee will take evidence from Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom at 12.30pm

    1. errm … that committee is on Monday 19th Nov … not today! My error, sorry!

    2. It appears there are 2 issues here:

      1. Vote of No-Confidence on Theresa May by Conservative Party MPs. If she loses it, they replace her or attempt to replace her. (More like what our Blairites attempted on Corbyn). But the Conservatives still remain in power.

      2. Vote of No-Confidence on the government, which is probably the subject of the question put to Andrea Leadsom. In this instance, the government is given 14-days to pass a vote of confidence, which she might win with the help of our Blairite faction.

      To alexiswolf2, there is the issue of our Blairites faction that we have to navigate within Labour Party before we can have hope of a general election.

  3. The question arises: how can May’s “stature” be diminished? 😐

    Our political system is broken, perhaps beyond repair. We are very close to major civil unrest.

  4. Well well, this happens if you are carelessly jumping into bed with all kind of nasty people who are living in some dingy dark age in more than one way.
    Karma coming to bite May straight in the nose……

  5. What if……….what if all this chaos is not an accident; what if Maybot (The Remainer) really does not want Britain to leave EU? No Brexit & a ‘Losers’ Vote’ is now back on the agenda. Maybot knew what Dominic Raab’s reaction to her proposal would be; it is not difficult to guess what the DUP would think, as well as the other nationalists in Wales & Scotland. So too the ERG! “Watch my lips….Brexit means Brexit!” Really? Welcome to the Hotel California.

  6. I was beginning to wonder if this bid to get rid of TM was going to turn out to be just another limp gesture because JRM was suffering from PME.

  7. I had hoped that she would resign last night. May is for all purposes a busted flush. No one wants to vote for the deal. The ERG are on manoeuvres and the poisoned dwarf (Gove) thinks he can become the next leader by supporting her. Unless May wins by some margin in the vote of confidence she can’t continue. Her premiership is hanging by a thread and Mogg is the one with the scissors!

    1. Nicki Morgan writes that she will support the deal now..watch the other so called rebels fall into line.. absolutely spineless and self interest is their number 1 priority

  8. Roll on a general election – but please Labour spell out what you stand for

  9. It’s always been obvious that the EU wouldn’t offer a deal that risked a domino effect.
    The proposed deal may yet be rejected by the 27.
    The choices seem to be remain, sign a deal that could start a war or leave on WTO rules.


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