Tory MPs: ‘Brady has far more than 48 letters’

Tory MP and 1922 Committee Chair Graham Brady

Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has said publicly that he has submitted a letter of no confidence in Theresa May to the Tories ‘1922 Committee’, which holds the power to trigger a leadership election.

Forty-eight letters from MPs are required in order to force an election and the mainstream media has long speculated that enough letters have been lodged, but have not all been ‘activated’ – some MPs are said to have made their letters provisional, held in reserve until they choose to confirm them.

However, the SKWAWKBOX has spoken to a number of Tory MPs today – yes, it does happen occasionally – who insisted that Graham Brady, the committee chair, has well over forty-eight active letters, but has not yet confirmed it publicly or called a leadership election.

The same MPs report that their mailboxes are crammed with emails from their constituents and associations demanding May’s removal, so the discontent goes down to the Tory grassroots as well.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Brady earlier today to ask whether the MPs’s claims were accurate. He had not responded by the time of publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It seems unimaginable to many neutrals and to those who oppose the Tories that not enough Tory MPs have lodged letters to trigger a challenge to May after her dismal incompetence in agreeing a ‘worst of all worlds’ draft deal with the EU.
But it seems that a significant number of Tory MPs find it equally unbelievable – and that their discussions among themselves have reinforced that view.


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    1. No. One’s a vote by the Tories about May personally. The other would be no confidence in the govt – but a very high bar under the FTPA 2011

  1. I think you’re incorrect there. Forty eight letters are needed to force a vote of no confidence, the outcome of which definitely doesn’t mean there would automatically be a Tory leadership election (or any election, for that matter).

  2. Sorry SB: I’m struggling too: “those who oppose the Tories’ opponents” who are these – Tories?

  3. I thought we could never have a worse PM than Cameron and then we got May. The fact I’m now worried who could come next says a lot about the quality of our Tory MP’s.

    1. That’s what the Tory MPs are questioning – say it’s way over but being held back

  4. SB
    Comment shaded in pink.
    I think the word ‘ opponent ‘ is superfluous

      1. Would anyone in the UK credit that a moderator of a US-based discussion forum once erased my little cut-and-paste joke above on grounds of “unacceptable profanity” – when he eventually figured it out – and that in all the sanctimonious seriousness he could muster had warned me by pm that he’d considered banning me from the forum for it?
        My reply never made it to the forum.

        “F*ck” was accepted on the forum so it was presumably the possibility that someone might inadvertently view the offending word in all its bare-naked explicitness by rearranging the letters of my post that the moron found unacceptable.

        Without supporting evidence one should never assume god-botherers, Americans or neoliberals to be capable of rational thought.

  5. As Gove the Grimest Reaper.
    Makes a weak leadership bid to change EC rules for personal fame (no chance).
    And Boris of Big Brother plays his usual opportunist bourgeois politician game.
    Thus Theresa though weak and wobbly pretends to be so strong.
    Time for Jeremy to step forward with vision.
    And the end of Tory Neo- Liberalism – bring it on!

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